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Baraboo Trip with Team Clingman!

Because of the long weekend, I will be going to Baraboo WI with members of like minded folks that I call team Clingman to do more investigations into if and how the work done by Vandewalle for the city has paid off.

See, if I can find how work Vandewalle did in Baraboo has helped that City, perhaps I can understand how/if RootWorks will help Racine,WI. As you know I have my worries from is this nothing more then Good Old Boys patting each other on the back to will the Racine Police force be gutted to pay for an Ice Rink for the rich and white?

This may be an unfair comparison, since IMHO Baraboo WI. is not a raciest City and Racine WI is.

In some ways they are too much the same Some in Baraboo want not a freight train line maintained (a good thing I think) but a Commuter Train created with some of the reasoning behind KRM. Sigh

So off Team Clingman goes to glory!


Trade Off

The Root River Plan calls for many goals to be done in the next 3-5 years. Why such a short time frame I do not understand. Most if not all working on this plan over the lest few months must have known that the City has no money.
I guess that some of them believed that Barrett would be Governor or beat Walker in The Recall. Note: WALKER IS GOVERNOR. The City of Racine is still busted the law suits over the Neighborhood Stabilization Program are still on going so we do not know how much more money the City may be out on that issue, yet alone anything else coming up.
So how are we going to pay for the goals like rebuilding the footbride or building another?
Close down a Fire Station?
Lay off 10 Police Offices?
How about a Ice Rink at Festal Hall? Close Neighborhood Centers one day a week? Two Days a week?
Being busted the City has few options. Maybe a bond issue? Maybe raise property taxes or fees? I know A wheel tax! Better yet ask The County and Governor to raise the Sales Tax in Racine County.
What might be your guess on how the City plans to pay for all the nice ideas in RootWorks? I think the Plan was written to be acted on. Now Mayor John Dickert has to find the money