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Upcoming Baraboo trip I ask about Vandewalle & Associates

This weekend Will be back in Baraboo for the funeral of a close Kinsman,this will bring a great deal of folks together both other Kin and Business types as he was rather active in the area until his death. This is the town I lived in until we moved to Madison and I still have strong roots here.

This will give me a great opportunity to talk to them and ask around the city of Baraboo about the Baraboo Riverfront Redevelopment Plan as written by Vandewalle & Associates and adopted by the City of Baraboo 8/2006.

I will start out by saying the River Walk path looks nice and I do see folks walk on it as I have. I do enjoy looking at the River and the wildlife that uses it for habitat.

However the river front of the Baraboo River as it runs in the City looks well like a slum. Its been 6 years since this plan was adopted by the City of Baraboo and the ideas this plan calls for like Housing near or on the River and an Ice Rink (PP 12) is NOT there.

Baraboo is not Racine it is not land locked, it does not have the high crime or other issues that Racine faces. So what the hell happened? I hope this weekend I can find that out or at least know who to talk to.

I am floored by what well what both plans call for:

A Train: here pushing for KRM, in Baraboo a Train to run to Madison

Housing: Both call for Housing along the Rives in Baraboo no visible effort

I could go on and most likely do a further post on this when I get back. I got to say after reading the Baraboo plan I have much less faith in Vandewalle & Associates. Might this just be a Pied Piper of Urban planing? Write it they will come we think or maybe one writes what your paymaster wants to hear?
Maybe I should take and post photos of the Barboo River front and ask what….?

My Thanks to the City Administrator of Baraboo for all his time on the phone.