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HBO opens the windows

Ever see HBO’s show the Wire or Treme? Interesting back story on both show (and even Boardwalk Empire) is how revitalization of areas under Goverment control or needed for Goverment projects are used to make money or wash money to hide where it comes from. Often inside information is use to enrich politicians or cronys of same.
Mind you the shows above are well TV shows. However when you read what the creators of the shows have to say about the how and why of the shows gets me thinking… is Fiction becoming fact in Racine with the Root River project?
Is this whole Rootworks being done to enrich a select few or will the whole community benefit? Truly benefit not because Racine County Economic Development said so. Then too how will we ever know? When more and more of us are not trusting the City Leadership to say what is going on (Think the Dickert legal settlement) how can we? We all so have the whole story of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program the City said one thing but lawsuits to me say another.

There are some great folks working on getting the Root River to where it should be. IMHO it be a real shame if this group of folks were being used for a front so others say in Real Estate could make bank with the opportunities that will be coming with the millions in Grants. What could YOU do if you had inside information on where the City of Racine was going to invest millions and on what?