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Mother of God The Root River Plan is a Gold Rush!

Interesting turn of events with the Root River project. What I thought was going to be a host of public meetings to near the end of 2012 then after all this public input (If you can call meetings of less then 50 with a good 25% of that number being politicians or others having a direct economic benefit for being there I.E. getting paid or could/would be paid) Then this plan going before the City Council to become the official plan (and let the Grants come in!)
with last night city council meeting comes this bombshell.
The Root River Council wants to start the processes to create the Root River Plan as an ordnance so as I see it the money for grants ect can start flowing.
The plan outline by Vandewalle the paid consultants looks nice and I hope to attach a copy here on this blog what is very interesting is if I understood what I was told was this plan be made after lots of public input. As well done as the PDF I read looks and the detail the plan offers this was made IMHO months ago maybe even last year.
When one reads the who’s who of folks involved in the planing of this I believe that this new updated Root River Plan was NOT done in a few days. So then? Why the Public Dog and Pony Show? Why the “Effort” to promote public input to a Plan all ready written?

If you read the new plan as written its calling for a lot of spending by Governmental units in Southeastern Wisconsin but wait! The City of Racine has no money we are told. The County is trying to cut back and save cash too, no way the State of Wisconsin is going to give Mayor Dickert money for Real Estate games. So then how will the cash come to Racine? My guess is that some type of agreement exists that will allow more EPA Grants to come once the Root River Plan is adopted by The Racine City Council.

Anther sigh of events moving along is the Root River Council Web page has been updated and it looks much better then it did. To me creating a more Corporate look. Some information is no longer there or has been moved such as the listing of upcoming public input meetings as a time line. Those documents would show the timeline into late this year as I recall.

Very interesting