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If you read the Journal Times tonight you will see a Story on the Ethics request on Mr. Osterman.

I thought  unlike other stories the J-T has done a fair job on reporting the basic facts of what is being asked for. I did read on the 2nd page of the Press information I got yesterday that part of the request is to ask that if need be this goes to the D.A. if need be.

Of course Mr. Osterman is saying nothing to see here mind you I am not a member of the board nor am I going to even guess what the Board will or will not do.

I will say this the document is well written the document lays out step by step a case with supporting documents backing up the charges so we will see what happens.

I can only guess that IMHO there are more Ethics probes to come on all aspects of not only the Mound st issues/Rootworks but on every aspect of Machinery Row that may have or should have had oversight.

If I was on the board of Directors of Rootworks I be sure my actions could be looked it to, its not going to be pretty.

Best yet should the D.A. become interested or perhaps better yet the FBI will Machinery Row still happen? Your guess is as good as mine 1iowa


As you may know County Supervisor Osterman is being brought up on Ethics chargers over his actives over Root River and Rootworks. 7 counts with a large amount of documentation

This was filed Yesterday by The Racine Equality Project with the County with if my understanding is right also asking the D.A. for charges

if given a web site to the large fillings/video I was given at Yesterday’s Press event or the Document in Word I will be posting them here too.

Of course the Journal-Times has nothing on this as of this date after all the way I see Racine the J-T is not writing copy but that is being given to them as in what will and will not be printed and allowed to be printed.




Press Release

Will YOU be there?

I think the press will be there Gee I wonder what this is about?
Press Release
Where: City of Racine WI. Racine County Courthouse 730 Wisconsin Avenue
When: Wednesday June 25, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM
Who: Dr. Ken Yorgan
Contact: Racine Equality Project: 3001 Douglas Avenue, Racine WI. 53402 262-412-0094
Subject: Racine Equality Project Files 7 Count Complaint against Racine County Supervisor
The Racine Equality Project, in response to citizen concerns, has pursued an investigation into the activities of certain elected officials and non elected public employees. This investigation has been done through examination of public records including tapes and transcripts of public meetings and statements by the parties being investigated. What we have found is very revealing, often disappointing and sometimes quite disturbing.
A press packet will be available


Gold in them hills!



So in the last few days like I speak about in my Racine in Ruins Blog been driving around the city seeing all kinds of interesting sights

The Price of Gas at all most $4.00 A Gal and hitting that mile stone soon

Noticing the lack of our Boating pals in the Marina on the Lake or in Cars with IL Plates in Downtown Racine.

Today 6/22/14  at 3:00 PM driving from State Street to 6th St and counting less then 50 shoppers on foot, blocks with no parked cars.

Yesterday bought Hamburger at 3.99 Lb

Seeing more and more Homes for sale more and more Cars and Man Toys being marked For Sale.  To be signs of desperation of a population who has lost hope and close to losing everything


But do not worry Better times are coming!

See who she lie to you??



Just do not believe what you know is true! I am sure if we went to city Hall in the Morning they be a long line of Boater from Chicago demanding Condos (With Marble Counter tops) on the Root River

I am sure we would see dredging equipment on the Root River starting to open up the Root to Boats this being payed for by members of the DRC without Racine County or City having to pay one penny because well they are so kind like that. I think we be surprised to see how much they donated to Mayor Dickert’s “I have no money” Fund after all have they not turned down tax $$ before and insisted that the funds get spend on the poor?

You mean you do not believe me?

Why next you will say that


Sued his own City?

The Suicide Cult moves to Macinery Row! My .02


Once again, Racine looks like has an active Death Cult.

This time forming around the idea of the Machinery Row “Development” and the huge number of folks that are just demanding not only o move to Racine but are demanding high end Condos (with Marble counter tops right?)

Can’t forget all the boat owners who are pounding on Mayor Dickert’s door daemanding not only Boat slips on the low Root River but need Condos too!

Gets better! Racine needs a Convention Center/Hotel Downtown!! You know we can put that on the old Belle City Marina location!!!! Just think of all the people  who are demanding to move to Racine!!!

Sadly that is the drum beat starting to come out of….  yes come out of Downtown Racine.

I can understand why many of the members of the Cult are saying this for they are IMHO desperate for Racine to get better more so for Downtown Racine if not what then happens? That’s easy  if things stay the same or go further South they will lose the business, some of them will lose everything.

I mean everything sad yes very sad so are we going to rush into Machinery Row to MAYBE MAYBE save a few businesses? After all there is a Consultant  has said there is this unfilled need!! Better get going!!

Of course I have not seen cars from IL and lines of Boaters pounding on the Mayor’s door have you?

Unsaid in any of talking about a Convention Center on the Belle City site is that Milwaukee does not fill what they have AND somehow Racine is going to compete with Milwaukee or even the New large Bar at 94/20 of course we can we will just have to spend more $$!!!

Nor do we talk about who will pay to dredge The Root River from the Lake past Azarian Marina who might that be?  Nor that Reef Point is NOT full and along the river there are many unused slips.

Again I do understand the desperation of the Downtown folks for what will do as Racine continues to shed population, continues to be #1 or #2 in Unemployment  some of the worse Schools in the State of Wisconsin ? What will we do?

Do not worry! If we built it they will Come just like they did for Porters, right?

After all I got told the Developer will spend 6 Million of his own Money then who will come up with the rest of the 65 Million needed? Look in the mirror.

A vist to City Hall


I went to City hall to file an Open Records quite a long one, however I bet that they do not exist (if so that will be very interesting) I also asked to see the Mayor Of Racine’s Statement of Economic interest, the clerk’s staff did NOT want to hear that no not at all.

Even as poorly as we were treated, we were calm  and polite.   Why not we knew the State Law, they (staff we talked too) did not a Staff person said we could not see today what State Law said we could due to them really being busy, we documented that fact and as She asked us to do made an Appointment to view what we nee to see fort not only The Mayor of Racine but all we could why not?

So will be going again tomorrow at the time of our Appointment as the Bear who went over the Mnt did to see what we could see.

Will also be bringing some Black Open Records to save time and gas, because this is just the start of the Rabbit Hole

Please watch this part of the Shared Revenue Discussion COW 11 13 13

This soon will be the focus of many from City Goverment to Law Enforcement at the highest level.

Perhaps Gary Becker will not be the only Mayor to go to jail, only time will tell

Knowledge is power



Yes knowledge is power and something I think the City of Racine does not want you to know what is going on with Machinery Row, you know the development that will save Racine or so said the Mayor of the City of Racine, you know the same man who “Negated” to tell our Aldermen he is a lobbyist as you can see here  so what else has he forgot to tell us?

One thing I will be writing about and putting links to is the sites that explain what a TIF is and a BID how they work how scams in other cities have happened using TIFS  BIDS an other tools that should be used to fix issues in a city and what might be going on here.

You see unless we know we can’t ask questions or share our concerns with our elected officials maybe that is the plan?


It’s a new game with new players


Welcome to Racine!

Yes with Rodney Blackwell joining the oldest game in town with fellows like the paid Lobbyist Mayor of Racine looking for a way for him to get some


Did Mayor Dickert Tap that?

Like his by now good pal Mayor Dickert tries to do

but what about our new player Rodney Blackwel? Well we do know this

In downtown Davenport, he owns the Quad Cities offices of Lee Enterprises, Ryan Companies, RSM McGladrey, Kone, Wells Fargo bank, and Lane & Waterman. In downtown Moline, he owns the Fifth Avenue Building – home of the Brown Bottle restaurant, and former home to the FIVE restaurant in which Blackwell was an investor.

What he owns the offices of Lee Enterprises? Why yes he does so do anyone think that The J-T is going to print anything then what Blackwell wants or maybe to make things easier on our own J-T simply gives them the copy?

and there is a bit more He also owns the Waterloo, Iowa, building of Fortune Brands, whose products include Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf balls, and Moen faucets. And he’s part-owner of Carver Aero aviation company in Davenport. In addition, he purchased the Lee Enterprises plane.

Now he is free to buy what he wants no issue there and as we have been told invest in Racine but is it his money?

Lets read on!  From The River Cities Reader

….and because the project will get up to $10.1 million from Tax Increment Financing……  So the city borrowed $7.5 million and re-loaned it to Blackwell to purchase the property. …..

Looks like he loves your money T.I.F. money is Tax money as I was told as was the 7.5 Million the City of Moline IL lent him (from what I read the Story not clear on the City) and that fit good in Racine our Mayor just loves to play developer from  the Days of Point Blue on. Can anyone tell me how that has worked out for Racine?   Anyone? Hello?

Yes the next 90 Days will be a lot of interesting fun!

Now how will Mr. Blackwell like to see this in the Root River?


But wait there is more stay tuned!

A Call For Legislative Action And Public Comment

Another handout by a group unhappy with the BS in the City of Racine


A Call For Legislative Action And Public Comment
It is time for the Wisconsin State Legislature to end the abuse of Racine’s water utility revenues by introducing Legislation that will end the practice of allowing local Politicians to raise water rates, siphon off water utility revenues, or issue water utility revenue bonds for local government operations or other development activities that are unrelated to the operations of the water utility. Ensuring safe, clean and affordable drinking water for all is the only long term sustainable option that will not jeopardize, for Generations to come, the future of Racine’s supply of safe, clean and affordable water.
The City of Racine, in their Financing Options for Tax Incremental District 17, on page 22 states:
Utility Revenue Bonds: The City can issue revenue bonds to be repaid from revenues of the sewer and/or water systems, including revenues paid by the City that represent service of the system to the City. There is neither a statutory nor constitutional limitation on the amount of revenue bonds that can be issued, however, water rates are controlled by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission and the City must demonstrate to bond underwriters its ability to repay revenue debt with the assigned rates. To the extent the City utilizes utility revenues other than tax increments to repay a portion of the bonds; the City must reduce the total eligible Project Costs in an equal amount.
The absence of statutory or constitutional limitations on the amount of water and sewer utility revenue bonds that can be issued is an oversight by past Legislatures and an open invitation to abuses by local governing authorities. This looming crisis demands immediate attention from Wisconsin State Legislators who need to introduce Legislation that will place reasonable limitations on the issuance of utility revenue bonds along with the purposes for which they can be issued. Utilities operations are too vital to the health and well-being of the Communities that depend upon them to allow politicians to encumber them with debt for purposes unrelated to the operation of the utility.
In Wisconsin there are an increasing number of people who are experiencing fuel poverty due to rising costs, which is why the Wisconsin State Legislature must regulate utility revenue bonds and not allow them to be used for purposes other than utility operations. The City of Racine, in its 2014 Budget, page 242, lists the water utility operating expenses at $17,342,000 with revenues of $21,871,851. That is a profit of $4,529,851. The PSC must reject The City of Racine’s current request to raise water rates and while the State Legislature must end the practice of issuing utility revenue bonds for unrelated purposes.