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A bit of Follow up


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So what is going on?


Good question!

After much thought and reflection,I think, it’s time  to closely to look at the biggest issue in the Racine area, that being WATER.

Yes, water something we do not think about much, after all we live by one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world.

Yet, water plays a huge role in the area, such as:

Use of Water fees to shore up the failing city fiances

Use of the running of water/sewer into Caledonia TID 4  from Mt Pleasant to not only create more paying customers to the City of Racine Water department but at the same time by the use  of special assessment to the land owners being forced to pay for this water/sewer work.

Then of course we still have the whole Machinery Row “Development” to look at.

We will look at only the issues of Water uses here, not other issues such as falling property prices, increasing crime or other issues.

We will let others do that should they wish to do so.

FYI you will notice my writing is poor with misspellings and poor grammar sorry. Have taken steps to do a better job in this area.

Something else will be the use of tools like Periscope to help cover stories that I hope to cover here.

Be interesting, be fun, best of all, help you understand what is going on



Living where we do next to Lake Michigan we take Water for granted. So much so close. The amount of the water is 1,180 cu mi (4,900 km3)
Gallons. That’s a lot of Water.
So of course when say the City of Milwaukee dumps well here a story:

“Some of the debris that washed up on Michigan beaches in 2008 and 2010 likely came from Milwaukee sewer overflows, federal investigators concluded in documents released Monday by the Chicago-based Alliance for the Great Lakes.

A 2011 U.S. Coast Guard summary of the investigations identifies combined sewer overflows in June 2008 and July 2010 as a “logical suspect” in releasing debris to the lake that later washed ashore in Michigan, the Alliance says in a statement on its website,

Though plastic trash from a large recycling company located between Chicago and Milwaukee was identified as the source of some debris in the summer of 2008, the investigation revealed that some trash linked to Milwaukee area retail businesses and residences was found on Michigan beaches after both overflows, according to Lyman Welch, Alliance water quality program manager in Chicago.

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration analysis of lake tides, currents and winds after both overflows concluded the debris might have come from Milwaukee at around the time of the overflows, according to investigation documents.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District reported two sewer overflow records in June 2008 after several days of heavy rains.

An estimated 2.9 billion gallons of untreated sewage and storm water flowed to the lake over nine days – June 7 to 15 – in the largest combined sanitary and storm sewer overflow since the deep tunnel system opened in 1994.

The district’s separate sanitary sewers released 686 million gallons of untreated sewage and storm water to the lake during overflows from June 7 to 9, 2008.

Torrential rains were blamed in a July 22 to 25, 2010, combined sewer overflow of 1.985 billion gallons and a separate sewer overflow of 171 million gallons.

The Alliance acknowledged that MMSD’s state permit allows up to six combined sewer overflows in a year.

“The current standard for combined sewer overflows is too loose and should be tightened,” Welch said.

MMSD officials will not comment on the report until they have reviewed the findings with Coast Guard officials, spokesman Bill Graffin said Monday.

District officials will ask federal investigators why Chicago’s much larger July 2010 sewer overflows to the lake – an estimated 6.5 billion gallons – was not identified as a possible source of beach debris that summer, Graffin said.

The district reported one combined sewer overflow in 2011: an estimated 170.5 million gallons on June 21 and 22.”

Wow, Almost 7 Billion Gallons of sewage and I do not recall an outcry, do you? Of course not.Mayor Tom Barrett can do no wrong right?
Yet he and another “Green” as they like to call themself’s Mayor John Dickert would love to sell Lake Michigan Water to well right now to Waukesha might in time we see maybe water being sold to oh Phoenix or say Vegas? Before you think I’m nuts The needs of LA for Water is so great that well the Colorado is used to fill the City needs oh and here is a link
What else might be going on with the Water? Will we be the last generation to have clean Water from the Lake?

How to Starting a Fresh Water Business Incubator Research Center

A How to Start A Business Incubator/Research Center
(Note to Mayor John Dickert feel free to steal the idea if that what it takes for you to get this going)

Tied of waiting for The Mayor of Racine waiting for Obama cash to get this going? I know I am.

So here is a simple plan that even the City of Racine can follow.

Find a location think The City Hall Annex(800 Center St) there is unused rooms and the building has a large meeting room and plenty of parking across the st. Near City Hall making it close for Photo opps A Mayor can never have too many.

Set up one of the rooms with a few desks and chairs, The City has some not being used now I think. Bring in a Phone line and Broadband.
From RCEDC/REMAC find computer equipment, from Racine Vocational Ministry find staff members looking to improve /restore Skill sets.

My guess is the same person working for the City of Racine that used to work at Wingspread looking at Water issues could be appointed the first leader of this Center even if they ran it at .5 time the first steps could be taken to fill out the Center to make this fully operational.

Of course this will never happen, after all is not Obama and the EPA going to give our Mayor millions?…
Well maybe depending how the grant was written something like this could come out of the EPA cash but I see way too many wanting a part of this free EPA/Obama cash for something meaningful to happen like this.

Hell do we not understand that the Good Old Boys must be made happy and allowed to look good far before anything useful gets done, right?

I am shocked shocked I say thar RCEDC has not done this yet! Shocked I tell Shocked, that the major companies in Racine say J-Wax- Twin Disk and other RAMAC members have not started a drive to make this happen!

Talk about…

Point of fact is the message and how its sent out.  The idea is to be the message to be the one that is a trust agent of the best information without regard to who might recive the message the only thing I want is to engage with ANYONE who wants to talk about the Root River.

If they want to talk Fishing GREAT!

If they want to talk Boating GREAT!

If they want to talk beautification GREAT!

If they want to talk the history of Shipping on the Great Lakes GREAT!

Get the point? Understand the idea?

Its about the whole Root River and how we all can use it.

Was out today talk to folks Downtown had a few ask if I was in change of anything “Official” and Of course I said no that I am the Head Cheer Leader. Why would I do this and no get credit? I was asked easy I do it because I can AND someone has to be the get the word out about the Root River and how it could be used for everyone in the area.

I use the tools I do to interact with as many folks as I can where I can.  I can create craft and push my message my thoughts my ideas faster easier and in a way that allows anyone interested to learn more ask questions and interact with someone who truly cares about the Root River and The City of Racine!

Corry Mason Racist? Editoral

Only in Racine WI, do we have a great hard working Black Assemblyman being told to “Retire”  as I see it(Robert Turner) so a White DEMOCRAT can stay in Madison living off our taxes. By Moving into Turner’s area and running for his seat.
Yes the Democrats once again showing its all about the White man. Corry Mason is not only  a Tick but a Racist who thinks He deserves a  job in Madison so he can be the Union’s boy. To hell with a hard working Afro-American who works for everyone.

I think my black neighbors are NOT going to like this very much.