What is the Root River?

From Wikipedia

The Root River rises in the Waukesha County suburb of New Berlin and flows generally southeastwardly through the Milwaukee County suburbs of West Allis, Greenfield, Greendale and Franklin, into Racine County, where it enters Lake Michigan at Racine.

According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Root River has also been known historically as:

  • Chippecotton
  • Chipperooton
  • Kipikawi
  • Ot-chee-beek
  • Racine River[2]

The below are from my notes

Bisects Racine into two Parts The North Side and South side of the River. There are Two Marinas on the River (Both on the South Bank)

The River in Racine acts as Rivers do in Urban areas in slowing the growth of run down areas (going to be looking into why that is).

Racine to my knowledge only has one Center that focuses on the Root River that being  The Root River Environmental Education Community Center (REC), ans as I understand it the Center for sure as quit 80% of its programing from 2010 and may simply close its doors. 😩

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