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Come on folks its about the Water…. I share my thoughts

But first we have from:



So I was talking to Mr. X on the phone today, not talked to him for sometime and out of the blue he calls

We chatted a bit talk about the RICO Suit then to the point of the phone call that being what the point of the whole Rootworks was: that being as we saw it Control of Sale of WATER!

Mind you, we thought that Machinery Row/TIF 18 could be the largest case of Land Fraud in the History of the State of Wisconsin when all was said and done but that would pale in compassion to the money to be made over the sale of Water from Lake Michigan should Waukesha  be allowed to buy Water from Lake Michigan and then send “Treated Waist back via The Root River

imagesrs2 Treated Sewage?


Right now we are being told that Waukesha will need about 6-10 million Gals a day to just stay the same size and perhaps grow a bit the Water if sent back to Lake Michigan (and the Great Lakes Compact tells us that the water MUST come back) Via the Root Industrial Canal (Formerly the Root River) would generate about 6 Million a year for the Cash Staved city of Racine, then of course, Cities like to grow builders like to build developers like to rip off tax payers I mean develop(I estimate that each year Waukesha loses millions in construction/ taxes until this issues is fixed)   and that mean MORE Water brought from the Lake and treated sewage sent back via   Root Industrial Canal  so perhaps in a few years The City of Racine could get oh 10 Million a year just for allowing this

imagesrs  Treated Sewage?

and then we have this from :   Waukesha is a symptom of a much larger U.S. problem. And for the signators to the Compact the city may be the thin edge of the wedge. The U.S. mid and southwest, particularly those communities and farmlands that have experienced prolonged recent droughts see the water-rich Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin as a prime water resource. Why not divert water from the Basin to population centers like Las Vegas or Phoenix? Why not refill the Ogallala Aquifer with water from the Great Lakes? Why not raise Mississippi River water levels through a diversion canal?

Maybe Racine Under Mayor John Dickert gets a pumping station to start here to pump a few Million to other Cities who need Water maybe to pump the treated sewage back here?

Now Machinery Row costing 68 Million over time political Hacks/Pals of Mayor John Dickert might be able to scam say over time 10% or say 10 Million, but the Water sales Sewage dumping could bring in 6 Million + a year Pipe lines need to go in land may need to be bought etc how much could crooks in Goverment make their pals?

But then there is this from the same Web page …

Poor Waukesha, located in the wrong place when it comes to fighting a water war with the Compact. That’s because Chicago and its waterways which drain into the Illinois River, a tributary of the Mississippi, lie less than an hour to the south. And Chicago has the Asian carp, (seen jumping out of the water on mass in the picture below) an invasive species currently still in the Mississippi watershed that has migrated to within 160 kilometers (100 miles) of the Great Lakes. The Compact, as a result, has become hyper vigilant about any water diversion. Should the Asian carp gain access to the Great Lakes it is seen as having an even more devastating impact than the sea lamprey. And considering how unsuccessful humans have been in stopping alien species from getting to the Great Lakes, there is even greater efforts being put in place to try and succeed just once

So Waukesha is caught in a water war, even though it sits within a state that has a wealth of freshwater. Its application to draw water from Lake Michigan which requires unanimous approval from the governors and premiers of the Compact will likely fail to pass, and Waukesha will have to look elsewhere to solve its water crises

So for now our mayor who got very unhappy news about the RICO case today might be only able to find ways to scam on Machinery Row.

Please keep your eyes open this will be interesting to see go down.

What do you think?


One last thing if indeed the Good Old boys are planing to scam on Root Works and folks get in the way of say a 6 Million+ Pay day what will happen?





Welcome to Mr. K


Interesting day see we have a helper a Mr K



Mr, K contacted me and asked to help me uncover the facts going on with the Root River (Rootworks) and the Harbor/Reefpoint Marina.

Damn got to say he knows where bodies are burred, information that the Good old Boys rather see left alone as they gin up  the works for more spending on Reefpoint after all if we build it (the Marina) they (The Boaters) will come and the streets of Racine will run with Gold.

Mr. K’s first group of papers came in tonight and after I get the chance to read/study them I will be posting my take on the information.

Just keep this in your mind since the 1980’s Racine was told that if we only had a large Marina we be so much better off we it’s 2014 are we.

How much have we spent in the past what are we planing to spend now?



Will Mayor Dickert Sell Racine to the PRC? More speculation

More about the upcoming “whoring of Wisconsin”

As you might have gusseted I dislike the idea of the PRC coming to buy Wisconsin. With the PRC’s being a COMMUNIST county with a horrible background in Human Rights  think Tiananmen Square  disgusting treatment of workers and the use of Companies for spying on host counties. I would have hoped that the State of Wisconsin would resist the idea of pimping out the State.

I do believe that Mayor John Dickert will do what he can to get the PRC to look here to “invest” within the City of Racine, my guess is that RCEDC will be whoring the county (Do you thing the PRC likes Blondes?)

Here the full story



WEDC signs agreement to bring Chinese investment to Wisconsin companies

PiYi agreement photo
Yang Shengli, Chairman, PiYi Investment Group, and Paul Jadin, CEO/Secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, holding the signed agreement between PiYi and WEDC.

BEIJING, CHINA, June 15, 2012 – The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with PiYi (Pee-Yee) Investment Management Co. Ltd. to support cooperation in investment promotion, marketing and referral. The memorandum also confirms Wisconsin’s participation in US-China Investors Week that will be held in the US in September 2012.

PiYi is a private investment management firm that manages private equity and venture capital funds for high-net worth Chinese investors.  PiYi has expressed interest in deploying significant capital for equity investments in commercialized technology developed by Wisconsin companies across a broad range of industries including agriculture, energy, clean-tech, infrastructure, Information Technology and bio-technology.

Governor Scott Walker has reached out to PiYi to welcome them to Wisconsin and confirmed the state’s participation in the US-China Investors Week conference being held in Madison and Milwaukee Sept. 26 and 27, 2012.

“Wisconsin is recognized as a global hub of innovation in the biosciences and clean energy technology,” said Governor Scott Walker. “I’m working on behalf of entrepreneurs in this state to find investment capital to fuel their innovations.  This is another step to attracting more capital.”

Paul Jadin, CEO/Secretary, signed the agreement during a meeting with PiYi in Beijing.  He said the agreement is important because it builds a partnership that promotes investment cooperation between Wisconsin and PiYi and recognizes Wisconsin as a destination for overseas capital.

“Our commitment with this memorandum of understanding is that WEDC will be organizing a two-day investment conference where we will showcase a portfolio of Wisconsin companies for PiYi to consider for investment,” said Jadin.

“Wisconsin is an attractive location for global institutional investments – we want investors like PiYi investing in our companies,” Jadin said.  “World class companies choose to invest in Wisconsin because of our skills in advanced manufacturing, our innovation in the life sciences and clean technologies and the strength of our world-class university system.”

The US-China Investors Week conference is organized by PiYi and the Council of American States in China.  The US-China Investors Week is a 10 day event with stops in Dallas, Madison/Milwaukee, Los Angles, Portland, Florida and Washington DC.  The group attending the conference will include approximately 20 high-net worth individuals, ten analysts and partners from PiYi and a select group of Chinese media representatives.  WEDC’s International Business Division will be hosting the conference.

About Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
As the state’s lead economic development organization, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation nurtures business growth and job creation in Wisconsin by providing leadership, bold thinking and creative investment strategies. For more information about WEDC’s foreign direct investment opportunities or how to deploy institutional capital in the state, contact Scott Mosley at or Tim Cooley at  Learn more at




       Beijing PiYi Investment Management Co Ltd and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, desiring to promote mutual interest through cooperation in the field of investment promotion, marketing, and referral on the basis of equality and mutual benefit;

Recognizing that such cooperation shall promote economic cooperation and support the friendly relationships between two Parties;

Have agreed that the Parties will support cooperation in the fields of investment promotion, marketing and referral.

Cooperation may include the following:

a)     Joint or cooperative programs and projects of mutual benefit, including visits and exchange of investors, investment projects, and other experts or technical personnel;

b)     Mutual cooperation in international and regional organizations relating to investment promotion, marketing and referrals;

c)      Organizations of and participation in conferences, symposia, courses, workshops, exhibitions and other joint meetings of mutual interest;

d)     Exchange of information;

e)     Operation of joint training/education programs to raise competency in investment, fundraising, or management; and

f)       Other forms of co-operation as agreed by the Parties, including meetings between the two Parties on a regular basis.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned being duly authorized by the respective stakeholders of the organization in accordance with its by-laws, have signed this MOU.


Well lets see what happens



How to Starting a Fresh Water Business Incubator Research Center

A How to Start A Business Incubator/Research Center
(Note to Mayor John Dickert feel free to steal the idea if that what it takes for you to get this going)

Tied of waiting for The Mayor of Racine waiting for Obama cash to get this going? I know I am.

So here is a simple plan that even the City of Racine can follow.

Find a location think The City Hall Annex(800 Center St) there is unused rooms and the building has a large meeting room and plenty of parking across the st. Near City Hall making it close for Photo opps A Mayor can never have too many.

Set up one of the rooms with a few desks and chairs, The City has some not being used now I think. Bring in a Phone line and Broadband.
From RCEDC/REMAC find computer equipment, from Racine Vocational Ministry find staff members looking to improve /restore Skill sets.

My guess is the same person working for the City of Racine that used to work at Wingspread looking at Water issues could be appointed the first leader of this Center even if they ran it at .5 time the first steps could be taken to fill out the Center to make this fully operational.

Of course this will never happen, after all is not Obama and the EPA going to give our Mayor millions?…
Well maybe depending how the grant was written something like this could come out of the EPA cash but I see way too many wanting a part of this free EPA/Obama cash for something meaningful to happen like this.

Hell do we not understand that the Good Old Boys must be made happy and allowed to look good far before anything useful gets done, right?

I am shocked shocked I say thar RCEDC has not done this yet! Shocked I tell Shocked, that the major companies in Racine say J-Wax- Twin Disk and other RAMAC members have not started a drive to make this happen!

The Return of a real Bad Idea KRM

As I read the RootWorks plan of of the ideas they have is for the return of the KRM toy train

From the Rootworks paper PP 16

“Support the development of the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee (KRM)
commuter rail, with a focus on the Racine-Kenosha-Chicago
connection as the next phase to enhance connectivity in the region
and locally, specifically to promote Root River Corridor business

This is very interesting is so many ways:

KRM is dead dead dead SERTA, the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority, is dead dead dead. This group would have to be brought back by Governor Scott Walker and this is NOT going to happen.

The authors of this plan are not dumb IMHO that had to know that SERTA, is gone and unless Walker was not Governor (Wonder how many in the Root River Council/Vandewalle signed the recall..)is was not coming back. So why is this in the plan?

I understand that all the groups of power I call the Good Old Boys are all for this such as RCEDC and RAMAC.Where all about KRM After all this lets them do more studies and claim they might realy do some good see RAMAC loves RCEDC loves RAMAC and look RAMAC is all about RCEDC. Read all about it here……

Might it be so Grant funds can be looked for to help study transit ideas? I know how about the City funding the local Bus so poor folks without cars can get around the City! One would think or I do that a bus system that helped the poor be far better then a pie in the sky idea that is not coming back as long as Walker is leading Wisconsin.

Should this idea have been brought up at an public input meeting I would have asked how KRM was going to get back BUT since it was not in my hearing I could not. Thinking was it ever brought up?

Myself I like to know how much Transit Now received for KRM issues and what they spent and who they spent it on.
I do believe some folks and good old boys got Bank out of this KRM game in the day and would like to again.

Note: I called and left messages for the contacts listed on the Transit Now Web Page (6/7/12) I coould have missed a return call but I think not. Is it time maybe to take down that Web page or change contact info?

The “Scam” Editorial

My .02 on the Powers that be

What I find fascinating with this whole Root River Plan is how IMHO this allows groups that have done nothing truly useful to claim that not only do they rock but should be seen as movers and shakers.
Groups like M-7 AKA Milwaukee 7 they say “The Milwaukee 7, launched in September 2005, was formed to create a regional, cooperative economic development platform for the seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin: Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha. Its mission is to attract, retain and grow diverse businesses and talent.” Wild simply wild when I look at the Council members I see a huge group of Good Old Boys who exist to be the gate keepers of Power and wealth. We cant just have anyone have access to capitol or resources can we?

Of course as I see each county co oped into being part of the M-7 as we all (maybe) want to be a good old boy. With that county’s leadership perhaps promised access in return to be good. The M-7 as long as you be good will say that your group done good.

Further down the food chain in Racine we have Racine County Economic Development Cooperation (RCEDC) where do I start with this group? They do like to say that many jobs are here or still here because of what they do. Interesting, of course the local good old boys will back them up after all if you want access to funds/programs managed by RCEDC do not kick the Dog.
RCEDC is big on RootWorks for this allows them to “manage” Grant monies (For a fee?) keep at least one staff member busy and!!!! lets them promote Launch Box “LaunchBox, a place for facilitating new
ideas and fostering new businesses.” Really? I wounder how many Afro-American or Hispanic folks have this office has helped?
When it comes to REDC Sometimes I wounder what would have come out if the former Mayor of Racine Garry Becker went to trial. What would come out?
What matter most is that M-7 loves REDC and REDC loves the M-7 and maybe we they write how well they think the other does!
So as I see it REDC loves Rootworks if only for the funds this may bring them and the chance of RCEDC to stand up and say “Look at what we are doing but not to close,”

We also have The Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce back in the day it was THE business group to be part of at a Business After 5 event long ago …… but now? They do need to update the web site some events ect they list I do not believe still go on unless that few folks bother to attend that the local paper no longer covers it.
RAMAC does have Young Professionals of Racine a group that sent two members to Racine City Council and I think a third will try to join them. I find it very interesting that the two were/are seen as Dickert backers as would be the third, should he make it.
Word on the street is Dickert himself picks who he wants to run and very much believes that YPR should be active in the Democratic Party very interesting if true.

RAMAC of course is all for RCEDC, Hell why not? It’s not like RAMAC does anything any more. Oh how far the mighty have fallen! Course its not nice to say that out loud.

What the above groups do not understand is how irrelevant they are business start ups no longer need to belong to or interact with them to find cash or other resources via the internet. the Net can do that for anyone power beyond imagination lies with a broadband connection.
As public works projects like Rootworks allow them to exist by IMHO managing grants and charging for “staff” use. What will happen when the Money from Washington runs out and it will run out far sooner then the Good old boys think.

AS the old Guard dies off will any what maybe left in Racine (and Racine is dieing too) to fill empty seats?

HBO opens the windows

Ever see HBO’s show the Wire or Treme? Interesting back story on both show (and even Boardwalk Empire) is how revitalization of areas under Goverment control or needed for Goverment projects are used to make money or wash money to hide where it comes from. Often inside information is use to enrich politicians or cronys of same.
Mind you the shows above are well TV shows. However when you read what the creators of the shows have to say about the how and why of the shows gets me thinking… is Fiction becoming fact in Racine with the Root River project?
Is this whole Rootworks being done to enrich a select few or will the whole community benefit? Truly benefit not because Racine County Economic Development said so. Then too how will we ever know? When more and more of us are not trusting the City Leadership to say what is going on (Think the Dickert legal settlement) how can we? We all so have the whole story of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program the City said one thing but lawsuits to me say another.

There are some great folks working on getting the Root River to where it should be. IMHO it be a real shame if this group of folks were being used for a front so others say in Real Estate could make bank with the opportunities that will be coming with the millions in Grants. What could YOU do if you had inside information on where the City of Racine was going to invest millions and on what?


Step right up read the predictions on Rootworks!
Short term:

1) TIF Formed from about on the East Villa St to the West Mound St. and Sixth St to the North Bank of the River The Borders must include Azarian Marina the buildings on Water St It may include Racine County’s marina too.

2) Look to a street study looking to fix the intersections of Water St and Marquette St. As I see it this would allow the city to use the full power of the State (Eminent domain) to take control of the three buildings in this intersection.

3) Stating of the process to have the county seize all property in the TIF with back tax issues.

4) The forming of a front group to start the planing of Fresh Water Business Center, my guess that RECDC would be a part of this with the idea of receiving fees for services. Look to see who from RCEDC will be put in charge or be made part of this.

Long Term

1) The grants that the City Engineering Department is currently writing start to come in along with more EPA Grants best guess by 2014 Racine gets 5 Million in Grants. Less if Obama losses in November

2) Point Blue under another name is moved forward again. The developer will have connections to the Democratic Party and have been a donator to local political candidates.

June 2012 Things to come

Well this month should see the plan being pimped by the Root River Council being talked about in a public hearing on June 19th. I hope but do not expect that the member of the City Council will take the time and read the plan before hand. However from early on in my looking into the Root River Project I found that few of our civic leaders had a clue some well because they never have a clue others because as I see it got left out of the loop. God forbid that real public input is gathered or sought for if real input from the those not the right color or income was received the Plan Called Rootwolks (link can be found on this blog) would be much different then what will be presented to the city.

My guess is that no matter what is said at City Council this plan will be approved. There is way too much cash on the line for it not to be.
Even I will be supporting this with reservations for if Jesus Himself come down and say ‘No!” the Good old boys counting on the cash they see coming would put Him back on the Cross.

I will be posting my commentary on the Plan here and talk about it on my TV show. Interesting times we live in

Fish Farming!

In the hallways of City Hall and in the bars of Downtown Racine there is talk of what kinds of businesses should be enticed to come to Racine as part of the Root River project.

What I have herd is basically two themes:

1) Lets sell water outside the Watershed and damn the hindmost

2) Tourism everyone wants to come to Racine! After all there are no Beaches,Boat Slips, or Bars anyplace then Racine.
I will not go in to details on with the high crime whole neighborhoods that look like war zones and no fast way to get to Racine from Hwy 94 that few are going to make that trip.

Lets look at business that could be encouraged and unlike the above be useful make money and create jobs, that of course be Aquaponics!

Yes Aquaponics, something as simple easy to do and products needed badly.

I have talked to more then a few Aquaponics farms and they have all told me the same thing, They sell what they produce and have standing orders for more. Be it in Milwaukee, the Small operation in Racine, or in New Orleans, its the same story, Aquaponics operations make money. They also produce good food for a local market. Food that is greatly needed. Investments in said tech would help bring about ways to do Aquaponics cheaper and more productively.

Racine as I am told is looking with Milwaukee to be a World Center of Water (Hey Tom how you like the J-S Editorial on 5/21/12?) A good idea if the Center would be to be a true center and not just words on a sheet of paper or cute talking points at a Press conference.

However that would take leadership something we are lacking in this debate.

I will have to see how the Rootworks is looking at this long term but I have little hope that outside the box thinking will be allowed by the powers that be.

FYI Mayor Dickert did a cute presentation with the Godfather of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on how Aquaponics can be a big player in Cities
From the Journal Times of Racine WI 3/12/12

The first step will be the technology, Dickert said, noting that Wisconsin, as well as Purdue University in Indiana, already have people who can get to work on the science.

“Fish farms have problems with disease. We will need to find a process or technology that does not allow for diseases,” he said. “Then it’s getting the investors involved. Right now we are moving very efficiently.”

If everything works out it will mean more jobs and opportunities for Racine, Dickert said.

“It may not bring 3,000 jobs, but if we can create a 1,000 jobs or a couple hundred jobs, and create a healthy food source for the city it is worth it,” he said.

Yet From the Journal Times 3/17/12 we have this Quote by Jo Heineman Natural Green Farms, 615 Marquette St., is one block from Racine City Hall, 730 Washington Ave. (emphasis mine)

“Why hasn’t he visited us if he’s interested in aquaponics?” Jo Heineman said. “The door’s still open for him to come.”

“We invited him when the other politicians came,” Joe Heineman said. “Did he get the emails? I don’t know.

“We can do (fish farming),” he said. “If they bring in somebody new, they don’t even know if the system works. We’re at the point where we can just explode (in business growth).”
In answer we have this

In response, Dickert said Friday he and others have been working at the tri-state level — Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana — to foster fish farming.

On May 13 2012 Supervisor Monty Osterman told me the Mayor had been there What? If so you would think the Mayor or staff would have said so.

Now at My Garden Space this morning I did hear something about a TIF in the area of Racine’s Fish Farm. If this is happening Why? Is the City thinking about helping this Farm or maybe something else?
Something in line with The Downtown plan that calls for a whole redevelopment of the area…..???