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Press Release

Will YOU be there?

I think the press will be there Gee I wonder what this is about?
Press Release
Where: City of Racine WI. Racine County Courthouse 730 Wisconsin Avenue
When: Wednesday June 25, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM
Who: Dr. Ken Yorgan
Contact: Racine Equality Project: 3001 Douglas Avenue, Racine WI. 53402 262-412-0094
Subject: Racine Equality Project Files 7 Count Complaint against Racine County Supervisor
The Racine Equality Project, in response to citizen concerns, has pursued an investigation into the activities of certain elected officials and non elected public employees. This investigation has been done through examination of public records including tapes and transcripts of public meetings and statements by the parties being investigated. What we have found is very revealing, often disappointing and sometimes quite disturbing.
A press packet will be available



Visit to Racine County Court House



Went to visit the Racine County Court House today where I picked up a copy of Supervisor Osterman Statement of Economic Interests filed on 13 Nov 2013

after reviewing I then looked into State of Wisconsin Company Records

and found this


Now there will be a call to the Racine Corp Counsel and the County Executive.

Talked to another County Official   when I was there told an interesting story as well.

Have to look at IRS information and old City Meetings on tape and of course Mr X

The Chickens are coming home to roost.

Be a big brew up soon now to stay away from the drones




A visit.


This weekend I walked around the Lakefront. Nice day interesting day.  Liked meeting the nice folks from Indonesia, the older one of the group said how the Mayor remained her of Sukarno when she was a child but doing a far worse job, then Sukarno did.

The Daughter had questions on what was going on with the “Sea  Wall” so was I.

So I looked at what was going on and asked some questions


I saw this



I asked the “supervisor” on site what was going on.

He said that Racine County was doing another 400′ of the “Sea Wall” as part of fixing up the County’s Marina. What?   WHAT?



The supervisor also said the contract called for work EVERYDAY that the Lake was flat.  Wow everyday so this crew of 4-5 on a Sunday was getting double time? Perhaps more

Leaving the area I ran into two retired guys that use to work as dredgers at the time this wall was built back in the day.  The retired men thought the crew was making $200 an Hour.

Nice to know that Racine County has that kind of money.  Now The Root River needs Dredging a good 1/4 mile from the Harbor mouth. This will cost tons. Who will be paying for this should the county do that? Are we going to be doing that?



Does the Past tell a story?

With everything going on with Racine County owning and wanting to make Bank on its new Marina, with only ideas to go on I have to ask what has been the history of Marinas in the area over time.

From the Journal Times 8/19/94
SHEBOYGAN (AP) – A legislative committee will examine whether state agencies adequately studied the need for new marinas before granting millions of dollars in state funds to Lake Michigan cities for their construction.

The Joint Committee on Audit will meet next month to review the role of the Wisconsin Waterways Commission and the state Department of Natural Resources in decisions to build marinas in Sheboygan, Racine and Kenosha, said state Rep. Kimberly Plache, D-Racine, the committee’s co-chair.

An audit of the Waterways Commission was requested last week by Rep. Cloyd Porter, R-Burlington. Porter said nearly $8 million in grants to the three cities encouraged the development of unnecessary marinas.

Sheboygan’s $10.2 million Harbor Centre Marina is in its first summer of operation. It has rented out 31 percent of its dock space.

Racine’s Reefpoint Marina, which opened in 1989, is 52 percent full this year.Kenosha’s Southport Marina is at 31 percent of its capacity.

The joint committee will examine whether the Waterways Commission should simply provide help for recreational boating, Plache said.

The committee will also see if the commission, which grants state money for harbor improvements and recreational boating facilities, and the DNR adequately reviewed the need for new marinas before granting state money and permits.
Interesting story. Has things gotten better? Over time did our Marina’s put in the investment needed to keep things up to par or have they been allowed to go downhill?
How much more if any investment will be needed to bring ours up to snuff? Where will that money come from?

Well I think we will find out if the Racine County Executive is a fiscal conservative or not and how much he maybe under the spell of Downtown Racine and Mayor John Dickert.

Mind you this be a great opportunity for a county wide discussion on what form and direction, Racine County should go for economic development. here’s hoping

Trolleys for the Marina WTF? My thoughts

From the Journal Times 4/24/12  :

Last year, as part of budget cuts, city officials decided they couldn’t continue to run the aging trolleys, said City Administrator Tom Friedel. The trolleys were cut, along with other bus system cuts. “We were running them at a loss. We were losing money,” Friedel said.

But after a Marina Commission meeting last week where concerns were brought up about losing the trolleys, the auction is going to be temporarily postponed, Friedel said. The city will hold off at least until the Marina Commission’s next meeting on Monday, Friedel said, but can wait longer if needed. ….     and more

…County Supervisor Monte Osterman, who attended last week’s Marina Commission meeting, said he would love to see the trolley service continue in Downtown. But at the same time, he said he doesn’t know if a private company could make money operating the trolleys because at the peak weekend time a trolley should run is also when people would want to rent them for things such as weddings….

What you need to know: County Supervisor Monte Osterman owns two stores in Downtown Racine WI and is a major backer of the Downtown Racine Corporation who wanted the Trolleys for more retail shopping in the Downtown area.

Other then a few riders during the day the only time I say any number ride them was during what I call party events going from Bar to bar with drunks Party On!

The idea is of course if we keep the toys as I will call them this will attract boaters to use Racine Slips for there boats.  Of Course someone needs to pay for operation of the toys so why not the Tax Payers? Damn them if they do not see the value of  the Toys running empty Damn that Governor  Scott Walker for not letting the City just jack up the taxes! Right?

So where to find the Money? Should not be the County. After all how does the toys help say Union Grove or Waterford?  They do not I believe full boat slips do but I thinks its going to be cost of the slips and if boaters can get what they need at the County Marina then cute toys.

Of course the lefty members of the Marina Commission IMHO see more reasons to find and spend tax money. I know lets raise slip fees!  Higher fees just bring in folks wanting to spend money!

These toys for the Marina  need to be a nonstarter.

Reefpoint Marina advisory commission

Read the J-T Story on Reefpoint Marina advisory commission meeting yesterday. Interesting to see a group working on making Racine a go to place for activities based on the Lake and river.

Like the boldness to say they will be looking for help in doing this. I will  be of course contacting them to offer my help.  I do believe I can offer some great ideas that will help the both of us in many ways.

The main focus for me is to see this “new” Marina do as well as possible to not only benefit Racine County (Who now owes it) but myself with some type of income. If all else fails as a Slip broker a % for each slip rented say.

I would also love to pitch other ideas as well, from a Boat Race to Tall Ships as part of Pirate Days.

The best news ever when you compare the costs for storage/maintenance.  The Racine area rocks out! That alone is a huge selling point.

My big fear however is some Racine Good Old Boy will cut off all but some poor attempt to market this using the same old bad ideas used to promote the City such as  Radio stations no one cares about newspapers no one reads and mailers.

So much more one can do then that so much more.  God knows Q.R. Codes put on clouds do a better job.