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Living where we do next to Lake Michigan we take Water for granted. So much so close. The amount of the water is 1,180 cu mi (4,900 km3)
Gallons. That’s a lot of Water.
So of course when say the City of Milwaukee dumps well here a story:

“Some of the debris that washed up on Michigan beaches in 2008 and 2010 likely came from Milwaukee sewer overflows, federal investigators concluded in documents released Monday by the Chicago-based Alliance for the Great Lakes.

A 2011 U.S. Coast Guard summary of the investigations identifies combined sewer overflows in June 2008 and July 2010 as a “logical suspect” in releasing debris to the lake that later washed ashore in Michigan, the Alliance says in a statement on its website,

Though plastic trash from a large recycling company located between Chicago and Milwaukee was identified as the source of some debris in the summer of 2008, the investigation revealed that some trash linked to Milwaukee area retail businesses and residences was found on Michigan beaches after both overflows, according to Lyman Welch, Alliance water quality program manager in Chicago.

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration analysis of lake tides, currents and winds after both overflows concluded the debris might have come from Milwaukee at around the time of the overflows, according to investigation documents.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District reported two sewer overflow records in June 2008 after several days of heavy rains.

An estimated 2.9 billion gallons of untreated sewage and storm water flowed to the lake over nine days – June 7 to 15 – in the largest combined sanitary and storm sewer overflow since the deep tunnel system opened in 1994.

The district’s separate sanitary sewers released 686 million gallons of untreated sewage and storm water to the lake during overflows from June 7 to 9, 2008.

Torrential rains were blamed in a July 22 to 25, 2010, combined sewer overflow of 1.985 billion gallons and a separate sewer overflow of 171 million gallons.

The Alliance acknowledged that MMSD’s state permit allows up to six combined sewer overflows in a year.

“The current standard for combined sewer overflows is too loose and should be tightened,” Welch said.

MMSD officials will not comment on the report until they have reviewed the findings with Coast Guard officials, spokesman Bill Graffin said Monday.

District officials will ask federal investigators why Chicago’s much larger July 2010 sewer overflows to the lake – an estimated 6.5 billion gallons – was not identified as a possible source of beach debris that summer, Graffin said.

The district reported one combined sewer overflow in 2011: an estimated 170.5 million gallons on June 21 and 22.”

Wow, Almost 7 Billion Gallons of sewage and I do not recall an outcry, do you? Of course not.Mayor Tom Barrett can do no wrong right?
Yet he and another “Green” as they like to call themself’s Mayor John Dickert would love to sell Lake Michigan Water to well right now to Waukesha might in time we see maybe water being sold to oh Phoenix or say Vegas? Before you think I’m nuts The needs of LA for Water is so great that well the Colorado is used to fill the City needs oh and here is a link
What else might be going on with the Water? Will we be the last generation to have clean Water from the Lake?