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I recall a day not that long ago, the first meeting of what would be called Racine Urban Gardens Network.

A lot of folks I never met before where there and a great deal of very cool ideas were talked about from Urban Gardening to helping folks to eat better (What would become Eat Right Racine) some like RUGN and Eat Right Racine would talk off and do well growing pains but all and all do very well. Others like Belle City Chickens go nowhere and that happens too.

The day after the first meeting of RUGN I thought the whole City of Racine was going to have a rebirth, in fact I broke down in tears doing my Green Racine Podcast about the meeting.

Oh well life goes on. a group called SEED (Sustainable Edible Economic Development), I have a rather interesting history with one of the members of the Board (Trust no  one) and document everything, I see is my my way of thinking trying to become the go to place for Urban Farming ideas a shame that to my way of thinking is nothing more then a a way to get grant $$ to help fund NGO that have great need for funds and know how to do the funding song and dance. A true shame that what could have been a great thing is well a bit good and the rest nothing more the white liberal guilt.  That God that  I am not White or liberal.  The Chicken movement fell out of being trendy.

Hey mega credit  to them that try to do good and bonus to them that do.

I so see the Root River idea as the same thing but with one major change IMHO I see so much of that as an inside job by Mayor John Dickert after all its all about….