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Let the Gold Rush Begin, are you in line yet?

If I understand right our City Fathers will vote on TIF 18 this week it is expected to pass once this is in place will allow, as I understand events, Machinery Row to move further along. At that time we will see some activity take place perhaps even some constriction happen (Or perhaps like Team Porter’s not so much but what did happen to the money spent on parts of team Porter’s…)

As I understand events no force on Earth can stop TIF 18 too many have too much riding on this Gold Rush such as:

If the Condos get going who will get the Marble contracts?

Who will be the Realtors?

Will any of the Above sit on the Root River Council?

Will they be pals of Mayor John Dickert? Will they have given money to his campaigne?

Will M.J.’s be forced to sell out? If so being a Gas Station who will write Grants looking to fund that part of the massive clean up of Machinery Row?

Think of the Millions flowing into to this project IMHO far more then the 60 some odd Million   talked about in the Racine Newspaper

As you know I am worried that like much of what happens in Racine the Good Old boys will be in line to get some for again IMHO I think that this whole project is to enrich them vs do anything good for the vast majority of the City God forbid that Blacks or Hispanics get jobs from this or inner city kids come away with the idea that in the City of Racine opportunity is open to all.

God not that, next someone might want to open a Bar Downtown that might think that a Hip Hop club might do well in that area! That sure would spoil the Image of Racine being for the rich and White! Can’t have that! Keep away all the Boaters from IL that are pounding on the doors of our Mayor demanding Condos overlooking a dredged Root River flowing faster with 6-8 Million Gals of “Treated Sewage” a day from  Waukesha Oh the joys of Development. 

Might somehow our Mayor be a paid Consultant or perhaps the Lobbing company he worlks for is and he is getting a commission for that connection?   After all this is Racine!

Do not worry! I too plan to take my place in line for the Gold Rush! I will do so by a film about the links to Lovecraft   and not only selling the film and VOD views but!!  Cool swag!! Charms!  Neat cool T Shirts!

Why not get together with your pals and see what YOU can come up with!

The Suicide Cult moves to Macinery Row! My .02


Once again, Racine looks like has an active Death Cult.

This time forming around the idea of the Machinery Row “Development” and the huge number of folks that are just demanding not only o move to Racine but are demanding high end Condos (with Marble counter tops right?)

Can’t forget all the boat owners who are pounding on Mayor Dickert’s door daemanding not only Boat slips on the low Root River but need Condos too!

Gets better! Racine needs a Convention Center/Hotel Downtown!! You know we can put that on the old Belle City Marina location!!!! Just think of all the people  who are demanding to move to Racine!!!

Sadly that is the drum beat starting to come out of….  yes come out of Downtown Racine.

I can understand why many of the members of the Cult are saying this for they are IMHO desperate for Racine to get better more so for Downtown Racine if not what then happens? That’s easy  if things stay the same or go further South they will lose the business, some of them will lose everything.

I mean everything sad yes very sad so are we going to rush into Machinery Row to MAYBE MAYBE save a few businesses? After all there is a Consultant  has said there is this unfilled need!! Better get going!!

Of course I have not seen cars from IL and lines of Boaters pounding on the Mayor’s door have you?

Unsaid in any of talking about a Convention Center on the Belle City site is that Milwaukee does not fill what they have AND somehow Racine is going to compete with Milwaukee or even the New large Bar at 94/20 of course we can we will just have to spend more $$!!!

Nor do we talk about who will pay to dredge The Root River from the Lake past Azarian Marina who might that be?  Nor that Reef Point is NOT full and along the river there are many unused slips.

Again I do understand the desperation of the Downtown folks for what will do as Racine continues to shed population, continues to be #1 or #2 in Unemployment  some of the worse Schools in the State of Wisconsin ? What will we do?

Do not worry! If we built it they will Come just like they did for Porters, right?

After all I got told the Developer will spend 6 Million of his own Money then who will come up with the rest of the 65 Million needed? Look in the mirror.

Land Ho!

Racine as you know is land locked as  other cities can expand out Racine can not. Even if Racine trades land with Mt. Pleasant, The City of Racine is effectively locked up we can not grow out.  So whats a City to do?

Well as I see it, We clean up some areas and rebuild.  One of the Neighborhoods we rebuild in is the Uptown tear down the Northside of Washington Ave and rebuild on that area overlooking the River.  That may come in time however after the disaster of the “Art District” (And how much did the City spend on RCEDC to mange that?) the City my guess is in no hurry.

What the City can do and will be doing IMHO is to manage the building on the land cleaned up and marketed by the Root River Project.

This would give the City more tax base that city believes it so badly needs and allows our City council to micromanage something they need to stay away from (Think West Racine  or The Old Danish Home).

My guess is we be seeing a mix of housing and retail space vs anything else.

The call will be on jobs (If Porter’s brings in 200 how many would say a condo complex bring in 300 500?)

and once the land is cleaned up expect to see TIF’s created to fund the efforts to draw parties to Racine.

Open Records!

On the 8th of March I asked for the following Open Records:

1) The total amount of Money paid to the Root River Council for any and all work done as a sub contactor to the City for any EPA Grant from 2010 to this date 3/7/12 and the name of the grant and any other sub contractor receiving funds and the amount of the funds of the same Grant(s)

2) A copy of any Block Grant that  the Root River Council received for the years 2009 and 2011. Pdf’s would be fine.

With in ten business days I should have received some type on answer as in its going to take longer, records are under Attorney/Client    or the records I asked for.

Today will be Day 13 so I email the City today for an update, on my request.

Be interesting to see what happens.  My guess is that the delay is just a matter of gathering the information, I guess few are asking for this.

Sent the reminder Email this morning thinking that I get something back saying yes we are working on it ….  but as of 3:25 today I have gotten nothing back now I know the outlines on how Open Records work but if I do not hear something soon if only we are working on this… but if not I wonder what say Sen Johnson might say about this delay after all its Federal Funds or perhaps  the EPA might want to know why public info is not being made public?