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Trolleys for the Marina WTF? My thoughts

From the Journal Times 4/24/12  :

Last year, as part of budget cuts, city officials decided they couldn’t continue to run the aging trolleys, said City Administrator Tom Friedel. The trolleys were cut, along with other bus system cuts. “We were running them at a loss. We were losing money,” Friedel said.

But after a Marina Commission meeting last week where concerns were brought up about losing the trolleys, the auction is going to be temporarily postponed, Friedel said. The city will hold off at least until the Marina Commission’s next meeting on Monday, Friedel said, but can wait longer if needed. ….     and more

…County Supervisor Monte Osterman, who attended last week’s Marina Commission meeting, said he would love to see the trolley service continue in Downtown. But at the same time, he said he doesn’t know if a private company could make money operating the trolleys because at the peak weekend time a trolley should run is also when people would want to rent them for things such as weddings….

What you need to know: County Supervisor Monte Osterman owns two stores in Downtown Racine WI and is a major backer of the Downtown Racine Corporation who wanted the Trolleys for more retail shopping in the Downtown area.

Other then a few riders during the day the only time I say any number ride them was during what I call party events going from Bar to bar with drunks Party On!

The idea is of course if we keep the toys as I will call them this will attract boaters to use Racine Slips for there boats.  Of Course someone needs to pay for operation of the toys so why not the Tax Payers? Damn them if they do not see the value of  the Toys running empty Damn that Governor  Scott Walker for not letting the City just jack up the taxes! Right?

So where to find the Money? Should not be the County. After all how does the toys help say Union Grove or Waterford?  They do not I believe full boat slips do but I thinks its going to be cost of the slips and if boaters can get what they need at the County Marina then cute toys.

Of course the lefty members of the Marina Commission IMHO see more reasons to find and spend tax money. I know lets raise slip fees!  Higher fees just bring in folks wanting to spend money!

These toys for the Marina  need to be a nonstarter.