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Baraboo Trip with Team Clingman!

Because of the long weekend, I will be going to Baraboo WI with members of like minded folks that I call team Clingman to do more investigations into if and how the work done by Vandewalle for the city has paid off.

See, if I can find how work Vandewalle did in Baraboo has helped that City, perhaps I can understand how/if RootWorks will help Racine,WI. As you know I have my worries from is this nothing more then Good Old Boys patting each other on the back to will the Racine Police force be gutted to pay for an Ice Rink for the rich and white?

This may be an unfair comparison, since IMHO Baraboo WI. is not a raciest City and Racine WI is.

In some ways they are too much the same Some in Baraboo want not a freight train line maintained (a good thing I think) but a Commuter Train created with some of the reasoning behind KRM. Sigh

So off Team Clingman goes to glory!


Racine in Ruins? Speculation Blog

So, I own a bunch of Domain names and a lot to talk about. I am thinking of using one of them and a cheep hosting account to start another Blog called Racine WI in Ruins, talk about all the fun and games in Racine WI from the reports of strange things coming out of the Recall recount and speculating if investigated will the investigation lead to The Mayor of Racine or not? What do you think?

I would get in contact with the Wolf man and re-post the photos he took of the slums of Racine. That sort of thing.

I think it be real interesting to post the info of oh say cronies of the Mayor and Small Claims Court filings.  Should someone sued by the City in the past be doing critical work for the City? What do you think?

Other questions might be the City has huge money issues to face how will The City deal with it? Roll back wages? Outsource Garbage pick up? Lay Off Police and Fire all/none? Simply raise taxes? You know they want to or do they?

Best be how cronies might be benefiting from City Contracts.You know speculation. Show my ideas of how the Good Old Boys at work or in this case destroying Racine driving it to Ruins.

Why pay money to host the Page? Easy max exposure to the world, about what is going on in this City.   See IMHO if folks know what is going on in Racine, maybe they care share more information with me about what they know. Perhaps there is a photo or two floating around showing falling down buildings that are not getting boarded up, maybe fun times in Sander’s Park.Word on the Street, you know what folks gossip about makes that park more fun then  Sybaris.  PARTY!

See I think we that live in Racine know a lot about what is going on and very much want to talk about it.  After all how can we change things if we do not know  what is going on?

Yes I have lots of Domain Names, maybe you have a use for one of them?

Great Lakes Maritime Museum An idea we will never see II

An idea we  will never see II

Visiting Kenosha as my wife and I do from time to time, we see the local museums draw a huge crowd. This crown by looking at the plates on the car come from all over the Midwest not just Kenoshia.

A good Museum could be a great draw to the city far more then the Party like Drunks that IMHO is the theme for Downtown Racine now.

A Great Lakes Maritime Museum in Racine along Lake Michigan, say in the area of the old Point Blue site was to be could in fact be a great draw for tourists around the Midwest to visit.

This Museum as I envision it would offer not only the history of Lake Michigan but focus on the importance of Lake Michigan in Commerce to America/Wisconsin.

I would also have some type of Scale model of a typical ship found on the Lake say in the 1880’s.  Like the General Micheal Airport in Milwaukee models of the  ship types from say 1700’s to what is found on the Lake today.

Be great to create a relationship with one of the Historical Sailing ships to visit Racine for say a week each Spring to focus attention to both the Museum and sailing ship.

This Museum would not be funded by Tax $$ but I look for cash from Companies dealing with Boating and Shipping . Other funds could come from History Buffs and just plain folks who would want to be part of this.

Continued income could come from a Cafe and Gift shop. For just fun I have an On Line only Pirate Ship that for a fee one could join and with your fee get a Letter of Mark and other swag.

In fact this could be the start of the fund raising to create said Museum

Of course this will most likely never happen or be supported by the Good old Boys and if want to know why. Let me say this ever hear of the Imaginarium?


Trade Off Part two My view

Trade off Part II or who is RootWorks for?

As we look at the plan called RootWork I see a lot of the effort being focused on the area called Downtown Racine. Now of course part of this is because the part of the River the Root River Council is focusing on is in the Downtown area of Racine.
You know the same area of Racine that as I see it is so unfriendly to anyone who is not White and Rich. If this Plan does do the acts called for will help draw more Whites of Racine to the Downtown, cool if you’re a Downtown Racine Business Owner not so much if your say a Unemployed Black man looking for a job and need to use the BUS to look for work. What might He think is more critical a new foot bridge across the Root River or a Bus system that might be used to look for a Job?
What might the Afro-American Community think of the effort to make Downtown Racine the place to go if your well off and have White Skin as the inner-city falls apart? Say how does an Outdoor Ice Rink at the Civic Center benefit say A mom living in the West 6th St area looking for a Programing in the Parks near her home for her kids to take part in?

As I see it the only thing this focus of the RootWorks plan is to well as I see it is have Downtown Racine be a great place for Whites who have cars to play in and then see how fast they can get the hell away from the Inner City back home.

Of course I will be told about the jobs coming from the building of say the Ice Rink or Foot Bridge if built. Does anyone truly think that the few jobs from that will be obtained by the Blacks in Racine Inner City? If You do I got some cool land for sale in Florida ….


Living where we do next to Lake Michigan we take Water for granted. So much so close. The amount of the water is 1,180 cu mi (4,900 km3)
Gallons. That’s a lot of Water.
So of course when say the City of Milwaukee dumps well here a story:

“Some of the debris that washed up on Michigan beaches in 2008 and 2010 likely came from Milwaukee sewer overflows, federal investigators concluded in documents released Monday by the Chicago-based Alliance for the Great Lakes.

A 2011 U.S. Coast Guard summary of the investigations identifies combined sewer overflows in June 2008 and July 2010 as a “logical suspect” in releasing debris to the lake that later washed ashore in Michigan, the Alliance says in a statement on its website,

Though plastic trash from a large recycling company located between Chicago and Milwaukee was identified as the source of some debris in the summer of 2008, the investigation revealed that some trash linked to Milwaukee area retail businesses and residences was found on Michigan beaches after both overflows, according to Lyman Welch, Alliance water quality program manager in Chicago.

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration analysis of lake tides, currents and winds after both overflows concluded the debris might have come from Milwaukee at around the time of the overflows, according to investigation documents.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District reported two sewer overflow records in June 2008 after several days of heavy rains.

An estimated 2.9 billion gallons of untreated sewage and storm water flowed to the lake over nine days – June 7 to 15 – in the largest combined sanitary and storm sewer overflow since the deep tunnel system opened in 1994.

The district’s separate sanitary sewers released 686 million gallons of untreated sewage and storm water to the lake during overflows from June 7 to 9, 2008.

Torrential rains were blamed in a July 22 to 25, 2010, combined sewer overflow of 1.985 billion gallons and a separate sewer overflow of 171 million gallons.

The Alliance acknowledged that MMSD’s state permit allows up to six combined sewer overflows in a year.

“The current standard for combined sewer overflows is too loose and should be tightened,” Welch said.

MMSD officials will not comment on the report until they have reviewed the findings with Coast Guard officials, spokesman Bill Graffin said Monday.

District officials will ask federal investigators why Chicago’s much larger July 2010 sewer overflows to the lake – an estimated 6.5 billion gallons – was not identified as a possible source of beach debris that summer, Graffin said.

The district reported one combined sewer overflow in 2011: an estimated 170.5 million gallons on June 21 and 22.”

Wow, Almost 7 Billion Gallons of sewage and I do not recall an outcry, do you? Of course not.Mayor Tom Barrett can do no wrong right?
Yet he and another “Green” as they like to call themself’s Mayor John Dickert would love to sell Lake Michigan Water to well right now to Waukesha might in time we see maybe water being sold to oh Phoenix or say Vegas? Before you think I’m nuts The needs of LA for Water is so great that well the Colorado is used to fill the City needs oh and here is a link
What else might be going on with the Water? Will we be the last generation to have clean Water from the Lake?

Trade Off

The Root River Plan calls for many goals to be done in the next 3-5 years. Why such a short time frame I do not understand. Most if not all working on this plan over the lest few months must have known that the City has no money.
I guess that some of them believed that Barrett would be Governor or beat Walker in The Recall. Note: WALKER IS GOVERNOR. The City of Racine is still busted the law suits over the Neighborhood Stabilization Program are still on going so we do not know how much more money the City may be out on that issue, yet alone anything else coming up.
So how are we going to pay for the goals like rebuilding the footbride or building another?
Close down a Fire Station?
Lay off 10 Police Offices?
How about a Ice Rink at Festal Hall? Close Neighborhood Centers one day a week? Two Days a week?
Being busted the City has few options. Maybe a bond issue? Maybe raise property taxes or fees? I know A wheel tax! Better yet ask The County and Governor to raise the Sales Tax in Racine County.
What might be your guess on how the City plans to pay for all the nice ideas in RootWorks? I think the Plan was written to be acted on. Now Mayor John Dickert has to find the money

Tuesday Racine City Council Public Hearing

What can I say. Other then letters that the City may have received, I was the only Speaker. No Rep. Corry Mason (D) Racine or the Tick or Carpetbagger. as he is known on the street, no Supervisor Osterman Chairman of the Root River Council, No One but me at the Public Hearing at City Hall June 19 2012. Maybe knowing that this is a done deal they felt why show up? Yet I think that since this RootWorks plan will like it or not change the City of Racine I am shocked that no one took the trouble to show up and only to say “Thanks in advance”

More to come


Yesterday I was in Milwaukee helping to film the Teaser for Go Go Girls vs the Nazis (
When we were wrapping up the shooting, I starting talking with the Owner of the location we were using and two Milwaukee Police Offices that were providing security.
Once the officers found out I was from Racine, they started asking me about stories they had herd in Milwaukee from visitors to our fine City the owner joined in as did members of the cast. Around ten all together.

They knew about our fine Mayor suing his own city and told a interesting story about a pal trying to get out of the downtown after bar time and the difficulties of doing so, something about a huge fight around 6th and Park.

The group as a whole thought that there be no way in Hell they would come to the City of Racine after all they had bars in Milwaukee. One of the Women of the group wanted to know why even come? What did Racine have that could not be found in Milwaukee?

Interesting image is critical. No matter how news might be spun or not even reported news gets out. Folks come up with an image true or not that is acted on. We do it everyday.

Of course as I see it, what our Good Old Boys do is try and control the message from insuring the local media thinks its part of the Good Old Boys group ( when there is little interest show in the local media) to IMHO stopping the use of CAR 25 by locals to have a voice (not to good effect). This effort again IMHO has only helped them to think everything is just fine.

To be blunt all the marketing of the Root River in the world will do little good if the image of Racine is that of a corupt little town falling apart on Lake Michigan.

The real answer I think is to try fixing the issues but that might take work.

An Idea that that we will never see

An Idea that would fit the plans for the Root River/Lake Michigan bring a few jobs and would do the City of Racine a lot of good but will not even be looked at is Wind Power Generated power along Lake Michigan.
As a whole the U.S. Department of Energy said that there is there are more than 700 gigawatts of potential wind power on the Great Lakes. How much of that could be gathered along the coast line of Racine WI, I do not know however my guess would be a few 10’s of Megawatts. This is power that could be sold to homeowners in the City (Like the idea of Bright Public Power was back in the day) or to the grid I.E. WE Energies. With more and more power needed in S.E. Wisconsin combined with Obama’s war on Coal (and Capitalism) my guess is the cost of the investment recovered quickly the days of .07 pet KW will be long gone and quick at that. With the cut in Coal generated power some other source will have to take its place.
(Sidebar IMHO I think Obama would not mind the USA looking like North Korea he does love his Socialism)
Now I am not taking turbines along the Lake Shore the rich and white would never allow this. However they could be build off shore where they could not been seen.
Of course the City of Racine would not be doing the project itself, hell to me The City of Racine can not even fix up run down properties. If and when the City and county both have leadership up to the task to manage a project such as this I do hope that we move forward with seeking how we can best bring Wind Farms to this area of Lake Michigan and in this way help Racine keep power costs down.

Other benefits be the jobs created in building and maintaining the equipment.

Funding the plan

So in a few weeks the Rootworks plan be passed and be the law of the land. The question now becomes how in Hell do we pay for any of this.
Mind you some of the plan is in the way of Cities cheep. A paint only Bike Trail costs very little and may in fact pay for itself in safety. Bikes in Bike lanes IMHO are safer then milling about.
An added foot bridge across the River would be not much BUT far more then a paint only Bike Path still as it comes to the plan not out of sight.

Infrastructure, such as fixing the intersection of Water and Marquette (and the buying of the buildings in that intersection would be done via a TIF (If I understand how TIF’s work) and that corner needs to be fixed as I see it. Sure they are ways that TIF’s can be misused and being someone that does not trust city Goverment leadership, so it be nice if say the City Council would keep tabs on the TIF if and when its formed, like that will happen. These are all side bars to the ideas of the RootWorks plan that IMHO gets the City of Racine Good Old Boys hard.
The main one being KRM, now I have been told by a few working in City planing jobs/Mass Transit types that plans are often created without knowing if they will EVER BE CARRIED OUT. Wow, shocking to me that some group/Goverment would spend tons of cash and to me the RootRiver cost lots of money for it not to be tried. IMHO every word in the plan is met to move the plan and all its parts forward. Therefore they talk about KRM to bring it about. Silly Rabbits KRM is dead The South Eastern Wisconsin Transit has been disbanded the funding mechanism removed. No way in God’s Earth is Govenor Scott Walker or Rep Robin Voss going to allow it to return. The recall that folks like the Tick Corry Mason and Mayor John Dickert bet on failed. KRM is not coming back in my lifetime 5 years. I do not think any chance of it coming back in my Grandkids Lifetime. Move the F on KRM folks.
The other big thing as I see it is Azarian Marina some obstacles are there like does the City buy it for tons of cash or use the fact that this land is behind on taxes to get it that way. Going back to the TIF idea some funds can be found via that the rest who know?
Thing is I think the City has no idea either.
In the Day of the big tick the old Governor Jim Doyle our Mayor in meeting with State Bodies planted Seeds he thought would bare fruit, sorry Mayor Dickert, Governor Walker cut the vines down so the tax payer can keep his own money.

Did the Root River Council spend all this money, do such a great Dog and Pony Show for nothing?
Sure as I see this RootWorks can help the Good old boys keep an illusion that they matter and they have a clue, that we need to believe. Should we? What would you think if the City of Racine say took down more lights to fund a new footbridge? Where will the money come to create a web page and maintain it? Questions questions