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Was it good for you?

Have not posted much here as you can tell.

So I though an update was in order, if you live in Racine WI  you probably know that the City of Racine voted to loan $$$$ (4.5 Million) to the Developer of Machinery Row  and will buy I understand other property for this development (1 million+) so a City that has no money and must close Community  Centers take down Street lights will spend and maybe get back some of the 6 Million the City of Racine will be spending on this project interesting who will get helped from this. Will it be the Homeless or the Mom trying to feed her kids? Maybe a long term unemployed former   City of Racine Union Worker now out of a job and been looking for one perhaps for years…

This is Racine what do you think?

When I have the time and some help with Grammar I will do a chart on who is getting paid from this

By the way was the Anal Sex good for you? Thinking the Mayor loved giving it to you do not worry I think there is more to come

Questions for the this last Boating season (2014)



Questions for the this last Boating season (2014)

1) How manly Slips where rented

2)What percentage of total slips

3) the total received from this

4) Amount of Rent forgiven total for the year for the Restaurant

5) Amount forgiven for the Convince Store?

6) Amount spend by the County in upgrades to both?

7) Amount spent In Marketing Reef


8) what Companies was this spent on

9) How is this marketing tracted

10) Who tracks this?

11) How do you justify this to areas west of the I

Come on folks its about the Water…. I share my thoughts

But first we have from:



So I was talking to Mr. X on the phone today, not talked to him for sometime and out of the blue he calls

We chatted a bit talk about the RICO Suit then to the point of the phone call that being what the point of the whole Rootworks was: that being as we saw it Control of Sale of WATER!

Mind you, we thought that Machinery Row/TIF 18 could be the largest case of Land Fraud in the History of the State of Wisconsin when all was said and done but that would pale in compassion to the money to be made over the sale of Water from Lake Michigan should Waukesha  be allowed to buy Water from Lake Michigan and then send “Treated Waist back via The Root River

imagesrs2 Treated Sewage?


Right now we are being told that Waukesha will need about 6-10 million Gals a day to just stay the same size and perhaps grow a bit the Water if sent back to Lake Michigan (and the Great Lakes Compact tells us that the water MUST come back) Via the Root Industrial Canal (Formerly the Root River) would generate about 6 Million a year for the Cash Staved city of Racine, then of course, Cities like to grow builders like to build developers like to rip off tax payers I mean develop(I estimate that each year Waukesha loses millions in construction/ taxes until this issues is fixed)   and that mean MORE Water brought from the Lake and treated sewage sent back via   Root Industrial Canal  so perhaps in a few years The City of Racine could get oh 10 Million a year just for allowing this

imagesrs  Treated Sewage?

and then we have this from :   Waukesha is a symptom of a much larger U.S. problem. And for the signators to the Compact the city may be the thin edge of the wedge. The U.S. mid and southwest, particularly those communities and farmlands that have experienced prolonged recent droughts see the water-rich Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin as a prime water resource. Why not divert water from the Basin to population centers like Las Vegas or Phoenix? Why not refill the Ogallala Aquifer with water from the Great Lakes? Why not raise Mississippi River water levels through a diversion canal?

Maybe Racine Under Mayor John Dickert gets a pumping station to start here to pump a few Million to other Cities who need Water maybe to pump the treated sewage back here?

Now Machinery Row costing 68 Million over time political Hacks/Pals of Mayor John Dickert might be able to scam say over time 10% or say 10 Million, but the Water sales Sewage dumping could bring in 6 Million + a year Pipe lines need to go in land may need to be bought etc how much could crooks in Goverment make their pals?

But then there is this from the same Web page …

Poor Waukesha, located in the wrong place when it comes to fighting a water war with the Compact. That’s because Chicago and its waterways which drain into the Illinois River, a tributary of the Mississippi, lie less than an hour to the south. And Chicago has the Asian carp, (seen jumping out of the water on mass in the picture below) an invasive species currently still in the Mississippi watershed that has migrated to within 160 kilometers (100 miles) of the Great Lakes. The Compact, as a result, has become hyper vigilant about any water diversion. Should the Asian carp gain access to the Great Lakes it is seen as having an even more devastating impact than the sea lamprey. And considering how unsuccessful humans have been in stopping alien species from getting to the Great Lakes, there is even greater efforts being put in place to try and succeed just once

So Waukesha is caught in a water war, even though it sits within a state that has a wealth of freshwater. Its application to draw water from Lake Michigan which requires unanimous approval from the governors and premiers of the Compact will likely fail to pass, and Waukesha will have to look elsewhere to solve its water crises

So for now our mayor who got very unhappy news about the RICO case today might be only able to find ways to scam on Machinery Row.

Please keep your eyes open this will be interesting to see go down.

What do you think?


One last thing if indeed the Good Old boys are planing to scam on Root Works and folks get in the way of say a 6 Million+ Pay day what will happen?





The Suicide Cult moves to Macinery Row! My .02


Once again, Racine looks like has an active Death Cult.

This time forming around the idea of the Machinery Row “Development” and the huge number of folks that are just demanding not only o move to Racine but are demanding high end Condos (with Marble counter tops right?)

Can’t forget all the boat owners who are pounding on Mayor Dickert’s door daemanding not only Boat slips on the low Root River but need Condos too!

Gets better! Racine needs a Convention Center/Hotel Downtown!! You know we can put that on the old Belle City Marina location!!!! Just think of all the people  who are demanding to move to Racine!!!

Sadly that is the drum beat starting to come out of….  yes come out of Downtown Racine.

I can understand why many of the members of the Cult are saying this for they are IMHO desperate for Racine to get better more so for Downtown Racine if not what then happens? That’s easy  if things stay the same or go further South they will lose the business, some of them will lose everything.

I mean everything sad yes very sad so are we going to rush into Machinery Row to MAYBE MAYBE save a few businesses? After all there is a Consultant  has said there is this unfilled need!! Better get going!!

Of course I have not seen cars from IL and lines of Boaters pounding on the Mayor’s door have you?

Unsaid in any of talking about a Convention Center on the Belle City site is that Milwaukee does not fill what they have AND somehow Racine is going to compete with Milwaukee or even the New large Bar at 94/20 of course we can we will just have to spend more $$!!!

Nor do we talk about who will pay to dredge The Root River from the Lake past Azarian Marina who might that be?  Nor that Reef Point is NOT full and along the river there are many unused slips.

Again I do understand the desperation of the Downtown folks for what will do as Racine continues to shed population, continues to be #1 or #2 in Unemployment  some of the worse Schools in the State of Wisconsin ? What will we do?

Do not worry! If we built it they will Come just like they did for Porters, right?

After all I got told the Developer will spend 6 Million of his own Money then who will come up with the rest of the 65 Million needed? Look in the mirror.

A vist to City Hall


I went to City hall to file an Open Records quite a long one, however I bet that they do not exist (if so that will be very interesting) I also asked to see the Mayor Of Racine’s Statement of Economic interest, the clerk’s staff did NOT want to hear that no not at all.

Even as poorly as we were treated, we were calm  and polite.   Why not we knew the State Law, they (staff we talked too) did not a Staff person said we could not see today what State Law said we could due to them really being busy, we documented that fact and as She asked us to do made an Appointment to view what we nee to see fort not only The Mayor of Racine but all we could why not?

So will be going again tomorrow at the time of our Appointment as the Bear who went over the Mnt did to see what we could see.

Will also be bringing some Black Open Records to save time and gas, because this is just the start of the Rabbit Hole

It’s a new game with new players


Welcome to Racine!

Yes with Rodney Blackwell joining the oldest game in town with fellows like the paid Lobbyist Mayor of Racine looking for a way for him to get some


Did Mayor Dickert Tap that?

Like his by now good pal Mayor Dickert tries to do

but what about our new player Rodney Blackwel? Well we do know this

In downtown Davenport, he owns the Quad Cities offices of Lee Enterprises, Ryan Companies, RSM McGladrey, Kone, Wells Fargo bank, and Lane & Waterman. In downtown Moline, he owns the Fifth Avenue Building – home of the Brown Bottle restaurant, and former home to the FIVE restaurant in which Blackwell was an investor.

What he owns the offices of Lee Enterprises? Why yes he does so do anyone think that The J-T is going to print anything then what Blackwell wants or maybe to make things easier on our own J-T simply gives them the copy?

and there is a bit more He also owns the Waterloo, Iowa, building of Fortune Brands, whose products include Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf balls, and Moen faucets. And he’s part-owner of Carver Aero aviation company in Davenport. In addition, he purchased the Lee Enterprises plane.

Now he is free to buy what he wants no issue there and as we have been told invest in Racine but is it his money?

Lets read on!  From The River Cities Reader

….and because the project will get up to $10.1 million from Tax Increment Financing……  So the city borrowed $7.5 million and re-loaned it to Blackwell to purchase the property. …..

Looks like he loves your money T.I.F. money is Tax money as I was told as was the 7.5 Million the City of Moline IL lent him (from what I read the Story not clear on the City) and that fit good in Racine our Mayor just loves to play developer from  the Days of Point Blue on. Can anyone tell me how that has worked out for Racine?   Anyone? Hello?

Yes the next 90 Days will be a lot of interesting fun!

Now how will Mr. Blackwell like to see this in the Root River?


But wait there is more stay tuned!


Thought I went away?

Far from it!

Just because events have been slow does not mean they are not going on or I am not watching.

Caught in the act! Is this the new “Scam”?


Two events going on

1) Committee of the Whole  Monday 10/22/12 6:30

Subject: (Direct Referral) Request from the Director of City Development to present the
plan titled “RootWorks – Revitalizing Racine’s Urban River Corridor, Root River Corridor
Redevelopment Plan” and discuss the next steps for implementation of


Executive Committee Meeting: Monday, October 22, 2012 6:00 PM City Hall, Mayor’s Office

“It is intended that the Executive Committee will convene in closed session pursuant to section 19.85
(1) (e), Wisconsin Statutes, to address the request of the Director of City Development to acquirenon-residential real estate, which requires a closed session for bargaining reasons.

Part of the Rootworks plan call for Water St to be marked to others as Machinery Row:

From the Plan The catalyst for RootWorks is Machinery Row, with warehouses and industrial buildings
lining Water Street. Rich with character and history, these buildings will see reuse as urban
lofts, live-work units, and creative spaces for growing new businesses. Just out the door, the
River Loop connects workers to 1.75 miles of scenery, walkways, River access and parkway.
An entrepreneurial business magnet in the past, Racine’s riverfront has high
profile space opening up once more. Several sites in the Corridor are poised for
redevelopment, including large parcels of land for new businesses and corporate centers

A large area of this area is made up of the Azarian Marina. The owners are behind on Taxes want to sell as I understand it have asked the City to buy the property.  City Administer  Friedel told me in a phone call that Azarian Marina wanted too much money for the City to buy.

Ah is it raining or is   Friedel pissing?

Lets add the fact that The City can’t build out but only within. Buildable land is at a premium (this is if anyone wants to build in Racine) so this area of the City be a great location for someone (if they exist) right?

plug that in to a new Foot Bridge  across the Root River from Mount St to this new city owned area and maybe a retail center is proposed with its own TIF area!

Is there a Developer  standing by?

Is the J-T  running this story “LOT FOR SALE: City-owned land awaits development in Racine” preparing the way?

Got to add to this that the local Yacht club is spending money to dredge part of the river. Is this so Mayor John Dickert can put out that the RootWorks plan has buy in?

Now your guess is as good as mine in this but IMHO this all fits together all too well and this is Racine.

The City who’s Mayor tells the Unions we have no money to pay them, sues his own City gets the City to pay his legal bills and settlement.

Now looking like to some that Mayor John Dickert wants to play Real Estate games.

River Business

there will have to be an anchor  business or businesses for the Lake River to draw to that area.

The county will have a Marnia to help draw Boaters to Racine but I am not seeing a huge impact other then on a Bar or two and lately I am reading about many communities  that are having issues getting boaters to use a local Marnia and if Gas gets going up who will have the $$ to go boating?

Now My Guess knowing The Mayor of Racine as I do will be an Government funded Water Center of some type the old Building that can hold events a bit of skirt chasing I mean Research events perhaps a lab a Center that can at least claim to X if all else fails, with the upcoming budget cuts coming from Washington I do not know if a Water Center will happen.  Working perhaps with Gateway,CATI, and the UW system something could be done BUT that be a lot of groups that may not like Mayor Dickert stealing credit from but you never know.

I am still of the full belief that its going to be a something at the current home of Azarian Marina


Azarian Marina an idea

On the 800 block of Water St in Racine WI, there is company called Azarian, Marina. A typical Marina boat slips River Access to the Root River, cover storage and the like. My guess it that the site is say a few blocks squire.

Walking around it this morning, I understand how great this would be if say a developer would buy the Azarian Marina and create a site with say a small strip mall keeping the boat slips and free public access to the River.

I have thought to put an fine style Brew Pub as an anchor on one end and say bring a ships store of some type in as the other.

Bring the sidewalks down to the new Water Center as I Call the place, to better draw folks down from Main St and those at the center back up downtown. I would see about using Segway to make it neat  to run around the Lake/River front

I also look at some type of bus from the Metra in Kenosha to the Center. with FREE rides to sailors from the Great Lakes.

Thinking I will be looking for this idea to start and I hope soon. My guess is that funds from the EPA Grants could be used for part of this as well as perhaps a TIF?

I will be talking to everyone I know about how great this idea is. To think how great tis would be for all of Racine WI.