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Racine in Ruins? Speculation Blog

So, I own a bunch of Domain names and a lot to talk about. I am thinking of using one of them and a cheep hosting account to start another Blog called Racine WI in Ruins, talk about all the fun and games in Racine WI from the reports of strange things coming out of the Recall recount and speculating if investigated will the investigation lead to The Mayor of Racine or not? What do you think?

I would get in contact with the Wolf man and re-post the photos he took of the slums of Racine. That sort of thing.

I think it be real interesting to post the info of oh say cronies of the Mayor and Small Claims Court filings.  Should someone sued by the City in the past be doing critical work for the City? What do you think?

Other questions might be the City has huge money issues to face how will The City deal with it? Roll back wages? Outsource Garbage pick up? Lay Off Police and Fire all/none? Simply raise taxes? You know they want to or do they?

Best be how cronies might be benefiting from City Contracts.You know speculation. Show my ideas of how the Good Old Boys at work or in this case destroying Racine driving it to Ruins.

Why pay money to host the Page? Easy max exposure to the world, about what is going on in this City.   See IMHO if folks know what is going on in Racine, maybe they care share more information with me about what they know. Perhaps there is a photo or two floating around showing falling down buildings that are not getting boarded up, maybe fun times in Sander’s Park.Word on the Street, you know what folks gossip about makes that park more fun then  Sybaris.  PARTY!

See I think we that live in Racine know a lot about what is going on and very much want to talk about it.  After all how can we change things if we do not know  what is going on?

Yes I have lots of Domain Names, maybe you have a use for one of them?

Trade Off Part two My view

Trade off Part II or who is RootWorks for?

As we look at the plan called RootWork I see a lot of the effort being focused on the area called Downtown Racine. Now of course part of this is because the part of the River the Root River Council is focusing on is in the Downtown area of Racine.
You know the same area of Racine that as I see it is so unfriendly to anyone who is not White and Rich. If this Plan does do the acts called for will help draw more Whites of Racine to the Downtown, cool if you’re a Downtown Racine Business Owner not so much if your say a Unemployed Black man looking for a job and need to use the BUS to look for work. What might He think is more critical a new foot bridge across the Root River or a Bus system that might be used to look for a Job?
What might the Afro-American Community think of the effort to make Downtown Racine the place to go if your well off and have White Skin as the inner-city falls apart? Say how does an Outdoor Ice Rink at the Civic Center benefit say A mom living in the West 6th St area looking for a Programing in the Parks near her home for her kids to take part in?

As I see it the only thing this focus of the RootWorks plan is to well as I see it is have Downtown Racine be a great place for Whites who have cars to play in and then see how fast they can get the hell away from the Inner City back home.

Of course I will be told about the jobs coming from the building of say the Ice Rink or Foot Bridge if built. Does anyone truly think that the few jobs from that will be obtained by the Blacks in Racine Inner City? If You do I got some cool land for sale in Florida ….

Fish Farming!

In the hallways of City Hall and in the bars of Downtown Racine there is talk of what kinds of businesses should be enticed to come to Racine as part of the Root River project.

What I have herd is basically two themes:

1) Lets sell water outside the Watershed and damn the hindmost

2) Tourism everyone wants to come to Racine! After all there are no Beaches,Boat Slips, or Bars anyplace then Racine.
I will not go in to details on with the high crime whole neighborhoods that look like war zones and no fast way to get to Racine from Hwy 94 that few are going to make that trip.

Lets look at business that could be encouraged and unlike the above be useful make money and create jobs, that of course be Aquaponics!

Yes Aquaponics, something as simple easy to do and products needed badly.

I have talked to more then a few Aquaponics farms and they have all told me the same thing, They sell what they produce and have standing orders for more. Be it in Milwaukee, the Small operation in Racine, or in New Orleans, its the same story, Aquaponics operations make money. They also produce good food for a local market. Food that is greatly needed. Investments in said tech would help bring about ways to do Aquaponics cheaper and more productively.

Racine as I am told is looking with Milwaukee to be a World Center of Water (Hey Tom how you like the J-S Editorial on 5/21/12?) A good idea if the Center would be to be a true center and not just words on a sheet of paper or cute talking points at a Press conference.

However that would take leadership something we are lacking in this debate.

I will have to see how the Rootworks is looking at this long term but I have little hope that outside the box thinking will be allowed by the powers that be.

FYI Mayor Dickert did a cute presentation with the Godfather of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on how Aquaponics can be a big player in Cities
From the Journal Times of Racine WI 3/12/12

The first step will be the technology, Dickert said, noting that Wisconsin, as well as Purdue University in Indiana, already have people who can get to work on the science.

“Fish farms have problems with disease. We will need to find a process or technology that does not allow for diseases,” he said. “Then it’s getting the investors involved. Right now we are moving very efficiently.”

If everything works out it will mean more jobs and opportunities for Racine, Dickert said.

“It may not bring 3,000 jobs, but if we can create a 1,000 jobs or a couple hundred jobs, and create a healthy food source for the city it is worth it,” he said.

Yet From the Journal Times 3/17/12 we have this Quote by Jo Heineman Natural Green Farms, 615 Marquette St., is one block from Racine City Hall, 730 Washington Ave. (emphasis mine)

“Why hasn’t he visited us if he’s interested in aquaponics?” Jo Heineman said. “The door’s still open for him to come.”

“We invited him when the other politicians came,” Joe Heineman said. “Did he get the emails? I don’t know.

“We can do (fish farming),” he said. “If they bring in somebody new, they don’t even know if the system works. We’re at the point where we can just explode (in business growth).”
In answer we have this

In response, Dickert said Friday he and others have been working at the tri-state level — Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana — to foster fish farming.

On May 13 2012 Supervisor Monty Osterman told me the Mayor had been there What? If so you would think the Mayor or staff would have said so.

Now at My Garden Space this morning I did hear something about a TIF in the area of Racine’s Fish Farm. If this is happening Why? Is the City thinking about helping this Farm or maybe something else?
Something in line with The Downtown plan that calls for a whole redevelopment of the area…..???

Economic Engine Ideas

As was suggested by others and I would agree with in order to create the Root River to all it could be for Racine City and County an Economic Engine would need to be found to power the development. My guess is that the lefties would love to see more taxes found for a Government funded and controlled effort for all the things they like to see from a year around Ice Rink to dock side stages.

However the real world comes into play. The State Under Scott Walker (and he will win the Recall) will not allow the City to jack up taxes as much as would be needed to pay for it. The State will not send money to Racine to pay for this sort of silly.

As much as The left loves to talk regionalism,

With any luck Obama the Socialist will be out of office and we will see mega cuts in spending as adults take control of The Government. Yes the left will cry, but they can expect no real money from DC after Obama is out or should the GOP take both Houses.

So there are only a few options left.

The Mayor can use TIF’s and a BID to get some funding. Perhaps 2 or 3 Million more.

The Mayor can pull a “Con” and try to get funding from Waukesha for some type of joint effort with the bet being that Racine can be the one chosen to work with Waukesha vs Milwaukee or Oak Creak that’s a big bet and be interesting the deals that would have to be made.

The City and County might form a joint program with say CATI to create a Water Research Complex located near the Lake/Root River.
Now this should be something that is being worked on now, but sadly it is not. If it was we be hearing all about it unless…. it was tied into selling water…..

There is one other way out option that just might be going on bring together a lot of money looking to invest and get research out of it, A City that needs a huge amount of money, and Waukesha who needs Water badly.

Any Guesses? What do you think?

First Podcast

The link to the show going for 9:00 AM   Go a bunch to do first! Be a lot of fun.   Great to be in front of the ball vs trying to play catch up.

See/Hear the power of media!

Lets Do this!

Root River Busness Opportunities The Blog

Coming soon (like Today) a new blog about Root River Business Opportunities! 

The $$ is coming over a Million in grants and more I guess on the way!   Be ready to take advantage of the boom times coming!

Another swing

Email I was cc on
Mr. Rogers,

I am the Project Coordinator directing community outreach for the Root River Council (RRC).  As public engagement is at the forefront of all efforts undertaken by the Root River Council, we take these concerns very seriously.  The current Root RIver Corridor Redevelopment Project is implementing recommendations outlined in the “Back to the Root Plan”; a document that summarizes community input gathered through many hours of public outreach meetings held in 2007 and 2008.  In reading this correspondence, I thought it might help to give a brief update about past outreach efforts related to the Root River Corridor Redevelopment Project.  The following are dates and locations of public workshops hosted by the Root River Council:

  • August 11, 2011    6.30-8pm- Root River Environmental Education Community Center (REC-1301 6th Street)
  • October 22, 2011   1-4pm  – Root River Environmental Education Community Center (REC- 1301 6th Street)
  • December 1, 2011   6.30-8pm  –  21st Century Preparatory School (1220 Mound Avenue Suite 102)
  • January 26, 2012   6.30-8pm – 21st Century Preparatory School (1220 Mound Avenue  Suite 102)

There have been well-over 200 community members involved in this process to-date, and we anticipate a much larger turnout as the weather warms and days get longer.  These workshops support a public planning process which depends upon community involvement and input.  The following dates and times are scheduled for future public planning workshops:

  • March 29, 2012   6.30-8pm  – 21st Century Preparatory School (1220 Mound Avenue)
  • May 31, 2012    6.30-8pm  –  Root River Environmental Education Community Center (REC- 1301 6th Street)
  • July 26, 2012   6.30-8pm  –  Root River Environmental Education Community Center (REC- 1301 6th Street)
  • September 27, 2012  6.30-8pm – Root River Environmental Education Community Center (REC-1301 6th Street)

With regard to direct outreach efforts to residents in neighborhoods adjacent to the redevelopment project area, I can personally attest to the door-to-door canvassing efforts undertaken by myself and RRC board members.  We have walked area neighborhoods several days in advance of planned meetings and spoken directly with residents about this effort.  In addition, announcements and invitations targeting these neighborhoods have been made through the ‘City Alert’ telephone system.   The Root River Council has contacted Aldermen and County Board Supervisors representing these districts to personally introduce them to this project and invite them to up-coming public planning workshops.

The Root River Council has directly contacted faith-based organizations, neighborhood churches, area minority-owned businesses, the Urban League of Racine/Kenosha, Neighborhood Watch, the Community Oriented Policing (COP) houses, the Racine/Kenosha Community Action Agency, the NAACP, the Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC), the Hispanic Business Association, and senior-high level students in area schools to introduce the project, extend an invitation to up-coming public planning workshops and promote RRC related activities.

The Root River Council has submitted press releases to the Journal Times and the Insider News (a minority-owned publication) promoting public planning workshops.  This effort was a featured article on the front page of the Journal Times.

In addition to these efforts, the current communication strategy details a multi-media component and advertising strategy in select community publications throughout the remainder of this public planning project.  The RRC remains open to enacting additional outreach strategies and seeks volunteer assistance and input in this public planning process.  Though we obviously welcome and encourage the enthusiasm and support of community members throughout this process, we are not in a position to purchase privately-held domain names or support unauthorized and inaccurate marketing efforts.  My schedule is cleared for any time selected to meet with you and Mr. Clingman.  Please feel free to distribute this correspondence as necessary and do not hesitate to contact me or the RRC chair (Monte Osterman -cc’d) with any questions or concerns related to this project or the current outreach strategy.


Ben Lehner

RRC- Project Coordinator
262.672.0283  (RRC office)

cc- Wayne Clingman
Karen Frost
Brian O’Connell
Monte Osterman

Well looks like I kicked the nest over.

I live in the west 6th st area and in the past year no one to my knowledge has come to the watch group meetings nor has my phone rung from City watch about this (Note I understand that City watch no longer is used by the city its a new system)   yes and the Insider news I understand is no longer published and has not I believe since late 2011 if it has I have not seen it

Interesting that the list Ben has is the same list that everyone sends information too and claims great results (or not) to “keep the dream alive”

so whats the big flinch from? Is someone upset that what they like to happen here may not? Are they upset that 1.4+ Million of funds might be delayed?  Am I too close to what the plan might be in the Root River project?

At least they know I have domain names for sale they must read this blog!


Still and to the point only 3-4 African Americans are going to the meetings maybe they do not care maybe they do not know maybe its eaier this way?

After all why focus on how this might help jobs come to West 6th st when we can have a Water Taxi?

Azarian Marina an idea

On the 800 block of Water St in Racine WI, there is company called Azarian, Marina. A typical Marina boat slips River Access to the Root River, cover storage and the like. My guess it that the site is say a few blocks squire.

Walking around it this morning, I understand how great this would be if say a developer would buy the Azarian Marina and create a site with say a small strip mall keeping the boat slips and free public access to the River.

I have thought to put an fine style Brew Pub as an anchor on one end and say bring a ships store of some type in as the other.

Bring the sidewalks down to the new Water Center as I Call the place, to better draw folks down from Main St and those at the center back up downtown. I would see about using Segway to make it neat  to run around the Lake/River front

I also look at some type of bus from the Metra in Kenosha to the Center. with FREE rides to sailors from the Great Lakes.

Thinking I will be looking for this idea to start and I hope soon. My guess is that funds from the EPA Grants could be used for part of this as well as perhaps a TIF?

I will be talking to everyone I know about how great this idea is. To think how great tis would be for all of Racine WI.

Economic Investments

A short list of what I see in the economic Investments

I believe this will be the minimum we will see:

New Foot Bridge over the river near or even replace the one by Western Publishing (The old building overlooks the site)

Paved Bike/Walking path on both sides of the river from the Rail Road Bridge 6th/Mound to the Harbor.

The Azarian Marina sold(To the City of Racine perhaps and leases back? ) and turned into a small retail mall with a Brew Pub of some sort..

Sidewalk finished on Water street all the way to Marquette St, both sides of the road.

An Aquaponics center like Sweet Water in Bay View,and this is a very short list. In my opinion would be a 10 million investment if not more creating both short term and long term jobs.

But how about..

I do have one question that I like answered that so far I have no information on and that is does the group have a plan to include the West 6th St area in the planing the project or job creation that will come with this project.

I have been to every public meeting of the Root River Council and I have seen only two Afro-Americans one being part of the Council the other lives in Mt. Pleasant.

Will the poorer areas of Racine that are close to the project be asked to give input?

Case in point, the West 6th St is on the Western border of the Root River that will be revitalized should not we have a chance to have a say?  I do go to all the meetings and give my input, however I am only one person out of say the 8,000 that live in this area.

What should we do?   Is this something we should worry about?