Why at times will sound like Tin Hats are needed

From time to time. This site will take the tone of well something from the X Files or a good mystery.

At times one might think that to read this one might need to wear a Tin Foil hat. Why is that?


In the past most of us thought that Goverment wanted us no needed us, to not only trust government but government wanted us to be part of the government not only by voting showing up to meeting BUT think that government wants to help in some way.

That was then now after the fun and games from Watergate, Iran Contra to locally events  like Mount Ave, Machinery Row   or Mount Cemetery, gets many thinking.

Then there is this many believe that to get around Open Meetings-Open Records laws, 501 (c) 3 are formed to meet with semi government semi- private Corporation (Example Racine County Economic Development Corporation) both having Government officials sitting on them and from MY UNDERSTANDING not subject to open meetings and open records law.

Many want to know what the hell is going on?    Example might Racine County Economic Development Corporation be part of what is going on with Hwy V in Mt Pleasant?

What role if any did/does Root River Council have with Machinery Row Mount Ave?  Makes others think about what is going on? 

So with so much distrust of local government (and I can understand why) I will bring up questions and speculate what is going on with Water around here.   

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