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Water Sales


We are now at a time that The City of Racine under the infamous Mayor John “the man who destroyed Racine” Dickert, is thinking if not planing to sell Water from Lake Michigan outside the Watershed.
This news is getting little coverage from the local paper. Few if any members of the public understands how this plan might work, the engineering needed , or the cost both economic or environmental. With Mayor John Dickert’s history with projects like Racine’s Neighborhood Stabilization    Program (3-4 Court Cases lead and other issues in the rehabbed homes) and his past real estate deals before he was Mayor IMHO we need to pay close attention.

So if the paper will not cover this I  will. After all would you not like to know and have a say if the idea to put “treated” Sewage down the Root River? Do YOU trust the City of Racine not to potently  have shit float down this river  into Lake Michigan?

There are a lot of hoops to jump before this happens I hope to go to the open meetings and report back here.

You should expect a call for action to stop any Water sales outside the Watershed. Oh we also have to keep our eyes open for any try to bottle Lake Michigan Water

Tricky Dicky is in the house!


A local Blogger by the name of Tricky Dicky  is now asking questions too.

Reprinted with permission. His views are his own


A vision for Racine: The City of Racine was once great because it was located on Lake Michigan with a Harbor and offered a natural shipping route for goods.

Today, Racine is a dying town filled with unemployed people, shut off from easy access to the I, and being looted by an incompetent, clueless Mayor who boasts one of the highest tax rates around and is non-competitive on the local, national and global scale.

That incompetent Mayor, and his cousin, Tom Friedel, want to sell water to Waukesha – and present the plan as being a great money maker for Racine! WHAT?

Third world nations export raw materials and resources, first world nations import those materials and resources and add value by finishing them. NOW – Racine is starting to resemble a third world nation – look at the dichotomy between the thin strip of land comprised of the North Beach area, populated by the Boat and SWPL crowd, versus the run-down, blighted, boarded up , and abandoned houses and businesses that comprise a large and growing segment of Racine.

John and Tom promise that selling water to Waukesha will be a panacea to the troubles of Racine, and lower water rates… of course, they’ve forgotten to add in unexpected problems, cost over runs (like those at City Hall Bathrooms), change orders, and the continual decline in demand from Racine Businesses and homes due to flight away from Racine….

Instead, how about Racine works on getting connected to I-94 with high speed direct access to facilitate shipping? How about lowering tax rates – using a formula that takes less from each business but stresses more businesses to take that cut from? How about offering incentives for Waukesha businesses to locate here – YES! COME HERE TO RACINE, WAUKESHA BUSINESSES! With your tax $$$, jobs, and employees to spend on the local economy! RUSD must also go – it is overtaxing and broken – it stands as a detriment to luring high quality businesses to Racine – no one wants to send their children to a non-functional school system.

It does confuse me as to why Tom and John are pushing this water sale SO HARD! It makes no sense. The answer most likely lies in what is in it for them personally – because it is NOT in the best interest of Racine. Can anyone enlighten me as to how John and Tom benefit personally? What’s the missing connection?

New Phase

Well the Rootworks is a done deal, so much so I did not bother going to the last public presentation. I have seen the Dog and Pony Shows I think I do not need to see more.

Time will tell and come Fall we will see how many Police and Fire The City of Racine will lose and what nice toy (Say a Footbridge?) The City of Racine will try to Invest in saying it is so needed for Downtown Racine.

After all that is the main winner in this will be the folks with Busnesses in the Downtown, you know IMHO the Rich White Business Owners who back Mayor John Dickert.

RootWorks was never as I see it for anyone but the well off.  Interesting too is how many of the leaders and Rank/File of the Green Movement are White Females  the old Liberal guilt/Useful Idiots in that Lenin was right.

What has been under the Raider is how Racine will be trying to  sell Water out of the Watershed.

Something that has gotten little coverage from the Journal Times .  So I guess I got to start going to the Racine Water Dept meetings and writing more open records.

With Millions of $$ on the line this will be far more of a mess then the RootWorks scam

A Busness we may see here :( Editorial


Ever think of what would happen if you say took a foolish Mayor running a City deep in debit so deep in debit that The Mayor voids Union Contracts so much in debt that street lights are removed, combine this with say a Company from The People’s Republic of China who is looking to “invest” in Wisconsin.

Now say that this Mayor sees Lake Michigan as not a great resource for all but a big pot of money for him to loot.  A body of Water that gives Racine the best tasting water! (

What may happen? Well that’s easy! Lets build a Water Bottling Plant! After all the PRC has such high standers on Water

Why worry?

Mayor John Dickert knows best for us all Silly Rabbit next your say that the Mayor sued his own city!

Oh and our Green Mayor might want to know this

He must love his law suits if he tries this there sure will be some.

New Root River TV is out!

The new episode is out!


Part 1


Part 2


I express my opinion on well the PRC coming to Wisconsin/Racine.

How in Hell are we paying for RootWorks

See the F/X!

The best is yet to come!

Yes I will be sending a copy to the company coming to Racine!!


Unions smashed for RootWorks?

So as you may know the City of Racine will be working on voiding the Contracts it signed with one or more Unions last year.  These Contacts where signed before Act 10 would take place. You can find the whole story here

Interesting to note that City leaders are saying we do not have the money to pay the wages/benefits of  the Union workers.  So the City of Racine with Mayor John “Friend of the Working Man” Dickert knowing when the contracts were signed  he could not afford them (Unless Walker loss in a  recall a bet Dickert lose) signed them anyway.  How could he have not? He can not be that out of it.  As I said he may have bet that Walker would lose the Recall, again Dickert could not have helped but know Walker was going to win.

Well we will see what happens at least a court fight costing how much…

What does this have  to do with Rootworks? Easy City priories. How can the Mayor justify any spending on RootWorks at all when he is telling Rank and File City Union workers he has no money to pay them but look at this cute foot bridge.  Perhaps sorry you lost your home Mr. Former City Worker but look at this cool Ice rink Downtown and if your not black or Hispanic ….

Yes that will go over well.  The aftermath of the Recall will be glorious to behold! Not so much if your the Mayor of Racine who now understands how on the edge of ruin this City is and he no longer has much to give to keep his troops loyal.

I wonder how long before I hear rumors of his retiring for heath issues start again.

Walker runs the State

The GOP will have both Houses in DC come November

Obama may be looking for a job soon.

Racine has no money will not get more even from the EPA or much more, yet the RotWorks plan if carried out will cost millions.  Will some of that could some of that come from the Blood of City Union Members?

Root River TV #4

The news show should be up next week.  This one I talk a lot about the PRC coming to Racine and what I think about that idea.

See my reenactment of Tiananmen massacre using my Grandson’s toys. Kinda over the top but I wanted everyone to know what I think about this idea.

I save a bit to ask how are we paying for RootWorks? Do you know? Does anyone? My Cat thinks Obama will with Obama magic money.

With changes I hear coming to CAR 25 this might be my last show done at CAR 25.