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Getting hot in Mount Pleasant

From the Journal Times 2/14/16

Seeing this in today’s paper shows me how hot events are getting in Mt Pleasant over HWY V issues

I coped the letter below as elected officials need to be held to account for this sort of behavior the letter below bold highlights mine :


As a Mount Pleasant Trustee who has observed both in action, I’m giving my highest endorsement to Anna Marie Clausen and Rick McCluskey in their re-election bids.

Both incumbent trustees have been superb public servants. They have demonstrated no personal agendas, have stayed humble and possess the vision necessary to keep our Village moving forward. Big-picture independent thinkers with level heads — the exact attributes needed for Village leadership. Losing them would be tragic, indeed. It would set the Village back 20 years.

Their many challengers, by stark contrast, are angry and single-issue focused. Both are terrible attributes for decision-making, not only at the board level, but at committee levels as well. That’s why their earlier attempts to gain appointments to committees were wisely rejected. They’ve only become increasingly more shrill, belligerent and abusive towards the board and village staff. Bereft of any vision, one only has to look at the personal attacks plastered in this very newspaper, along with their campaign sites and materials to see for yourself. They are attempting to flood the zone, so to speak, and take out our leadership with a primary challenge.

The benefits of water and sewer opening up new areas are many and obvious, not only to existing residents, but for future growth as well.

So let’s re-elect Clausen and McCluskey Feb. 16 and April 5, and flush the Highway V-gang and their crappy attitudes down the shiny new sewer heading their way.

David DeGroot, Trustee

Mount Pleasant


I can only believe that Mr. DaGroot is seeing writing on the wall suggesting that the two he lists will be beat perhaps in the primary.

This would cause quite the issues with this project and again as I have said in my podcast end this all up in Court.

Again as I have said maybe causing others to lose $$ in developing Farm Land that could be obtained if/when the water project happens

Another loser be the City of Racine who would be selling Water to this area, we all know how badly The City of Racine needs every penny.


For the record I believe my coping the letter as it was printed in the Journal Times is covered by Fair Use  as allowed by law.

Elections matter please vote as you see fit to do, know to folks in Mount Pleasant what Mr. Degroot thinks of you

Hwy V gets the vote out

My show on the Mt Pleasant Forum

A bit of Follow up

Money and Water


11a1puzzled look copy



So what is going on?


Good question!

After much thought and reflection,I think, it’s time  to closely to look at the biggest issue in the Racine area, that being WATER.

Yes, water something we do not think about much, after all we live by one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world.

Yet, water plays a huge role in the area, such as:

Use of Water fees to shore up the failing city fiances

Use of the running of water/sewer into Caledonia TID 4  from Mt Pleasant to not only create more paying customers to the City of Racine Water department but at the same time by the use  of special assessment to the land owners being forced to pay for this water/sewer work.

Then of course we still have the whole Machinery Row “Development” to look at.

We will look at only the issues of Water uses here, not other issues such as falling property prices, increasing crime or other issues.

We will let others do that should they wish to do so.

FYI you will notice my writing is poor with misspellings and poor grammar sorry. Have taken steps to do a better job in this area.

Something else will be the use of tools like Periscope to help cover stories that I hope to cover here.

Be interesting, be fun, best of all, help you understand what is going on


Was it good for you?

Have not posted much here as you can tell.

So I though an update was in order, if you live in Racine WI  you probably know that the City of Racine voted to loan $$$$ (4.5 Million) to the Developer of Machinery Row  and will buy I understand other property for this development (1 million+) so a City that has no money and must close Community  Centers take down Street lights will spend and maybe get back some of the 6 Million the City of Racine will be spending on this project interesting who will get helped from this. Will it be the Homeless or the Mom trying to feed her kids? Maybe a long term unemployed former   City of Racine Union Worker now out of a job and been looking for one perhaps for years…

This is Racine what do you think?

When I have the time and some help with Grammar I will do a chart on who is getting paid from this

By the way was the Anal Sex good for you? Thinking the Mayor loved giving it to you do not worry I think there is more to come

Mayor Dickert has a bad day

JD  Mayor John Dickert


Remember the old saying do not count your Chickens before they hatch?

Well, looks like Racine’s Mayor John Dickert may want to rethink getting $$ from Waukesha sending “Treated” Sewage down the Root River

From this story looking like it will be sometime before the City of Racine sees any money from becoming Waukesha cesspool, as I call it

At one time stories about how The City of Racine would get 6 Million or so a year by being the Cesspool of Waukesha and this money is badly needed in a City with still the highest unemployment rate in the State  one of the few Number one titles that Mayor John Dickert has been able to obtain for The City of Racine.

From Reading this story looks like the City of Racine has a long wait before dime one shows up from the idea of “Treated” Sewage coming down the Root River.



Have a great day!


As the Rico hearing that sets up discovery efforts on the case has come and gone and papers starting to be served next week, ( Oct 2014) this should be very interesting to see what comes out of this over time we need to recall that locally there are efforts to expose what is seen by more then a few a corruption we have this

Makes interesting reading.

I understand that documents/letters have been mailed to local and State leadership, as well as the IRS.

Maybe the State will come and see what the noise is all about/ maybe the IRS will ask about Taxes that might be owed?

I do not wnt to even think about how much the legal bills are for them in the RICO Case that are NOT being covered by the city yet alone the bills for anyone not covered by the City.

Could any small business owner afford a lawyer costing $200/$300 an hour? Could you?

Now should  the above cause lawyers to get busy say looking into the issued raised …


As The Root River is Raped….

Wow From today’s Racine Journal Times

Local group heading to NYC climate change march


The Local Group is not named but I will guess it’s 350. Org but again the group is not named and they have every right to march if they want

Interesting that this group is willing to go a march in New York but not willing to do anything when it comes to the well what I call the Rape of the Root River I guess I should call it by a better name the Root Industrial Canal, I would hope that seeing the  Root Industrial Canal, turn into well as I call it the largest Real Estate Scam in Wisconsin History this group or most Green Groups be more worried about local events., such as putting 6-8 Million Gal of “Treated Sewage” into Lake Michigan ( A day)  via the Root Industrial Canal, this would be from Waukesha pumping 6-8 Million Ga a day from Lake Michigan and how Green is that?

imagesrs2  (Treated Sewage?)

but well depending who is in this group might they be getting paid to help with the Rape of this area?

What? you mean the Local Green Groups (Or green Groups overall) can get paid off?

What do you think?  Do you have a price you sell out for? Most of us do I guess, the first 350K Cash sure could buy my home and my Wife and I be long gone from this pit of hell. Better yet 20K and I never post anything on this area of Southeast Wisconsin! I will not hold my breath

What might your price be?

Any bets that somehow Grant Funds to Root River Council are being spent on this trip?