City of Racine Enterprise Community Strategic Plan 1994 anything changed

City of Racine Enterprise Community Strategic Plan 1994anything changed?

A look at one of many “plans”  and looking for long term results

I love the Racine Public Library. All kind of information can be found here   all you need is a card and there is a lot of power in having one being able to read and understand what is really going on vs what the Good Old Boys want you to think is going on is true freedom.

this plan was written for the City of Racine to become part of something called Urban Enterprise Communities

Racine did not get in. Milwaukee did however.

This plan is interesting because:

1) Even in 1994 Racine had major issues

2) A list of major issues are listed talked about and action plans are listed

3) we can see if after almost 20 years if there has been any results are things better

4) A list of who’s who of community groups and political players, we can ask were they effective over the years.

5) We can try to look at who made bank on this plan and where they are now.

6) The big question do the folks at City Hall have a clue or is it all about money and power. Now a lot of this will be subjective but we at least have standers to look at.

Yes I do wish I had a scanner to scan in the pages I like us to look at vs  typing them in but lets see how much of that I will need to do.

A few quick notes my thanks to the Goverment for putting a copy of  this report on file so we have it today to look at and study. I hope that Rootworks plan can be found in 2036 so the history of that plan can be  accessed and studied  to see if it worked or not vs what the Good old boys may want you to think.

Lets see Racine in 1994                                           2012 (some may Best Estimates)


83,000                                                                                78,000  -5000


9.7%  Whites                                                                      10.7 White

15.2  Minorities                                                               14.2 Minority

numbers for 2012 do not include those who drop out of the labor pool

Poverty rate

White 15.9                                                                                24.6 White

Minority 35.6                                                                          “”      ”  Minority

Finding numbers by Race     Difficult for this year City of Racine Health Department web page gives error messages

I like to know how much worse the City of Racine has gotten myself.

Since 1994 we had more then one company cut back or all together close

The big one that comes to mind is Jacobson , cant forget Western Publishing

Case has cut back.

We can drive on Water St   on Racine St and see the many empty buildings still setting empty some since this time frame 1994. Sad

What is very interesting to read in the plan is time and again the group going to lead the way to get Racine in gear to move forward is… Racine County Economic Development Corporation!  Interesting too is the plan talks of the fight over $$ by The DRC and other pro-downtown groups and other groups that think that the Downtown got too much money . This discussion still is going on today about 18 years ago!

How much money have we spent to prop up Downtown Racine? Who over the years has benefited?    Have you?


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