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Tricky Dicky is in the house!


A local Blogger by the name of Tricky Dicky  is now asking questions too.

Reprinted with permission. His views are his own


A vision for Racine: The City of Racine was once great because it was located on Lake Michigan with a Harbor and offered a natural shipping route for goods.

Today, Racine is a dying town filled with unemployed people, shut off from easy access to the I, and being looted by an incompetent, clueless Mayor who boasts one of the highest tax rates around and is non-competitive on the local, national and global scale.

That incompetent Mayor, and his cousin, Tom Friedel, want to sell water to Waukesha – and present the plan as being a great money maker for Racine! WHAT?

Third world nations export raw materials and resources, first world nations import those materials and resources and add value by finishing them. NOW – Racine is starting to resemble a third world nation – look at the dichotomy between the thin strip of land comprised of the North Beach area, populated by the Boat and SWPL crowd, versus the run-down, blighted, boarded up , and abandoned houses and businesses that comprise a large and growing segment of Racine.

John and Tom promise that selling water to Waukesha will be a panacea to the troubles of Racine, and lower water rates… of course, they’ve forgotten to add in unexpected problems, cost over runs (like those at City Hall Bathrooms), change orders, and the continual decline in demand from Racine Businesses and homes due to flight away from Racine….

Instead, how about Racine works on getting connected to I-94 with high speed direct access to facilitate shipping? How about lowering tax rates – using a formula that takes less from each business but stresses more businesses to take that cut from? How about offering incentives for Waukesha businesses to locate here – YES! COME HERE TO RACINE, WAUKESHA BUSINESSES! With your tax $$$, jobs, and employees to spend on the local economy! RUSD must also go – it is overtaxing and broken – it stands as a detriment to luring high quality businesses to Racine – no one wants to send their children to a non-functional school system.

It does confuse me as to why Tom and John are pushing this water sale SO HARD! It makes no sense. The answer most likely lies in what is in it for them personally – because it is NOT in the best interest of Racine. Can anyone enlighten me as to how John and Tom benefit personally? What’s the missing connection?

New Phase

Well the Rootworks is a done deal, so much so I did not bother going to the last public presentation. I have seen the Dog and Pony Shows I think I do not need to see more.

Time will tell and come Fall we will see how many Police and Fire The City of Racine will lose and what nice toy (Say a Footbridge?) The City of Racine will try to Invest in saying it is so needed for Downtown Racine.

After all that is the main winner in this will be the folks with Busnesses in the Downtown, you know IMHO the Rich White Business Owners who back Mayor John Dickert.

RootWorks was never as I see it for anyone but the well off.  Interesting too is how many of the leaders and Rank/File of the Green Movement are White Females  the old Liberal guilt/Useful Idiots in that Lenin was right.

What has been under the Raider is how Racine will be trying to  sell Water out of the Watershed.

Something that has gotten little coverage from the Journal Times .  So I guess I got to start going to the Racine Water Dept meetings and writing more open records.

With Millions of $$ on the line this will be far more of a mess then the RootWorks scam

The Money Part Speculation

Speculation on the money to pay for RootWorks. The City of Racine has no money. As much as the Mayor of Racine John Dickert may have Grant funds coming to the city from the Former State Administration that is filtering in, and/or Money from The Obama. That amount may be as much as 2-3 Million (Pure Guess) and will help achieve some f the Goals set (if only more cash for Vandewalle?) The funds will not go far so assuming The City will NOT Lay Off Police/Fire or jack up property taxes for this alone (But count on your taxes going up after all we are talking Mayor John Dickert) how will RootWorks get paid for?

This is my Speculation on the subject.

Some funds will come from a TIF created for at least The Water St area. The TIF I think be used to fund the road repair truly needed on Marquette Water St area. Should some of the buildings on Water street have to come down (Do you think that Racine needs a Fish Farm unless a FOJ (Friend of John Dickert) runs it? Maybe that’s where that money comes from.

The Big Money to fund RootWorks comes from the one thing The City of Racine thinks they have that being selling Water from Lake Michigan. Waukesha would only be the first City to be sold Water to. Hell I could even see a Bottling Company being invited to start here.  I be very interested in knowing if the City of Racine has also reached out to or will be reaching out to the PRC

From The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC

… Wanted: Energy, Clean-Tech or Advanced Manufacturing Companies to be considered for capital investment in range of $5M-$15M each….

“The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is hosting private Chinese investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers and investment analysts for a two-day stop in Wisconsin during the Second Annual US-Chinese Investors Week. The conference, organized by Chinese private equity firm PiYi and the Council of American States in China, lasts 10-days with stops in Dallas, Los Angeles, Portland, Florida and Washington, D.C. The Wisconsin leg of the conference will be September 26 and 27, 2012 in Madison and Milwaukee.”

Might the PRC invest in Racine? Well you know I have speculated on that before



Economic Engine Ideas

As was suggested by others and I would agree with in order to create the Root River to all it could be for Racine City and County an Economic Engine would need to be found to power the development. My guess is that the lefties would love to see more taxes found for a Government funded and controlled effort for all the things they like to see from a year around Ice Rink to dock side stages.

However the real world comes into play. The State Under Scott Walker (and he will win the Recall) will not allow the City to jack up taxes as much as would be needed to pay for it. The State will not send money to Racine to pay for this sort of silly.

As much as The left loves to talk regionalism,

With any luck Obama the Socialist will be out of office and we will see mega cuts in spending as adults take control of The Government. Yes the left will cry, but they can expect no real money from DC after Obama is out or should the GOP take both Houses.

So there are only a few options left.

The Mayor can use TIF’s and a BID to get some funding. Perhaps 2 or 3 Million more.

The Mayor can pull a “Con” and try to get funding from Waukesha for some type of joint effort with the bet being that Racine can be the one chosen to work with Waukesha vs Milwaukee or Oak Creak that’s a big bet and be interesting the deals that would have to be made.

The City and County might form a joint program with say CATI to create a Water Research Complex located near the Lake/Root River.
Now this should be something that is being worked on now, but sadly it is not. If it was we be hearing all about it unless…. it was tied into selling water…..

There is one other way out option that just might be going on bring together a lot of money looking to invest and get research out of it, A City that needs a huge amount of money, and Waukesha who needs Water badly.

Any Guesses? What do you think?

Water to Waukesha/ Chinatown comes to Wisconsin?

So the local Racine paper today 5/3/12 comes out in an editorial and said that we should be all about selling Lake Michigan water to Waukesha claiming the job thing as in all kinds of jobs would be coming and of course the cash the City/County would make selling the Water is needed for the City as Racine is well busted and quickly going to Hell. Unless something is found as a game changer we are truly fucked.
Should we jump in bed with Waukesha for some cash not knowing what may happen?
Lots of questions few answers.

Thank God as I understand it there is a lot to do before the selling happens some of the steps are:

Every State on the Great Lakes has to say Yes

As does Canada

Will that happen without some group suing to stop this? I think not.

Do we trust the City of Racine to in fact inform us on what is going on?

With this much money and the power that some group or groups may receive from this will we see a remake of Chinatown? What can we do to FORCE transparency to this? Because if its not transparent we will never know what is going on I believe.

By the forming of the Root River Council has an effort been made to Co-op groups/folks who may have put up a fight? After all if I understand the EPA Grants right the RRC will have some cash to play with. “See this shiny money”….

What will boaters outside the area think if they believe that Lake Michigan may be getting IMHO Raw Sewage as may be the case with this deal. Do we trust Waukesha to do the right thing. Can anyone be truly trusted when 10’s of Millions if not more are on the line?
Do we trust Waukesha? After all Milwaukee has dumped I think over 1 Billion gallons of Raw Sewage into Lake Michigan and no one looks too upset. Why should Waukesha not make a “mistake” that would cause more Sewage into the Lake or the Root River?

Interesting too is the word on the street that is saying that the Editorial in today’s paper was written by a P.R. firm under the direction of Racine City Hall. Might that be true?

Now I believe in the Root River as a great opportunity for the City but I sure have my fears about selling the Water. There is no need to hurry. Lets be very careful. there is the chance of so much easy money but is it worth our soul?