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Upcoming Baraboo trip I ask about Vandewalle & Associates

This weekend Will be back in Baraboo for the funeral of a close Kinsman,this will bring a great deal of folks together both other Kin and Business types as he was rather active in the area until his death. This is the town I lived in until we moved to Madison and I still have strong roots here.

This will give me a great opportunity to talk to them and ask around the city of Baraboo about the Baraboo Riverfront Redevelopment Plan as written by Vandewalle & Associates and adopted by the City of Baraboo 8/2006.

I will start out by saying the River Walk path looks nice and I do see folks walk on it as I have. I do enjoy looking at the River and the wildlife that uses it for habitat.

However the river front of the Baraboo River as it runs in the City looks well like a slum. Its been 6 years since this plan was adopted by the City of Baraboo and the ideas this plan calls for like Housing near or on the River and an Ice Rink (PP 12) is NOT there.

Baraboo is not Racine it is not land locked, it does not have the high crime or other issues that Racine faces. So what the hell happened? I hope this weekend I can find that out or at least know who to talk to.

I am floored by what well what both plans call for:

A Train: here pushing for KRM, in Baraboo a Train to run to Madison

Housing: Both call for Housing along the Rives in Baraboo no visible effort

I could go on and most likely do a further post on this when I get back. I got to say after reading the Baraboo plan I have much less faith in Vandewalle & Associates. Might this just be a Pied Piper of Urban planing? Write it they will come we think or maybe one writes what your paymaster wants to hear?
Maybe I should take and post photos of the Barboo River front and ask what….?

My Thanks to the City Administrator of Baraboo for all his time on the phone.

Root River Revitalization TV #4 and RootWorks Public Event

Just got done taping My CATV show and will be done editing this by Friday so this weekend will see it start to run on the CAR 25 and the other outlets.

I am planing to cover the public Meeting tonight about The Root River Plan to be called Root Works you can find a link to this plan on this Blog the Root River Council on their Web Page has a link to it as well.

I am doing the coverage for CAR 25 outside my TV show. This is to help allow as many folks as possible to see the Plan as presented by The Root River Council.

The Root River Council/City of Racine did not work on this plan nor spend the money for it to be written if it was NOT going to be followed. IMHO it would be in your best interest to know what is going on.

Its done! Show 4A and 4B


Grant Award to the Root River Council From the State of Wisconsin via

Recipients for this year’s grants were recommended by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Council, a Governor-appointed citizen and governmental advisory/The funds are part of Wisconsin’s federally-funded Coastal Management Program.

Project Name Root River Public Access Planning Project
Applicant Root River Council
Grant Amount $29,355
Category Land Use & Community Planning
Contact Monte Osterman (262) 308-2766
This project will result in design recommendations for completing
downtown Racine for decreasing stream-bank erosion and for strengthening
riverfront path and commercial, retail and recreational hubs.

My guess is that this group’s consultants Vandewalle out of Madison will see the Lion’s share, perhaps some will stay in the groups hands. I will be contacting the State for a copy of the grant be more details there.
Thinking it might be worth my time to start adding up the Grant totals of the Root River Council and as well the number of jobs this group has made for its membership.
Wonder why this did not make the paper? Might it help if we had a paper??!!
Mr. Mike Friis, of the State of Wisconsin was very helpful in answering some questions I had about the grant.

EPA Takes Control ?

Came across this today online “Commentary
Sustainable development: latest tool for expanding EPA’s empire”
from the Web page:
…”That effort is already well underway. In June 2010, for example, the Obama administration, by way of an executive order, launched its Ocean Policy Initiative (OPI). The OPI will subject America’s waterways – oceans, rivers, bays, and the Great Lakes plus coastal and even inland areas – to federal zoning. Under the scheme, these areas will be managed according to “coastal and marine spatial planning.” As an unnamed administration official told the Los Angeles Times (July 19, 2010), “This sets the nation on the path of much more comprehensive planning to both conservation and sustainable use of resources.”…
Does this mean that the EPA will come to Racine to help The River plan with the full force of the Federal Goverment?
The Great Lakes holds a lot of Fresh water that maybe the Feds will mandate be sold outside the watersheds and what local group is able to stand up to the Feds?

We look at the page and read this:
…”The same holds true for sustainable development. The term – never defined with any precision – has been a mainstay of the United Nations, environmental organizations, and, increasingly, federal, state and local governments. A growing number of corporations – eager to parade their green credentials – frequently claim their products and technologies are “sustainable,” without ever telling the public what is meant by the term. Sustainable development is also a pillar of Agenda 21. Adopted at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) at Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, Agenda 21 is described by the UN Division on Sustainable Development as “a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations Systems, Governments and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts (sic) on the environment.”…”

Look at Agenda 21 if you want to read some scarey ideas.

PostCast Root River RootWorks part II

Part two of many parts to come had to do more misc points before I look into each section. My views on the subject. Interesting note why is this plan not all over the Media in Racine? One would think it would be.

Update hit the J-T today!

HBO opens the windows

Ever see HBO’s show the Wire or Treme? Interesting back story on both show (and even Boardwalk Empire) is how revitalization of areas under Goverment control or needed for Goverment projects are used to make money or wash money to hide where it comes from. Often inside information is use to enrich politicians or cronys of same.
Mind you the shows above are well TV shows. However when you read what the creators of the shows have to say about the how and why of the shows gets me thinking… is Fiction becoming fact in Racine with the Root River project?
Is this whole Rootworks being done to enrich a select few or will the whole community benefit? Truly benefit not because Racine County Economic Development said so. Then too how will we ever know? When more and more of us are not trusting the City Leadership to say what is going on (Think the Dickert legal settlement) how can we? We all so have the whole story of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program the City said one thing but lawsuits to me say another.

There are some great folks working on getting the Root River to where it should be. IMHO it be a real shame if this group of folks were being used for a front so others say in Real Estate could make bank with the opportunities that will be coming with the millions in Grants. What could YOU do if you had inside information on where the City of Racine was going to invest millions and on what?

Root River Podcast today!

As I try to post the player on this blog here is today’s show.

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