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A bit of Follow up

Money and Water

Mayor Dickert has a bad day

JD  Mayor John Dickert


Remember the old saying do not count your Chickens before they hatch?

Well, looks like Racine’s Mayor John Dickert may want to rethink getting $$ from Waukesha sending “Treated” Sewage down the Root River

From this story looking like it will be sometime before the City of Racine sees any money from becoming Waukesha cesspool, as I call it

At one time stories about how The City of Racine would get 6 Million or so a year by being the Cesspool of Waukesha and this money is badly needed in a City with still the highest unemployment rate in the State  one of the few Number one titles that Mayor John Dickert has been able to obtain for The City of Racine.

From Reading this story looks like the City of Racine has a long wait before dime one shows up from the idea of “Treated” Sewage coming down the Root River.



As The Root River is Raped….

Wow From today’s Racine Journal Times

Local group heading to NYC climate change march


The Local Group is not named but I will guess it’s 350. Org but again the group is not named and they have every right to march if they want

Interesting that this group is willing to go a march in New York but not willing to do anything when it comes to the well what I call the Rape of the Root River I guess I should call it by a better name the Root Industrial Canal, I would hope that seeing the  Root Industrial Canal, turn into well as I call it the largest Real Estate Scam in Wisconsin History this group or most Green Groups be more worried about local events., such as putting 6-8 Million Gal of “Treated Sewage” into Lake Michigan ( A day)  via the Root Industrial Canal, this would be from Waukesha pumping 6-8 Million Ga a day from Lake Michigan and how Green is that?

imagesrs2  (Treated Sewage?)

but well depending who is in this group might they be getting paid to help with the Rape of this area?

What? you mean the Local Green Groups (Or green Groups overall) can get paid off?

What do you think?  Do you have a price you sell out for? Most of us do I guess, the first 350K Cash sure could buy my home and my Wife and I be long gone from this pit of hell. Better yet 20K and I never post anything on this area of Southeast Wisconsin! I will not hold my breath

What might your price be?

Any bets that somehow Grant Funds to Root River Council are being spent on this trip?



Questions for the this last Boating season (2014)



Questions for the this last Boating season (2014)

1) How manly Slips where rented

2)What percentage of total slips

3) the total received from this

4) Amount of Rent forgiven total for the year for the Restaurant

5) Amount forgiven for the Convince Store?

6) Amount spend by the County in upgrades to both?

7) Amount spent In Marketing Reef


8) what Companies was this spent on

9) How is this marketing tracted

10) Who tracks this?

11) How do you justify this to areas west of the I

The Root Industrial Canal




Photos above for example only


Would you swim in what I from now on call The Root Industrial Canal that runs in Racine to Lake Michigan you know the Root River?

One thing maybe to Swim in the River say further up the River say in the area where it runs into Racine County another say in Downtown Racine

After all since since the 1850’s to the 1970’s many companies not knowing better just dumped garbage in the Canal, what all did the Companies once in Downtown Racine just used the Canal as a dumping place for? PCB’s other Cancer causing chemicals?  Again at the time they had no idea is was not a good idea?

What garbage awaits someone silly enough to swim in the Canal? How will we be able to find out?

Myself, thinking that samples could be taken of the bottom and tested, that tell us something would it not?

Would that information be given to the Public? After all if our Canal was filled with really nasty stuff, could you get the mythical Boaters who are demanding Condos along the Canal to truly buy one? Would you?

Perhaps as I was told by others and I believe what they tell me, Ghost Buyers, be the only “real” buyers ? Can you say Point Blue, therefor not get Cancer or kids get Birth Defects?

Should the Canal get dredged so our mythical Boaters can take their boats up the River what would the cost be to dispose of the perhaps contaminated soil? Where would it go? Perhaps a Playground, or a Golf Course?

So many question to be answered.


Just wait Waukesha   wants to dump 6 Million+ Gals of “Treated” Sewage a day in the Root  Industrial Canal oh how lucky we are!

Kate Remington Fighter for Justice!



Reprinted with permission

August 25, 2014 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service MC 4910 DAL Dallas, TX 75242 Re: Additional information: Root River Council Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division

To Whom it May Concern: I am a property owner in the City of Racine, WI (please see letter dated July 18, 2014, enclosed as requested) I am a retired fine artist and purchased my building 15 years ago. Foreword I believe in freedom of information and I have been pursuing the activities of the Root River Council because there are so many questions unanswered regarding the Root River Watershed and the redevelopment the City has been developing and is now introducing as MACHINERY ROW. This is currently being estimated as a 65 million dollar project. At the same time Racine,Wi is #1 in state unemployment and is simultaneously turning off street lights and cutting back essential services. The population is declining steadily. And, we are being told today that the City is at least 6 million dollars short regarding its budget. My interest is and has been focused upon the Root River Council because there appears to more than suggestions of impropriety regarding custodial duties re Ordinance and the Ordinance survey regarding established bulkhead lines re the Root River watershed. New Information State Representative Cory Mason says in his current newsletter for the 66th District that this Machinery Row project has been in the works for nine years. In the same pr statement Cory Mason quotes a Rodney Blackwell who is identified as the overall creative force and head of Financial District Properties. Mr Blackwell is quoted as crediting 4 people responsible for “the high level of collaboration and commitment”: John Dickert/Mayor of Racine; Robin Vos/Speaker of the Assembly; Cory Mason/State Representative District 66: and Jim Ladwig/County Executive. So it sounds good, but what about the collaboration with the taxpayers and residents of Racine? What about their representatives, the alderpeople of the common council, how come we haven’t heard from them? How come these alderpeople are beginning to ask questions like I am asking regarding Machinery Row? And how come we who have been asking to see the 990 forms find there are multiple Root River Councils and missing paper work and contradictory paper work and we don’t know what is authentic and what is not. The confusion for me centers around the bulkhead lines for the Root River Watershed which in April 2013 I requested via Public Information. The process was painful and not satisfactory. And the information I did receive (which was that there is no such thing) makes no sense to me because sometime during 2004 and 2005 I had requested the Root River Bulkhead line survey from the City’s Development Department and received a large detailed copy from I believe Matt Sadowski who is still in Development. I requested this survey in my capacity as secretary of the Historic Sixth Street Business Association which used this survey in its presentations. This Sixth Street Association disbanded in 2004-2005. The Racine Library has a good research room with lots of clippings and historical info yet I found no reference to bulkhead line discussions re the Root River or public discussions. These two steps are required when land usage is being altered. And to the best of my knowledge these steps were not taken. Unbeknownst to me UNTIL NOW is that sometime during the last two years the City through its instrument County Supervisor Monte Osterman and one of his Root River Councils (there seem to be a for profit and a non profit) created something called a Root River Overlay District which was sent for approval to the City Plan Commission and not the Common Council. And then the chairman of the Plan Commission (Brian O’Connell the head of Development) then sent it to a body called Root River Corridor Redevelopment Technical Team, identified by Cory Mason in his newsletter as Vandewalle, a design firm (also not local). This is not following the City’s rules, the state statutes or the constitution of the United States. The public was left in the dark and bypassed along with the alderpeople. The very last time I heard reference to the Root River bulkhead lines was in a presentation circa 2005. Allison Warner mentioned it and putting a task force together of people….most of whom are presently members of the Root River Council. It even appears that the Redevelopment Authority, yet another level of executive appointed members of the community elevated above the public by the Mayor. No one uses the words ‘bulkhead lines’ and no one mentions “Root River Watershed’ because by calling the downtown watershed a ‘corridor’ or a ‘manufactured canal,’ the land usage changes and instead of the public right to access both of the banks of the river, the use of the land is changed and the ownership of the land is changed. It is my believe that the City has no right to sell this land which still belongs to the public because the City did not follow procedure. Instead of protecting the public’s land usage or simply attempting to convince the public that they should give it up, the City just eliminated an Ordinance and its survey for the benefit of whom?? I am asking you to consider investigating further. I believe this land still belongs to the public and that this Machinery Row is about money for others and not for the good of the future of Racine, WI.


Kate Remington 613 Sixth Street Racine, WI 53403



More and more and sending letters like this to the IRS and another group who the writer thinks may be of help.

The hope is that someone cares or thinks that this is worth looking into, I myself am letting The Press know about this  who knows what say The New York Times could find out?

To me that is the one thing the Good Old Boys fear the most is others outside Racine asking questions or perhaps getting a Grand Jury interested.

Yes how would Mayor John Dickert deal with a grand jury looking into this at the same time he is fighting the RICO case filed by the Black Bar owner?


RICO Refiling Part II



The RICO case on Mayor Dicker/others was filed with the court you can read it here

I have also put it in the link section.

Be interesting to see where this goes to not only the issues on the Black Owned Bars but what other activities the Mayor and his pals are doing.

Will this include Rootworks? Will the Lawyers for the Black Bar owners find information that could have them look into Rootworks/Grants given? Will this information be given to the FBI? The EPA?

With Osterman being from what I read a major Player in the RICO case affect the Root River Council? If so How so?

Might The FBI or IRS get interested?

This does get very interesting very fast.

Please make up your own mind vs what anyone else may tell you


Lawyers,Guns, and Money



The line above comes from the taking over of the area now called Oklahoma when asked what was needed to take this land over from Native Americans given this area by the U.S. Goverment the crooks  sent a telegram with this message, E.G. send Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

This would be used in a song by  Warren Zevon, that was big in my day.

Still true today, as many from just plain folk members of the public to City Alderman have raised questions on RootWorks  to not only City Leadership but State Leadership and If I understand right The Feds. However unless something happens perhaps fall out from the RICO case or a case coming from statements Mayor John Dickert made on WRJN not much can/will be done.

Why? Simple, with what I understand from folks looking into this have told me, to get more done will require Lawyers to go to court and those looking into this do not have Lawyers nor the money to retain the to take the issues they have into a court room and fight it out there.

Now I have some questions that I like answered the main one being with Millions on the line if RootWorks got stopped or delayed  why did these folks not prepare to have a lawyer to go to court?

Why do all the work done so far and end things here?

Unless its all part of a bigger plan?

Oh the Tape that Mayor John Dickert Told us he had of the Alderman of the 6th doing wrong should be interesting hearing as should the tape from the last city  Meeting



It begins! As I see it




We so need a real Lawman to come to Racine to clean up this city. Is Marshall Givens around?


So I went to today’s event for RootWorks saw the Mayor’s pals and perhaps can I say line up of backers of this project. Nothing unusual with that make up in fact saw some interesting folks working the crowd.

Was unable to get a info packet ran out of them fast. Did get to see one for a bit

Getting ahead of myself when I got there I was attacked verbally for writing


The Root River Council INC. Fraud
1. In an April 1, 2013 Meeting, The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Racine decided to implement Root Works by applying for a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship grant, on their own, without first seeking permission from the Common Council, in direct violation of City of Racine Ordinance Section 2-332(4). They also failed to go for bids on appraisals and acted outside the bounds of their statutory authority on numerous occasions. The project also removes 5 properties worth $337,000 from the tax rolls and shifts $12,527 in property taxes to others.
2. In a March 6, 2014 article from The Journal Times, Matt Sadowski lied, falsely claiming he had just been advised about receiving approval for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Grant he falsely claimed to have applied for in December 2014. Official documents prove he applied for the grant on May 1, 2013 and received confirmation from the DNR on September 18, 2013.
3. The deceit of Monte Osterman, who secretly Incorporated the Root River Council INC. on 01/06/2012, Entity ID# R055980, Registered Agent MONTE OSTERMAN,524 MONUMENT SQ.
SUITE 100, RACINE , WI 53403, per the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution records.
4. The deceit of Monte Osterman in using his Corporate Organization, Root River Council, INC., to lobby for the purchase of the West Bluff Mound Avenue properties, while he failed to disclose that he would personally benefit from the sale by receiving relocating fees while his tenant business provided additional property value to the owner of the 1251 Mound Avenue Property. This is in violation of Racine County Ordinance Section 2-423 (b): Economic and personal gain.
5. The deceit of Monte Osterman in violating Racine County Ordinance Section 2-426 (a) (1): Business ownership, by failing to disclose ownership of his Business, Root River Council INC., as required by his Employer, The County of Racine.
6. The deceit and potentially ILLEGAL actions of Monte Osterman in fraudulently claiming Non-Profit status, a status not supported by the IRS, while asking for donations and describing his organization. EXAMPLES: 1.) In a August 12, 2013 WISN 12 article, 10 Ways to Volunteer for Clean Water, donations to the non-profit water protection organization, (the) Root River Council is suggested as a way to protect our precious waters. 2.) Ben Lehner, Executive Director, Root River Council, while participating in the SOI Region 2025 Industry Opportunities, March 7 and 14, 2014, fraudulently claimed “The Root River Council (is) a non-profit focused on redeveloping Racine’s Root River. 3.) The Root River Council Facebook page falsely states it is a “Non-Profit Organization”.
7. Marty Defatte,a member of the Root River Council, INC., is also acting as a Real Estate Agent by representing the Owner of the property at 1251 Mound Avenue, where County Supervisor Monte Osterman, whose Business IS the Root River Council, INC., is also a Tenant. Marty Defatte has publicly denied, in The Journal Times, of having any knowledge that 1251 Mound Avenue was to be acquired for Root Works. Denying knowledge of the purchase is NOT plausible.
8. The action of various Government Officials involved is an affront to Democratic principles. Many of these meetings were conducted in secret, numerous Ordinances were violated, Monte and Mary Osterman were John Dickert Mayoral election campaign workers, and now the use of Eminent Domain is being called for by Matt Sadowski to forcefully take property away from unwilling sellers. Therefore the Mound Avenue acquisition must be rejected due to the FRAUD committed.

Sorry I did not write this I did hand it out and the $$ in Politics  event held in Racine 6/14. Interesting that it had the effect that it did. More interesting is that the powers that be are worried about this information getting out to the public. Why, might Joe Public be pissed at what is going on  with this effort? Might the powers that be be worried that the public will bitch at the upcoming T.I.F. 18 and what this might mean to the tax base for RUSD? and not want to see this T.I.F. happen?

Of course this effort will be pitched as what will line the streets of Racine with Gold just like we got told would happen with Team Porters or Delta Hawk

Gee if Team Porters was going to make us all rich why is the Porter’s going to be torn down?

If I recall right Delta Hawk was going to hire many folks how many did they hire so far?

Back to the event

Speeches were made but I got no real firm info from the event. Other then we are all going to be rich from this.

Are we? Many I talked to after think not. One person I talked to called to my attention what he saw that being the County Executive in his body language may not like Mayor John Dickert. he had questions on how well this will go forward.

Well the Developer said be a lot going on in the next 90 day, he is very right there will be.

I know a group of folks who will try not to kill the project but delay the project until   the State does a full investigation on what is going on.

There will be a lot of information coming out on all of this.

So I will be posting a lot more on this blog because of the strange world that I see RootWorks being

State tuned!