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This just in


I got an Email this PM with a document from the IRS this document

said ” EIN 45-1682226 doing business as the Root River Council of Racine WI has had it’s 501 c (3) Status revoked as of 15 May 2014 for not filing form 990 for the last three years

The document goes on to say how more information can be received

should this document be the real thing and I have every believe that it is true what might this mean for this group? What might this mean for another ethics  filing on Supervisor Osterman?

Might this be anther issue as per the IRS and back Taxes?

Might it play somehow into the RICO case?

Very interesting


Let the Gold Rush Begin, are you in line yet?

If I understand right our City Fathers will vote on TIF 18 this week it is expected to pass once this is in place will allow, as I understand events, Machinery Row to move further along. At that time we will see some activity take place perhaps even some constriction happen (Or perhaps like Team Porter’s not so much but what did happen to the money spent on parts of team Porter’s…)

As I understand events no force on Earth can stop TIF 18 too many have too much riding on this Gold Rush such as:

If the Condos get going who will get the Marble contracts?

Who will be the Realtors?

Will any of the Above sit on the Root River Council?

Will they be pals of Mayor John Dickert? Will they have given money to his campaigne?

Will M.J.’s be forced to sell out? If so being a Gas Station who will write Grants looking to fund that part of the massive clean up of Machinery Row?

Think of the Millions flowing into to this project IMHO far more then the 60 some odd Million   talked about in the Racine Newspaper

As you know I am worried that like much of what happens in Racine the Good Old boys will be in line to get some for again IMHO I think that this whole project is to enrich them vs do anything good for the vast majority of the City God forbid that Blacks or Hispanics get jobs from this or inner city kids come away with the idea that in the City of Racine opportunity is open to all.

God not that, next someone might want to open a Bar Downtown that might think that a Hip Hop club might do well in that area! That sure would spoil the Image of Racine being for the rich and White! Can’t have that! Keep away all the Boaters from IL that are pounding on the doors of our Mayor demanding Condos overlooking a dredged Root River flowing faster with 6-8 Million Gals of “Treated Sewage” a day from  Waukesha Oh the joys of Development. 

Might somehow our Mayor be a paid Consultant or perhaps the Lobbing company he worlks for is and he is getting a commission for that connection?   After all this is Racine!

Do not worry! I too plan to take my place in line for the Gold Rush! I will do so by a film about the links to Lovecraft   and not only selling the film and VOD views but!!  Cool swag!! Charms!  Neat cool T Shirts!

Why not get together with your pals and see what YOU can come up with!

Entering the fray


So thinking that I will be joining the ranks of folks asking to obtain copies of the papers/records open to the public as required by law by the Root River Council and posting not only copies of the emails I send but what they send me in return.

With this I will I think get notarized statement of others about the status of the requests of information that they have asked for, as well as the answers  they have received from  Root River Council.

I will post the documents here and perhaps use the papers in a request to have outside groups such as The FBI look at what is going on with Rootworks.

With The refiling of the RICO and claims within, I see many other questions that should be asked, the 990’s + other records will be of help doing so

We also need to keep a list of who is who of the and how of  this Root River Council and how this group may be making money with the idea of pointing out what strangeness is going on with the public’s money and exposing this to not only the voters of Racine but over site groups that could be of help.

First  Question why does it seam so hard to get the 990″s ?


Lawyers,Guns, and Money



The line above comes from the taking over of the area now called Oklahoma when asked what was needed to take this land over from Native Americans given this area by the U.S. Goverment the crooks  sent a telegram with this message, E.G. send Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

This would be used in a song by  Warren Zevon, that was big in my day.

Still true today, as many from just plain folk members of the public to City Alderman have raised questions on RootWorks  to not only City Leadership but State Leadership and If I understand right The Feds. However unless something happens perhaps fall out from the RICO case or a case coming from statements Mayor John Dickert made on WRJN not much can/will be done.

Why? Simple, with what I understand from folks looking into this have told me, to get more done will require Lawyers to go to court and those looking into this do not have Lawyers nor the money to retain the to take the issues they have into a court room and fight it out there.

Now I have some questions that I like answered the main one being with Millions on the line if RootWorks got stopped or delayed  why did these folks not prepare to have a lawyer to go to court?

Why do all the work done so far and end things here?

Unless its all part of a bigger plan?

Oh the Tape that Mayor John Dickert Told us he had of the Alderman of the 6th doing wrong should be interesting hearing as should the tape from the last city  Meeting






If you read the Journal Times tonight you will see a Story on the Ethics request on Mr. Osterman.

I thought  unlike other stories the J-T has done a fair job on reporting the basic facts of what is being asked for. I did read on the 2nd page of the Press information I got yesterday that part of the request is to ask that if need be this goes to the D.A. if need be.

Of course Mr. Osterman is saying nothing to see here mind you I am not a member of the board nor am I going to even guess what the Board will or will not do.

I will say this the document is well written the document lays out step by step a case with supporting documents backing up the charges so we will see what happens.

I can only guess that IMHO there are more Ethics probes to come on all aspects of not only the Mound st issues/Rootworks but on every aspect of Machinery Row that may have or should have had oversight.

If I was on the board of Directors of Rootworks I be sure my actions could be looked it to, its not going to be pretty.

Best yet should the D.A. become interested or perhaps better yet the FBI will Machinery Row still happen? Your guess is as good as mine 1iowa

Gold in them hills!



So in the last few days like I speak about in my Racine in Ruins Blog been driving around the city seeing all kinds of interesting sights

The Price of Gas at all most $4.00 A Gal and hitting that mile stone soon

Noticing the lack of our Boating pals in the Marina on the Lake or in Cars with IL Plates in Downtown Racine.

Today 6/22/14  at 3:00 PM driving from State Street to 6th St and counting less then 50 shoppers on foot, blocks with no parked cars.

Yesterday bought Hamburger at 3.99 Lb

Seeing more and more Homes for sale more and more Cars and Man Toys being marked For Sale.  To be signs of desperation of a population who has lost hope and close to losing everything


But do not worry Better times are coming!

See who she lie to you??



Just do not believe what you know is true! I am sure if we went to city Hall in the Morning they be a long line of Boater from Chicago demanding Condos (With Marble Counter tops) on the Root River

I am sure we would see dredging equipment on the Root River starting to open up the Root to Boats this being payed for by members of the DRC without Racine County or City having to pay one penny because well they are so kind like that. I think we be surprised to see how much they donated to Mayor Dickert’s “I have no money” Fund after all have they not turned down tax $$ before and insisted that the funds get spend on the poor?

You mean you do not believe me?

Why next you will say that


Sued his own City?

It’s a new game with new players


Welcome to Racine!

Yes with Rodney Blackwell joining the oldest game in town with fellows like the paid Lobbyist Mayor of Racine looking for a way for him to get some


Did Mayor Dickert Tap that?

Like his by now good pal Mayor Dickert tries to do

but what about our new player Rodney Blackwel? Well we do know this

In downtown Davenport, he owns the Quad Cities offices of Lee Enterprises, Ryan Companies, RSM McGladrey, Kone, Wells Fargo bank, and Lane & Waterman. In downtown Moline, he owns the Fifth Avenue Building – home of the Brown Bottle restaurant, and former home to the FIVE restaurant in which Blackwell was an investor.

What he owns the offices of Lee Enterprises? Why yes he does so do anyone think that The J-T is going to print anything then what Blackwell wants or maybe to make things easier on our own J-T simply gives them the copy?

and there is a bit more He also owns the Waterloo, Iowa, building of Fortune Brands, whose products include Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf balls, and Moen faucets. And he’s part-owner of Carver Aero aviation company in Davenport. In addition, he purchased the Lee Enterprises plane.

Now he is free to buy what he wants no issue there and as we have been told invest in Racine but is it his money?

Lets read on!  From The River Cities Reader

….and because the project will get up to $10.1 million from Tax Increment Financing……  So the city borrowed $7.5 million and re-loaned it to Blackwell to purchase the property. …..

Looks like he loves your money T.I.F. money is Tax money as I was told as was the 7.5 Million the City of Moline IL lent him (from what I read the Story not clear on the City) and that fit good in Racine our Mayor just loves to play developer from  the Days of Point Blue on. Can anyone tell me how that has worked out for Racine?   Anyone? Hello?

Yes the next 90 Days will be a lot of interesting fun!

Now how will Mr. Blackwell like to see this in the Root River?


But wait there is more stay tuned!