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City Plan Commission 6/14/12 Public Hearing.

My thoughts
City Plan Commission 6/14/12 Public Hearing for Root Works was last night, at City Hall. They did not have a quorum but held the public hearing anyway. Before this there was an Open House for Root Works held near by.
I spoke at the Public hearing (Details to come) but below are what I noticed:

1) Less then 10 members of the Public were there. For a Plan that if carried out will bring change to the City in how it looks and perhaps great investment in Public Works, I am sad to say that this few members bothered to show up. Alderman Fair was there this be the 2nd time he has been at a event for this.

2) After I spoke the next few (4 or 5) where not there or passed on speaking. On the Form for sigh up one could check off if you where for or aganest the idea, so you could express your opinion on the plan.

Before the hearing the Tick from Hell Rep Cory Mason of Racine spoke of the plan along with someone from Vandewalle,of course she brought up in passing KRM but not much else after all the times she has sung and danced this tune she must be tired of the song, knowing after all this will pass. IMHO no force on Earth will stop this from becoming a Plan for the City so how much do one has to show in showing this plan.

Even the Tick was less then Gun Ho in speaking perhaps knowing that Walker is still Governor and the GOP still controls Madison he will be unable to feed from the Blood of tax payers he was sad. Perhaps after seeing the area I understand he will be moving to to play Carpetbagger( in the West 6th st Area, I will be missing Robert Turner leadership.
Anyway, understanding that $$ one may not have access to State tax $$ would make a Tick sad, I think.

Now I spoke in favor of the plan noting of the great attention Carpet Baggier like and said that the City should pass this so we may take advantage of the monies coming in should this plan be passed. I noted too that Mayor Dicket has been speaking in the past to the last State Administration about the River and I hoped in passing this plan the City would be able to take advantage of Mayor’s John Dickert’s efforts.

Not my best speaking my bad I need to do a better job. Somehow I need to state that in theory I like the idea but have my worries on parts of the plan and how it will be paid for.

June 2012 Things to come

Well this month should see the plan being pimped by the Root River Council being talked about in a public hearing on June 19th. I hope but do not expect that the member of the City Council will take the time and read the plan before hand. However from early on in my looking into the Root River Project I found that few of our civic leaders had a clue some well because they never have a clue others because as I see it got left out of the loop. God forbid that real public input is gathered or sought for if real input from the those not the right color or income was received the Plan Called Rootwolks (link can be found on this blog) would be much different then what will be presented to the city.

My guess is that no matter what is said at City Council this plan will be approved. There is way too much cash on the line for it not to be.
Even I will be supporting this with reservations for if Jesus Himself come down and say ‘No!” the Good old boys counting on the cash they see coming would put Him back on the Cross.

I will be posting my commentary on the Plan here and talk about it on my TV show. Interesting times we live in