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The Suicide Cult moves to Macinery Row! My .02


Once again, Racine looks like has an active Death Cult.

This time forming around the idea of the Machinery Row “Development” and the huge number of folks that are just demanding not only o move to Racine but are demanding high end Condos (with Marble counter tops right?)

Can’t forget all the boat owners who are pounding on Mayor Dickert’s door daemanding not only Boat slips on the low Root River but need Condos too!

Gets better! Racine needs a Convention Center/Hotel Downtown!! You know we can put that on the old Belle City Marina location!!!! Just think of all the people  who are demanding to move to Racine!!!

Sadly that is the drum beat starting to come out of….  yes come out of Downtown Racine.

I can understand why many of the members of the Cult are saying this for they are IMHO desperate for Racine to get better more so for Downtown Racine if not what then happens? That’s easy  if things stay the same or go further South they will lose the business, some of them will lose everything.

I mean everything sad yes very sad so are we going to rush into Machinery Row to MAYBE MAYBE save a few businesses? After all there is a Consultant  has said there is this unfilled need!! Better get going!!

Of course I have not seen cars from IL and lines of Boaters pounding on the Mayor’s door have you?

Unsaid in any of talking about a Convention Center on the Belle City site is that Milwaukee does not fill what they have AND somehow Racine is going to compete with Milwaukee or even the New large Bar at 94/20 of course we can we will just have to spend more $$!!!

Nor do we talk about who will pay to dredge The Root River from the Lake past Azarian Marina who might that be?  Nor that Reef Point is NOT full and along the river there are many unused slips.

Again I do understand the desperation of the Downtown folks for what will do as Racine continues to shed population, continues to be #1 or #2 in Unemployment  some of the worse Schools in the State of Wisconsin ? What will we do?

Do not worry! If we built it they will Come just like they did for Porters, right?

After all I got told the Developer will spend 6 Million of his own Money then who will come up with the rest of the 65 Million needed? Look in the mirror.

It’s a new game with new players


Welcome to Racine!

Yes with Rodney Blackwell joining the oldest game in town with fellows like the paid Lobbyist Mayor of Racine looking for a way for him to get some


Did Mayor Dickert Tap that?

Like his by now good pal Mayor Dickert tries to do

but what about our new player Rodney Blackwel? Well we do know this

In downtown Davenport, he owns the Quad Cities offices of Lee Enterprises, Ryan Companies, RSM McGladrey, Kone, Wells Fargo bank, and Lane & Waterman. In downtown Moline, he owns the Fifth Avenue Building – home of the Brown Bottle restaurant, and former home to the FIVE restaurant in which Blackwell was an investor.

What he owns the offices of Lee Enterprises? Why yes he does so do anyone think that The J-T is going to print anything then what Blackwell wants or maybe to make things easier on our own J-T simply gives them the copy?

and there is a bit more He also owns the Waterloo, Iowa, building of Fortune Brands, whose products include Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf balls, and Moen faucets. And he’s part-owner of Carver Aero aviation company in Davenport. In addition, he purchased the Lee Enterprises plane.

Now he is free to buy what he wants no issue there and as we have been told invest in Racine but is it his money?

Lets read on!  From The River Cities Reader

….and because the project will get up to $10.1 million from Tax Increment Financing……  So the city borrowed $7.5 million and re-loaned it to Blackwell to purchase the property. …..

Looks like he loves your money T.I.F. money is Tax money as I was told as was the 7.5 Million the City of Moline IL lent him (from what I read the Story not clear on the City) and that fit good in Racine our Mayor just loves to play developer from  the Days of Point Blue on. Can anyone tell me how that has worked out for Racine?   Anyone? Hello?

Yes the next 90 Days will be a lot of interesting fun!

Now how will Mr. Blackwell like to see this in the Root River?


But wait there is more stay tuned!

You cant say

You cant say that I and others have not said we had issues with  Rootworks

I do think that far more then just Eddie D will be asking questions, some of us will be calling Goverment offices and raising hell.



I will not put up will strange games nor hiding what is going on. We have a right to know EVERYTHING going on.

There may be reasons why the City of Racine is playing fast and lose.

Wait the Game is afoot!

In fact I think I need to focus far more on this blog then Racine in Ruins I owe The Root River that much

More $$ for who

From today’s J-T More Funding Sought

Yes the folks behind RootWorks want more $$ and as I understand it this is what they want it for the planing for:


• A marsupial bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists beneath the Sixth Street bridge where it heads toward the Downtown area from the west.

• A pedestrian bridge from Mound Avenue to Water Street. The hope is to use an existing bridge once owned by Western Printing Co.

• Painting and designating the street along Mound Avenue as a “bike boulevard” that signals to drivers to slow down and watch for bicyclists.

• A scenic overlook above the river across the street from Next Generation Now, 1220 Mound Ave.

• An “outdoor classroom” directly across Mound Avenue from 21st Century Preparatory School, also at 1220 Mound Ave.

and they are only looking for 40K to do this planing.

I thought Vandewalle (our Pet Consultants also part of the Uptown plan planing) was working on a pedestrian bridge idea (Might call for an open Record request) if so how much did we give them for that?

I read this outline and think is this all for the school a non RUSD school?

Perhaps the landscaping and road work could be used for oh say a Condo development? And what of the Red Building on the Eastside of Mound St  Will the City be forced to set the businesses there up in a new location?

So what may be really going on here?

Side thought how long before the Lawsuit with the  city of Racine stops Rootworks?

Things heat up.

First I like to thank Matt S at the Department of Development as well as the staff of Public Works  in the City of Racine. IMHO they enjoy talking to the public about what is going on and the how and whys. It might be there job but having someone explaining things makes misunderstands not happen.

Again I thank them.

So looks like we got some action going on with the Root River and RootWorks

A path to remove cars from the roads near the Lake costing 1.3 Million paid for by “Grants” next week I will find out how much is Grants and how much is our City Tax money.  I truly want to know how much is going to the company doing the planing and engineering.  After talking to them Tankstar  on the phone today I now feel that a lot of the companies that do this work for the D.O.T. see the D.O.T. as a Piggy Bank just for them and how dare the members of the public call and ask questions!  Looks like one of the blood suckers got a feed going on here! Next Thursday will be interesting to say the least.

Another project in planing is the path on the bank  of the Root River. Yes our pal Vandewalle   are doing that planing at least Vandewalle is a lot nicer to talk to and well cute. I like to know how much money and where the money is coming from for this planing as well.  IMHO it be wrong for The City to pay for this after telling the City Unions to go to hell.

Almost forgot planing might be going on about the foot bridges across the Root River. I should have those answers very soon next week I am thinking

and planing by Vandewalle on this too and since the RootWorks has been approved if the City can they will

Team Clingman reports! Part 1

Nice trip over all. As myself and others drove and talked to the public around the Baraboo River as we sought to understand how the plan for the Baraboo River that the City of Baraboo O.K. that was written in part Vandewalle (as I understand it) has worked out for the City of Baraboo.

Well IMHO not very well, the area of the Baraboo River that the Baraboo plan looks at well to me is a slum a run down small town slum I can not see ANYTHING that the Baraboo plan called for being done. None of the score of residents I talked to knew of any objectives being met by the plan.  This is truly a worry since Baraboo unlike Racine is not land locked and is growing if Baraboo has issues getting this plan started what is Racine going to do and we are Land Locked and our population is decreasing unlike Baraboo who is growing. Baraboo is thought by many to have Good Schools unlike Racine and many who think that RUSD is well as my neighbor said “evil”

No action has been made other then a group meeting to talk about a Train to Madison in that effort. Like Racine the idea of Rail mass transit is a dream.

However there is a group trying to keep rail transport  service going into the Baraboo area. I do hope that works.

The biggest shock I saw was when your by the Square Baraboo looks like a neat cool place. We even saw African Americans, and they were not being bothered! When you go by the River away from the Downtown Baraboo looks like a well a  dirty slum kinda like many parts of Racine (Center and Mead) does to me.

The City of Baraboo owns lots of properties and looking to sell them to developers if I understood what I was told by the City Administrator there has been little interest.

Yet I understand from Vandewalle that our Root River Plan is going to talk off. Somehow with unknown developers with unknown investment by unknown parties.

Well as I see it the Baraboo Plan in a big FAIL. I do hope the City can get its money back but I think not.

I will say this The City of Baraboo is as I see it far more interested in new ideas then the City of Racine and far more open.

I am very temped to take photos of the sites this plan calls for being developed they do but Baraboo like Racine does not have the cash. Nor it looks like to me outside interested parties. Once again anyone can werite a plan and say great things are happening. However after years of the Baraboo plan on the books nothing has. Will this be the fate of the RootWorks plan too?

Baraboo Trip with Team Clingman!

Because of the long weekend, I will be going to Baraboo WI with members of like minded folks that I call team Clingman to do more investigations into if and how the work done by Vandewalle for the city has paid off.

See, if I can find how work Vandewalle did in Baraboo has helped that City, perhaps I can understand how/if RootWorks will help Racine,WI. As you know I have my worries from is this nothing more then Good Old Boys patting each other on the back to will the Racine Police force be gutted to pay for an Ice Rink for the rich and white?

This may be an unfair comparison, since IMHO Baraboo WI. is not a raciest City and Racine WI is.

In some ways they are too much the same Some in Baraboo want not a freight train line maintained (a good thing I think) but a Commuter Train created with some of the reasoning behind KRM. Sigh

So off Team Clingman goes to glory!