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A Busness we may see here :( Editorial


Ever think of what would happen if you say took a foolish Mayor running a City deep in debit so deep in debit that The Mayor voids Union Contracts so much in debt that street lights are removed, combine this with say a Company from The People’s Republic of China who is looking to “invest” in Wisconsin.

Now say that this Mayor sees Lake Michigan as not a great resource for all but a big pot of money for him to loot.  A body of Water that gives Racine the best tasting water! (

What may happen? Well that’s easy! Lets build a Water Bottling Plant! After all the PRC has such high standers on Water

Why worry?

Mayor John Dickert knows best for us all Silly Rabbit next your say that the Mayor sued his own city!

Oh and our Green Mayor might want to know this

He must love his law suits if he tries this there sure will be some.

An Idea that that we will never see

An Idea that would fit the plans for the Root River/Lake Michigan bring a few jobs and would do the City of Racine a lot of good but will not even be looked at is Wind Power Generated power along Lake Michigan.
As a whole the U.S. Department of Energy said that there is there are more than 700 gigawatts of potential wind power on the Great Lakes. How much of that could be gathered along the coast line of Racine WI, I do not know however my guess would be a few 10’s of Megawatts. This is power that could be sold to homeowners in the City (Like the idea of Bright Public Power was back in the day) or to the grid I.E. WE Energies. With more and more power needed in S.E. Wisconsin combined with Obama’s war on Coal (and Capitalism) my guess is the cost of the investment recovered quickly the days of .07 pet KW will be long gone and quick at that. With the cut in Coal generated power some other source will have to take its place.
(Sidebar IMHO I think Obama would not mind the USA looking like North Korea he does love his Socialism)
Now I am not taking turbines along the Lake Shore the rich and white would never allow this. However they could be build off shore where they could not been seen.
Of course the City of Racine would not be doing the project itself, hell to me The City of Racine can not even fix up run down properties. If and when the City and county both have leadership up to the task to manage a project such as this I do hope that we move forward with seeking how we can best bring Wind Farms to this area of Lake Michigan and in this way help Racine keep power costs down.

Other benefits be the jobs created in building and maintaining the equipment.

How to Starting a Fresh Water Business Incubator Research Center

A How to Start A Business Incubator/Research Center
(Note to Mayor John Dickert feel free to steal the idea if that what it takes for you to get this going)

Tied of waiting for The Mayor of Racine waiting for Obama cash to get this going? I know I am.

So here is a simple plan that even the City of Racine can follow.

Find a location think The City Hall Annex(800 Center St) there is unused rooms and the building has a large meeting room and plenty of parking across the st. Near City Hall making it close for Photo opps A Mayor can never have too many.

Set up one of the rooms with a few desks and chairs, The City has some not being used now I think. Bring in a Phone line and Broadband.
From RCEDC/REMAC find computer equipment, from Racine Vocational Ministry find staff members looking to improve /restore Skill sets.

My guess is the same person working for the City of Racine that used to work at Wingspread looking at Water issues could be appointed the first leader of this Center even if they ran it at .5 time the first steps could be taken to fill out the Center to make this fully operational.

Of course this will never happen, after all is not Obama and the EPA going to give our Mayor millions?…
Well maybe depending how the grant was written something like this could come out of the EPA cash but I see way too many wanting a part of this free EPA/Obama cash for something meaningful to happen like this.

Hell do we not understand that the Good Old Boys must be made happy and allowed to look good far before anything useful gets done, right?

I am shocked shocked I say thar RCEDC has not done this yet! Shocked I tell Shocked, that the major companies in Racine say J-Wax- Twin Disk and other RAMAC members have not started a drive to make this happen!