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We last saw our hero



Just strange what is going on in Racine with Water and I fear it will be getting worse.

Spent quite a bit of time looking for the maps of the Bulkhead Lines and I found a copy not where City Ordinance said at the City Clerk’s office (and to the best of my understanding not at the Register of Deeds office as called for by State Law.

As we see here:

30.11 Establishment of bulkhead lines.
(1) Who may establish. Any municipality may, subject to the approval of the department, by ordinance establish a bulkhead line and from time to time reestablish the same along any section of the shore of any navigable waters within its boundaries.
(2)Standards for establishing. Bulkhead lines shall be established in the public interest and shall conform as nearly as practicable to the existing shores, except that in the case of leases under sub. (5) and s. 24.39 (4) bulkhead lines may be approved farther from the existing shoreline if they are consistent with and a part of any lease executed by the board of commissioners of public lands.
(3)How established. Whenever any municipality proposes to establish a bulkhead line or to reestablish an existing bulkhead line, the municipality shall indicate both the existing shore and the proposed bulkhead line upon a map and shall file with the department for its approval 6 copies of the map and 6 copies of the ordinance establishing the bulkhead line. The map shall use a scale of not less than 100 feet to an inch or any other scale required by the department. The map and a metes and bounds description of the bulkhead line shall be prepared by a land surveyor registered in this state. The department may require the installation of permanent reference markers to the bulkhead line. Upon approval by the department, the municipality shall deliver the map, description and ordinance to the office of the register of deeds of the county in which the bulkhead line lies, to be recorded by the register of deeds.
(4)Riparian rights preserved. Establishment of a bulkhead line shall not abridge the riparian rights of riparian owners. Riparian owners may place solid structures or fill up to such line.
(5)Finding of public interest.
(a) Prior to the execution of any lease by the board of commissioners of public lands concerning rights to submerged lands or rights to fill in submerged lands held in trust for the public under s. 24.39, the department shall determine whether the proposed physical changes in the area as a result of the execution of the lease are consistent with the public interest. Thirty days before making its determination, the department shall notify, in writing, the clerk of the county and clerk of the city, village or town in which the changes are proposed and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers of the application for the lease. In making its finding the department shall give consideration to all reports submitted to it. The department shall not approve a lease applied for under s. 24.39 (4) (a) 2. if the department determines that the lease may threaten excessive destruction of wildlife habitat.
(b) When considering leases to allow certain initial improvements such as, but not restricted to, filling on submerged lands to create sites for further facilities, the department may determine whether such initial improvements are consistent with the public interest in the navigable waters involved even though the exact final use to which these improvements will be put is not known. The department, at the time it finds that a proposed lease would be consistent with the public interest in the navigable waters involved, may include in its findings such limitations upon the use of improvements as it considers necessary to confine their use to functions primarily related to water transportation or otherwise of public benefit. The board of commissioners of public lands shall include in the lease such limitations on final use as is determined by the department.
(c) Upon the complaint of any person to the department that current use made of rights leased under s. 24.39 (4) is inconsistent with both its original findings and the public interest, the department shall hold a public hearing thereon after the publication of a class 2 notice, under ch. 985. If the department finds that the present use conforms neither to its original finding nor to the present public interest, it shall submit its findings to the governor. The governor may cause the attorney general or the district attorney of the proper county to bring action in the name of the state in a court of competent jurisdiction to declare the lease terminated and to institute appropriate action for removal of structures or cessation of practices in violation of such lease.
(6)Shoreline not invalidated. A shoreline lawfully established before January 1, 1960, is a lawfully established bulkhead line.
A bulkhead line is not merely the natural shoreline, but one legislatively established by a municipality. It may differ from the existing shoreline and is also distinguishable from the low- and high-water marks previously judicially defined. State v. McFarren, 62 Wis. 2d 492, 215 N.W.2d 459 (1974).
The private right to fill lakebeds granted under this section does not preempt the zoning power of a county over shorelands under s. 59.971 [now 59.692]. State v. Land Concepts, Ltd. 177 Wis. 2d 24, 501 N.W.2d 817 (Ct. App. 1993).
When a bulkhead line has been established, a riparian owner must nonetheless obtain a permit or contract pursuant to s. 30.20 prior to removing material from the bed of a navigable water landward of the bulkhead line, but within the original ordinary high water mark. 63 Atty. Gen. 445.
A bulkhead line is not legally established until the filing requirements of sub. (3) are met. A bulkhead line established by a town on lands subsequently annexed to a municipality that has not established such line, remains in effect. 64 Atty. Gen. 112.

So why are they not there? Why were they not at the city clerk’s office?

Now I do have copies sent to me under an Open Records request that I thank the City for filling and I will see if I can post the maps that at first glance are so hard to find.

A few wonder why?

I will post the Maps here once I can do so and have them readable sorry.

Since I last wrote I have talked to say a Mr LN who has informed me on the further plans once the Mound St Buildings have been bought if I understand right and I may not can you say RICO?


The Red Pill


So, a bit a go my wife asked me if I wished that I did not know what I thought was going on in Racine would I have been better off. Foolishly I said NO!, That I wanted to know what was going on so as Racine went to Hell I would know why.

Well, I was wrong very wrong, I wish I would have NEVER taken the Blue pill, that I never NEVER EVER started to look further into what the hell was going on in Racine better that I never looked closer into The Root River Project called Rootworks and started connecting the dots.

What I first saw as just a bit misspending by the City with the promise of if we build it They (be it “boaters to IL Tourists)   will come but never do.

A chat I can trace back to 1984 and the ending of Racine as a commercial Port to today’s RootWorks where if we only Build a Bike Path, Buy Azarian Marina, and spend a few more million on Downtown Racine the street will be lined with Gold … and that be bad enough, yet par for the course for Racine but I am thinking we got a plan going on that makes the Owens Vally in California look like well Disneyland!

So what is going on what is it all about? What is going on?

That is easy its all about well the one thing we think little about yet need so badly


Fresh Water Fresh Water from Lake Michigan that soon will be used to enrich our Mayor and his pals

So much to go into.Oh we are so fucked

What is going on now My questions

Facebook is such a cool tool folks use it for lots of communications, lets look at on that has and may have a greater impact on the Root River, something IMHO needs to be taken great care of .

So on Facebook we find this



Community-Based environmentally-conscious economic development group focused on revitalizing the Root River in Racine WI.”

What? Did I read this right? “…economic development group focused on revitalizing the Root River in Racine WI.” 

Who might this be by? Some Company from Milwaukee up to God know what trying to benefit $$ wise from all the spending to come by The City of Racine  in the Root River Plan called Rootworks?  A group of  outside folks trying to rape the River or perhaps the Lake again for $$ ?

No its from the Facebook page of  The Root River Council   I saw this 4/1/14

So what is going on here? Looks like Racine Exposed was right

Read this

From the post “While the Root River Council peddles itself as a Non-Profit organization, new evidence suggests it is anything but a legitimate Non-Profit organization, and that it is in fact a front for a privately owned Corporation of Monte Osterman that is being used as part of an ongoing potential criminal enterprise, involving others who are  already involved in a Federal RICO lawsuit. Is there an ongoing  deliberate deception on the part of (the) Root River Council to fool the public as to the true nature of it’s intent, which is Lobbying for the private gain of Root River Council Chair Monte Osterman and other Board Members?”…

it goes on read the description on the Facebook page of Monte Osterman’s wife’s page for her store she owns in Downtown Racine


What are the words used? Non Profit Yet it looks to me that Root River Council is for profit.  That’s O.K. if they want to use the River to make $$, I guess, but are they making money on buy land and doing what ever say build a condo or a bar or are they make $$ from maybe knowing the plans of the City in implementing  the plan for the Root River and being able to put themself’s in positions to make $$?

Are we as a city in doing RootWorks helping the Root River or helping more of the Mayor’s pals?

Pal yes the leadership as in Root River Council Chair Monte Osterman is (He is also being sued in the RICO action filed on the Mayor of the City of Racine and others  as is his wife)

Long and the short of this is are we as a city doing yet another project like Belle City TV that may be as many see events as existing to make $$ for pals of the Mayor?

As you may know I sent a letter to the D.A.  asking him to look into this whole deal.

My understanding is others will be contacting The State of Wisconsin and the EPA.

We  deserve answers before the Root River turns into this: