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Racine Fresh Water Reserch Park.

So our Mayor John Dickert had a plan to focus the City on Lake Michigan vs away from the Lake, and by doing so would bring business that focus on fresh water uses to Racine, or so he claimed  he would do.

So far The Mayor has yet to bring any to Racine (Has he brought any new business to the City?) If anything Our Leader has driven business away either driving them to other near by  cities or going out of business.

I see this trend continuing, the high taxes, high fees, poor schools and high crime is not good for attracting  new companies.

What he could have done for very little money that could have had a huge impact was this:

1) Rehab one of the many building that the City owns into a suite of office space, this space would be like an business incubator for businesses looking to work in some way in Fresh Water.

2) Offer cheep basic office services for companies using the incubator and fast Broadband. I would also would equip a Science Lab  and work with Gateway to find Work Study interns for running this Lab.

3) Again I use Gateway to oversee the day to day operations of the research park. Like cleaning snow removal, keeping the books what have you.

4) An agreement would be signed by the companies using the research park that say 25% of anything discovered/ invented/sold   would belong to the City of Racine.

5) The max lease would be 10 years. This could be extended.

6) Any Employees hired would have to be City of Racine residents  within 6 months.

7) A board made up by 1 from Gateway one from The State of Wisconsin and one from the Aldermen of Racine would keep track and each year state the results of the Park.

8) Other ideas could be bring in and provide a stipend for the conduct of  pure research on clean water issues from an group of applying for this.

9) Each year host a meeting of researchers on Fresh Water, with the chair being (I hate to say this) The sitting Mayor of Racine.


Too bad so sad Mayor John Dickert did not do this nor do I think he will. Why?

Your guess is as good as mine, sure fit into RootWorks idea and could easily be put on “Machinery Row” Water St.

Guess making the Boaters/ Downtown crowd happy is job one vs doing something that would I think help the City and the Lake.

The few $$ this would cost could be found from local Business groups and State Grants, hell I can get grants for this!

Great this is I do not have to wait on Mayor Dickert to do  much of this, and why should I?

Anyone can get a building (Going cheep in Racine) even me!  I even own a few domain names that fit right in!

Hell, my It Came From The Root River film could be part of this too.