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Please watch this part of the Shared Revenue Discussion COW 11 13 13

This soon will be the focus of many from City Goverment to Law Enforcement at the highest level.

Perhaps Gary Becker will not be the only Mayor to go to jail, only time will tell

Image Does Matter

Image does matter in this day and age.   Try as one might image is something a person nor City can hide from.

In a time that information is so easy to come by you can try to hide away in Shadow but as I see it not for ever.

IMHO Mayor John Dickert is doing what he can to hide issues that Racine has be it high crime, or Schools if we do not talk about the issues or allow others to do so then they do not exist or in the case of Crime a perception its not really happening.  Helps if the local paper is in your pocket and does little to cove stories the Good Old Boys rather not see in print. A story I was told when I first moved here long ago was that the Newspaper would Fax each days proposed paper to  the major Good Old Boy for his OK before it was printed… That story is still told by many of the older folks in Racine.

Why well easy bad news today keeps Investors away  in the past Bad news might upset stockholders/customers of the large Good old boy. Not too cool in a company own town is it?

Now as I see it, we have the whole strange CAR 25 saga with if I understood what  the City Administrator told me yesterday that a “New Management team” may be coming in. WHAT? Is this to better control what is going on the Air at CAR 25?  Are shows like Root River TV and shows that George Meyer is doing so upsetting the Good Old Boys that its worth ending CAR 25 over might in be nothing more then Cronyism? Might it be both?

Now the Good old boys may have the Newspaper, they may get control of Car 25 but what the do not control is Facebook-Twitter, and other media sites.

So instead of controlling the image what may happen is we get the image of being a corrupt failing city on the Great Lake.  Gee how nice might that be?

Catching up on the news: with update!

Shall we Catch up on the news?

Root River TV

As you know both in Email and on my TV Show I have invited both the Root River Council Chairman County Supervisor Monty Osterman and Kyle E. Rogers of the EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to come on my TV show to talk about the Root River Project but even after follow up (not returned) Phone Calls no response so my thinking is a no or perhaps a “Hell No!”. One would think at least I do that they would come on or as another member of the Root River Council said ” That be a great opportunity” I can only offer I cant make them however this will be brought up at the Public Hearing in June.

Wow got this email

First of all, my apologies for the delayed response to your inquiry. I am not aware of other EPA grants awarded to the City of Racine. In regards to the Root River Corridor Redevelopment planning project, please contact the Root River Council and the City of Racine for any updates and rationale for the decisions..

As for appearing on CATV, I need to have the Public Affairs Department to provide guidance.

We appreciate your involvement, and I will channel your expressed concerns or ideas that may enhance the Root River Corridor Redevelopment Project to the appropriate project managers.

Thank you for your interest.

Kyle E. Rogers
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
77 W Jackson Blvd. (SB-7J)
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
Tel: (312) 886-1995
Fax: (312) 886-4071

now was it my post on the blog that motivated this or just something that slipped his mind that does happen. Then of course I did leave message on his voice mail …….


With all that is going on I started the Podcast again will be talking about the Root River plan in detail my thoughts on this
Here is the last show I did

Public Hearing on Rootworks

From The City Administrator of Racine 5/21/12 via Email

…”After the City Plan meeting on June 13, the ordinance will be sent to the Council for a public hearing before the meeting on June 19. During the June 19 meeting, the ordinance will be recommended for approval.” …

You will not I think get much notice from the Racine Journal Times on this event. I do not know if this will be taped by CAR 25 or for that matter if there will be a CAR 25 by then but I digress.
Come and witness the start of a New Age in Racine if is for good or bad only History will say but know this with all the $$ coming to Racine no one will be able to stop this from becoming an official plan, there is as I see it too much money involved.

A Fish told me

Jobs are being filled to help on The Root River Council/Rootworks. As I understand it this is from Grant Money from the EPA.


Rep Corry Mason of Racine is a TICK! Who only lives from sucking the life from others. So you may want to keep a can of Raid near by.
As I see it the Tick forced Bob Turner to retire so Corry Mason could still server his masters in Madison.
Yes More then one person agrees that a WHITE Democrat forced a African American Vietnam Vet to retire so he (Mason) could keep on Feeding from the public. Where is the outrage?

Fish update!
Looks like the fish spoke a bit soon about jobs but word on the street is that this (Jobs) will on the agenda very soon. The Fish before swimming off thought it might have to do with agreements being signed

Root River Revitaliaztion TV!

The Root River TV Show is changing a bit. I have a few guests lined up and have invited others such as Supervisor Monty Osterman Chairman of the Root River Council and Kyle E. Rogers,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who is helping manage the Root River EPA Grants the City has received for the Root River. I do hope they come on as time allows.

I will also be going over the plan as given to the City of Racine City Council, on 5/15/12 with my thoughts on what the plan means and my and my guests (as might be on) to talk about economic opportunities this plan offers.

Must say when I read the plan as given to the City for review,that the KRM was listed as on hold. I was under the impression that KRM after Governor Walker’s and the Wisconsin State Legislature actions that KRM was dead dead dead. So is part of the Root River plan bringing back to life KRM? How would that do that? Is there money that some how be used by the Root River Council for that effort?

A lot of interesting questions to look at on My TV show! Stay tuned!!

King of all Media My Thoughts

This might seam off topic for the Root River?Lake Michigan post but well I think you will get the point and why its in my blog today. 🙂

Readers of this blog will understand that one of my bitches about the Root River Project is the lack of information about what is going on and what plans if any exist on how to make sure that everyone who may be interested in the opportunities that are coming with the Root River project can be part of them and simply information/transparency is maintained. When you think of the Millions of $$ that selling Lake Michigan water might bring in, the need is clear I think.

In a time not long ago the gatekeepers in this case the Good Old Boys would have control of the media (Newspaper/Radio)giving anyone little chance of being able to send a message.

Using my efforts as an example, I will explain why this is no longer the case.

We know of this blog and the number of hits it has received but wait! The idea is How many could read it and the act on the information.

I Tweet new Blog Postings to about 4500 Facebook sharing to over 1700
A few retweets and other shares on Facebook looking at over 10,000 who could read not what the Good Old Boys want you to know but what I think is needed to be known.
Control the Media Control the Message
Control the Message Control the Outcome

Root River Revitalization TV

Interesting thing here is story is more easily told visually (TV Film) so thats why I have a TV show on the subject more can see my TV show then read the Local “Paper” of course I put it on You Tube and other Web Sites that will allow free uploads (yes I am Cheep) from the emails nd talking from folks on the street I say a few hundred see my TV show in Racine. You may understand why I and others think the Mayor of Racine is looking for ways to shut down CAR 25 to folks making content he does not like. If in fact IMHO the Mayor of Racine is trying to shut down messages he does not like there is little he can do.
Wait, let me explain! I can and will be doing more syndication of my TV show in fact I am talking to a Web page in Candida that has over 20,000 viewers. You think that telling 20K + folks in the great white North that Racine WI ma be thinking that dumping raw sewage in Lake Michigan as part of our selling Water to cities outside the watershed might get some right upset. I have the best visual effect for this idea too.
Heck with just a little more effort I could get my TV show in front of 100K a week that make an impact.

Control the message Control the outcome

Why the Domain names?

Easy if someone was looking for info on Root River Revitalization and used possible domain names as the search term or part of one I want my Blog to come up first or near first.
The most puzzling thing is why did the Root River Folks not get the Domain names they would need? They are paying some nice $$ to Madison Consults to help them Market the program maybe they need to hire someone with a clue.

Root River TV Episode 2!

Episode 2 of Root River Revitalization TV was shot today. I should have it up on the Local CATV CAR 25 Thursday PM, and the rest of the Video  sites by Close of Business Friday.

Talked a bit about the Toys that some think will help fill the Marina (Do they want to buy a bridge?) IE Trollies and how a enterprising young man could st up a delivery serves for the Boaters that use the slips in the area.

Point being that I CONTROL the Message as IMHO  the PC crowd are working on building a “Plan” that will control what happens and perhaps who makes the money.

Very interesting how this is playing out.  The good times are coming to Racine I will strongly suggest everyone needs to think how they can be ready to take advantage of what is coming to the City of Racine