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Follow the Money

Its all about the Money. Read the Document at tonight’s COW Meeting we will see where this money over the years has went and be able to judge how effective the funds were are are being spent



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            The area-wide Sewer Service Agreement was signed on April 25, 2002 by the City of Racine, the Racine Wastewater Commission, the Town of Mt. Pleasant and its Utility District, the Town of Caledonia and its Utility Districts and was later signed by the Village of Sturtevant and the North Park Sanitary District.  Other communities are also expected to sign during the first 120 days after April 25, 2002, which is the “Effective Date” of the Agreement.  Revenue sharing payments required by the Agreement are based on a model developed by the City’s consultant, Ruekert-Mielke, Inc.  Payments are based on factors including the municipal budget, population and equalized property values.  Payments are calculated based on information from the prior calendar year, with notification of the amounts by July 1 of each year.  Payments are due by March 1 of the following year.  The Wastewater Commission is required to bill the parties for such payments by January 15 of the year payment is to be made.  The Wastewater Commission will distribute revenue sharing payments to Net Recipient Parties within 15 days of payment by all contributing Parties, except if there is a late payment, proceeds will be distributed based on the amounts received.  For each area participating, there will be 30 payment years beginning in 2002 with payments due March 15, 2003.  New areas entering the agreement will have 30 years of revenue sharing payments to make beginning at the time the area enters the agreement. 

            The agreement requires the City to use these revenues for capital improvement projects and thereby be able to increase its equalized value.  Such projects are envisioned to include infrastructure improvements as well as redevelopment projects.  Additionally, the Agreement requires certain expenditures to be made for designated projects and a designated area.  The City is required to spend not less than $6,000,000, 2001 net present value at 5% annually, of the total revenue sharing payments from Mt.. Pleasant in the area designated in Exhibit I of the Agreement (see attached) within 10 years after signing the Agreement.  Such expenditures must include the Oakes Road extension, which is to be improved during the same year that Mt. Pleasant participates in reconstruction of Chicory Road, which is a project that the City is pursuing.  Additionally, the City must spend its pro-rata share of upgrading and improving Three Mile Road at the border of Caledonia and Racine, contingent on Caledonia expending funds for its share of the Three Mile Road project. 

                        In addition to revenue sharing payments received from the outlying communities, the City will receive transfers of assets from the Wastewater Utility, subject to the Utility retaining an amount of funds that is reasonable and prudent in light of the needs and circumstances of the Utility.  The transfers will include reimbursement for equity contributions made by the City to the Utility or the Wastewater Commission after the effective date of the Agreement, plus interest; the amount of $660,000 per year to reimburse the City for assets originally transferred to the Utility, with a total transfer of $6,690,407, of which $3,300,000 was paid through the end of 2001; payment for Racine County’s funding shortfall for library services, beginning with a 2002 payment of $467,527; a payment for zoo funding in the amount of $285,000 in 2002 with a 3% increase per year through 2007 and the amount fixed for future years, and a payment for Wustum Museum services in the amount of $115,000 for 2002 with a 3% increase per year through 2007 and payments fixed in that amount thereafter.  These items total $1,527,527 for transfers in 2002.  It is anticipated that sufficient reserve funds exist in the Wastewater Utility accounts to support these payments for at least 20 years.  The agreement also anticipates that Racine County will increase its funding for library services and the amount funded by the Utility reserve funds would vary based on the County’s participation in payment for library services.  The items in this paragraph are not subject to expenditure limitation for capital projects.  It is anticipated that these funds will be used for offsetting current expense in each year’s City budget.

     -Dan Wright, City Attorney

The Rabbit Hole.

Rabbit Hole: A way into a bizarre world.


Well that be Our Dear Mayor Dickert and what I and others are finding out about what is going on both with our fearless leader JD Fearless Leader Mayor John Dickert and Senior Adviser at Heartland Solutions Group a Lobbing group.

All ready we are looking at how this may work into An Ordnance in Racine/Water/Service Master and Heartland. We have just started  and all ready we are amazed at what we are seeing.

We know that our Mayor (see above) is involved with many groups that are interested in the Great Lakes  from the HSG web page “He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, a partnership between 70 mayors and other local officials in the U.S. and Canada dedicated to protecting and restoring the Great Lakes. Mr. Dickert has also been appointed as Vice Chair to the United States Conference of Mayors’ Metro Economies Committee, serves on the Mayors’ Water Council,…”

In Racine we all know of his work with the Root River Plan that came up with RootWorks  (and God only knows how much money in spending by the City of Racine)

Everyone I talked to today about this are thinking the same thing:

1) Mayor Dickert has created the perception that he is knowable about fresh Water issues

2) Mayor Dickert has put himself in groups that are working on Fresh Water issues

3) The Fresh Water in Lake Michigan is worth Billions

4) The groups and/or Businesses   who will control the fresh water of the Lakes will be very wealthy and very Powerful

What is strange about this is why now? Why not wait until the end of his 2nd term then go off be the powerful clean fresh water guy vs now?

Was it money? mega power?

Well its going to be a strange rabbit hole and I think one that may hold danger to someone who may stop the gravy train.


From Racine in Ruins 2/10/13

Myself, I think that the fist and most critical job of any Mayor of any City,Town or Village, is to lobby for the community s/he serves be it, the  residents who live there, Companies that operate you know those he severs in office right? That depending on the size of that community this could take up a large amount of time.

Hell, using the example of Racine, the job of Mayor could take up 40+ each week if not more. With the issues of Racine from unemployment,falling property values to the Heroin plague that’s effecting the whole State of Wisconsin, I would think that our Mayor John Dickert would be so busy at his job as Mayor that he have little time for anything else.

JDnaziOur Mayor!

Well I be wrong on both counts!

You see MAYOR JOHN DICKERT WORKS FOR A LOBBYING FIRM! See look here:    That’s him!   Mr. Dickert is a Senior Adviser must be nice

The Comany’s Web page said this about themself’s
HSG: The “Go To” Group for Real World Results
Whether you are managing a crisis, trying to achieve a specific policy objective, positioning yourself in the public arena, or trying to develop a new market, the only thing that matters is results. We do a multi-faceted and comprehensive analysis of your issue because surprises have no place in the public affairs arena. This process creates the foundation for developing and implementing a strategy that results in success for our clients. HSG’s mission is to help you operate effectively in a culture where an increasingly broad array of external and internal stakeholders has a say in the decision-making process of organizations. We work with corporations, non-profits, governmental entities and trade associations across a broad range of sectors. Our skill and experience leverage your knowledge to deliver world-class results.”

and this about our Mayor the One we pay to run this city “Mr. Dickert is a Senior Advisor to the Heartland Solutions Group and is currently serving in his second term as Mayor of Racine, Wisconsin. He has served on the Government Affairs Team at the law firm of Foley & Lardner and is the former Director of Government Affairs for the Wisconsin Credit Union League.

Mr. Dickert has also held a variety of positions in the offices of U.S. Representative Peter Barca (D-WI) and U.S. Representative Les Aspin (D-WI). Additionally, he has worked for both Republicans and Democrats in the Wisconsin State Assembly, staffing both the Joint Finance Committee on the State budget and the Ways and Means Committee on taxation.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, a partnership between 70 mayors and other local officials in the U.S. and Canada dedicated to protecting and restoring the Great Lakes. Mr. Dickert has also been appointed as Vice Chair to the United States Conference of Mayors’ Metro Economies Committee, serves on the Mayors’ Water Council, and is the first President of the newly-created Urban Alliance of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.”

Must be nice to work as a lobbyist something he has done before.

I thought he was working for us you know the Tax payers who pay his wages, who have seen taxes go up up up and unemployment follow.  Mind you if he needed the cash for Xmas gifs and got a job Bar tending or wrote books on politics I have no issues heck, I am writing or trying to Ebooks, many do. More power to him but this?

We have questions like:

Is he use City Staff or Equipment for this

How many hours a week is he doing this, must the City Administrator or others cover for the Mayor as he does Lobbying?

Since he is Mayor 24/7 and get say in a Car Crash on the way to a Lobbing event are we liable to pay for that?

Can he Lobby at a City event? If he goes to D.C. to a Mayor’s event can he Lobby at that? Might he be Lobbing at those events or saying he is? Are we paying him to Lobby for others?

Are there conflicts of interest in his Lobbing? What groups  or issues is he lobby for? Do we the residents of Racine want him to lobby on the issues or for those groups?

Oh the questions!


Model Municipal Fertilizer Ordinance

Racine (WI) Mayor John Dickert and Barrington Lake (IL) Mayor Kevin Richardson updated the mayors on their work to translate a fertilizer application best practice policy adopted by the Conference of Mayors into a practical local ordinance in Racine. This effort builds on previous work Richardson has completed in Illinois where he was able to bring all of the parties together and work out a policy approach that is protective of water quality, protects vulnerable habitats, includes applicator training up to best practices levels, and provides for penalties for failure to comply.

Since there are many parties that contribute to non-point nutrient contamination of waterways, but are not held responsible, the process that Richardson and Dickert are developing helps to reconcile competing interests within the community, but also allows for non-jurisdictional non-point source emitters to engage in solution discussions.

The effort in Racine is near completion, and the mayors may be reached by e-mail at: or

Richardson Is the head of Hartland this is what the web page said “Mr. Richardson is the President of the Heartland Solutions Group and a veteran corporate Government & Public Affairs executive. He has served as the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for The ServiceMaster Company, Vice President of Government Relations for R.R. Donnelley, and Vice President of Government and Member Relations for the Electronic Industries Association. He is also the former Associate Counsel to the Subcommittee on Administrative Law of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and the former Assistant PAC Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Mr. Richardson is the elected Mayor of the Village of Lake Barrington, Illinois and is a member of both the Board of Visitors of the Graduate School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University and the Advisory Board of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

His civic and professional involvement includes his service on the Board of Directors of the Chicago-area Metropolitan Planning Council, the Public Affairs Council, and the Public Affairs Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he is also the co-chair of the Lake County (Illinois) Water Supply Advisory Committee and is a member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Water Council.”

WOW Was this done to help Service Master?

Are there scams now that will help them get $$ from RootWorks?

End Story



I was but Sleeping

Yes this blog is back I like to thank Mayor John Dickert for awaking me to the fact that its all about the Water.

Sadly in this case in Racine WI, the Root River and the Great Lakes looks like to me all about Money to be make raping The Great Lakes, The Root River and the Taxpayers of Racine and Racine county.

Will have a far longer Blog post soon and will be coping my post from Racine In Runes from today too. Update and add some links.

Racine Fresh Water Reserch Park.

So our Mayor John Dickert had a plan to focus the City on Lake Michigan vs away from the Lake, and by doing so would bring business that focus on fresh water uses to Racine, or so he claimed  he would do.

So far The Mayor has yet to bring any to Racine (Has he brought any new business to the City?) If anything Our Leader has driven business away either driving them to other near by  cities or going out of business.

I see this trend continuing, the high taxes, high fees, poor schools and high crime is not good for attracting  new companies.

What he could have done for very little money that could have had a huge impact was this:

1) Rehab one of the many building that the City owns into a suite of office space, this space would be like an business incubator for businesses looking to work in some way in Fresh Water.

2) Offer cheep basic office services for companies using the incubator and fast Broadband. I would also would equip a Science Lab  and work with Gateway to find Work Study interns for running this Lab.

3) Again I use Gateway to oversee the day to day operations of the research park. Like cleaning snow removal, keeping the books what have you.

4) An agreement would be signed by the companies using the research park that say 25% of anything discovered/ invented/sold   would belong to the City of Racine.

5) The max lease would be 10 years. This could be extended.

6) Any Employees hired would have to be City of Racine residents  within 6 months.

7) A board made up by 1 from Gateway one from The State of Wisconsin and one from the Aldermen of Racine would keep track and each year state the results of the Park.

8) Other ideas could be bring in and provide a stipend for the conduct of  pure research on clean water issues from an group of applying for this.

9) Each year host a meeting of researchers on Fresh Water, with the chair being (I hate to say this) The sitting Mayor of Racine.


Too bad so sad Mayor John Dickert did not do this nor do I think he will. Why?

Your guess is as good as mine, sure fit into RootWorks idea and could easily be put on “Machinery Row” Water St.

Guess making the Boaters/ Downtown crowd happy is job one vs doing something that would I think help the City and the Lake.

The few $$ this would cost could be found from local Business groups and State Grants, hell I can get grants for this!

Great this is I do not have to wait on Mayor Dickert to do  much of this, and why should I?

Anyone can get a building (Going cheep in Racine) even me!  I even own a few domain names that fit right in!

Hell, my It Came From The Root River film could be part of this too.


Let me be blunt My .02


I am of two schools of thought:

1) A lot of good can come with a focus on the River and Harbor within the City of Racine

2) I do not trust The Mayor of Racine John Dickert  to do anything more then enrich his pals and by use of Public Funds to continue to build shit just to build shit any say he did something (and give Cronies money)

He can also use the Harbor to raise taxes and create more opportunities to give cronys money.

To me this is shown by such things as:

City Hall Bathrooms

CAR 25

Roundabout on 7th St

This is so bad that I can not trust the Mayor nor those who work on the City’s Commissions or Boards in Racine City Goverment. for I feel that the members of such are in on the games or to dumb to understand what is going on.

There are exceptions to this, few and far between but they do exist.  So what do I do?

I guess the only thing I can do is go to the Meetings and talk about the issues on this blog.

From Racine Exposted 2/18/13

Please read

Why Democracies Fail

On October 24, 2012, the residents of Racine were treated to Mayor John Dickert’s 2013 budget speech.

It is obvious that the challenge before us is a great one, but let me be clear – if the State’s actions continue -the City will be forced to evaluate if, and how we can afford the quality of life issues that make our city great, like the zoo, North Beach, Festival and Memorial Hall, our parks and even our BUS system.

In preparation, I have asked my department heads to look long term at what the city will look like in the next 5-7 years if these cuts continue. I will tell you that it is likely the items I just mentioned will all have to be on the table.

These cuts will impact all of us, but it is not enough to just cut budgets. I believe that you have to work smarter and harder to build a great city, and that is what this administration is doing. Therefore, we continue to work to make sure we are fiscally responsible and plan for a successful tomorrow.

Shortly after Mayor John Dickert’s budget speech, residents of Racine were shocked to learn that the Mayor intended to cut Fire Station 5.

Nov. 1, 2013 from The JT

RACINE — Faced with having to cut three paramedic/firefighters in the 2013 budget, Racine Fire Department Chief Steve Hansen said Wednesday that his department may have no other choice than to close Fire Station 5, 2430 Blaine Ave.

Followed by the announcement that the Mayor had made a plea for funds from local non-profits.

November 03, 2012  from The JT

RACINE — In September Mayor John Dickert’s office sent letters to 182 local nonprofits, including churches, asking the tax-exempt organizations if they would consider paying a portion of the property tax the city would normally charge them if their properties were taxed.

The idea was that if the organizations donated even a little bit to city coffers it would help Racine better weather a nasty financial season. According to the letter, any money the city received through Nov. 1 would be applied to its 2013 budget.

With the city already well into its budget planning process, City Administrator Tom Friedel said Friday that the city has yet to collect any money through the program, dubbed “Racine’s Fair Share.”

Then, suddenly, a miracle occurred, and City Hall found the funds to save the fire station – disaster had been averted at the last minute.

Nov. 21, 2012 from The JT

RACINE — A previously imperiled fire station will stay open and hours at two community centers will remain the same under a final 2013 spending plan approved by the City Council Tuesday night. 

After weeks of budget presentations and hours of discussions, aldermen were able to reach a number of agreements last week, transferring funds to struggling departments in an effort to ward off cuts. In addition to coming up with a plan to keep Fire Station 5, 2430 Blaine Ave., open, aldermen found dollars for Tyler-Domer and Humble Park community centers.

Even a small number of non-profits answered the call of the Mayor and donated   money to the City.

Jan 17,2013 from The JT

RACINE — A total of three local nonprofits have stepped forward to donate money to help the city cover some of its costs in 2013.

This week, Mayor John Dickert’s office sent out a press release thanking the Olympia Brown Unitarian Church, Beth Israel Sinai Congregation and the Racine Education Association who together donated $2,100 to the City.

While the Mayor is publicly saying that the party needs to end – and that party is largely  due to the Mayor’s reckless spending problem approved by a compliant and complicit Common Council –  City Hall is privately INCREASING spending and EXPANDING programs even as Mayor John Dickert cries that he is “BROKE!”

Instead of  “continuing to work to make sure we are fiscally responsible and plan for a successful tomorrow” the Mayor, the City Adminstrator and the Common Council are spending without restraint, expanding programs, and expecting the resident of Racine to bail them out and vote YES on the April 2 referendum.

The Referendum

The Common  Council of Racine states that it is in the best interest of it’s residents to grant a yearly increase of 5% every year from 2014 on out.


Let’s do the math – $49,960,322 at 5% yearly for twenty years.


Do you believe that this is in your best interest? Is the boss going to be able to give you a raise big enough to cover the increases?  What’s going to happen to the value of your home? Will your business be able to raise prices enough to cover the costs and still remain viable? Where does this end? Will large employers remain in Racine, or will they leave?

And why can’t the root of the problem, uncontrolled spending, lavish salaries and benefits for salaried employees be addressed?  The City cannot realistically support a bureaucracy made up of $100,000+ positions. Additionally, the City went overboard on funding entertainment venues and needs to eliminate many from the budget. The city needs to learn how to  live simply, so others may simply live.

Remember that this is the increase ONLY for the  property taxes of The City of Racine , Gateway has a referendum to add $49M in new borrowing, and RUSD borrowed another $42M and other taxing authorities will demand increases. The Common Council has also raised fees, and will do so again in the future.

The problem with Racine government was identified by former   County Executive Bill McReynolds: “But what the taxpaying public has to understand is that if we’re going to get control on property taxes, we’re going to have to cut programs that are not mandated by the state and that are not core functions of county government.”

It is time to return to a limited government, cut the functions that are not core services, and clawback  some of the outrageous salary and compensation gains that were given to the public employees, both salaried and  union, during the real estate bubble.

Former Alderman Eric Marcus’s  proposal to re-align the lavish salaries and compensation of public officials with Racine’s economic reality got him branded Persona Non Grata at City Hall.

Dec. 21, 2011 from The JT:

RACINE — An alderman’s proposal to review vacant high-paying city positions in hopes of finding cost-saving opportunities is dead.

The City Council unanimously approved the committee’s recommendation to receive and file the proposal without discussion on Tuesday night. Committee members previously said the proposal bordered on micromanagement, was time-consuming and would interfere with human resources duties.

City Administrator Tom Friedel has said the city already vets any position when it becomes vacant, including studying how cutting the position would affect services and waiting for months to fill such vacancy to see if a department can still function. He said there are about 150 city positions that are paid more than $100,000 a year in salaries and benefits.

The Math should make it clear who you cannot afford. A Common Council that makes  poor decisions based on flimsy premises, a City Administrator who is out of touch with reality, and a Mayor whose brand of Chicago Style politics and crony capitalism is leading Racine to financial ruin!

Here is an interesting video that will teach you about the exponential function, growth, and the public’s failure to understand the ramifications of these demands.


The story with video is here:



Dredge the Harbor/River or they die!


Dredge the Harbor/River or they die!

From the Journal Sentinel

From the Story “Lakes Michigan and Huron, which are actually two lobes of one grand lake, hit a record low in January. A combination of warm, dry weather has driven the lakes down more than a foot from where they were this time last year, 2 feet from their long-term average and more than 6 feet lower than the record high levels of the mid-1980s. But historic dredging on the St. Clair River, the lakes’ main outflow, is also a factor in today’s low water.”

We can see the Lake dropping  in depth with our own eyes. Talking to Fisherman its to the point almost where boats will start having issues coming into The Racine Harbors, some I have talked to think that perhaps even this year The Root River will be unusable to small craft. That be hell  on the businesses that rely on Small Craft owners to keep them open, how will the boaters get to them if the boats get beached before hand?

That sure piss off the Down Town Racine in crowd.

We can guess whats coming from the City of Racine, Mayor John Dickert will see if he can somehow find the money (With your taxes) to pay to dredge the River.

Kinda hard to get the magic Boaters to come to Racine WI if they can not make it up river.

Be one thing if Racine had a real harbor for both pleasure craft and freight, I be all over this and a better rail line to get the freight into out of Racine. This of course would mean real jobs and economic development, for an area that sure could use it.

No, our Mayor has his mind set on condos and water parks.   Like that is going to happen.

Be interesting if The Root River does silt up or might there be a deal not to fight Waukesha on dumping 6 million gal of “treated” sewage in the Root River in a vain hope to keep it open?

The quest for Tourism or the backdoor to a higher sales tax in Racine speculation


I am back!

From my Racine in Ruins blog


The quest for Tourism or the backdoor to a higher sales tax in Racine speculation


The City of Racine has no money we all know this our Mayor John “Only State ran Media allowed” Dickert has said time and again. Case in point why the city ripped up the City Union Contacts we have no money.

Why did the City want to close a Fire House we have no money.

At the same time our Mayor wants to spend more money to do so he raised taxes about 5% proposing to outsource CAR 25 to pals in Kenosha (as he saids to save $$ yet the act will cost more money) but as you will see what I think Dickert is doing he will need a “State” controlled Media, Dickert must be King of all media.

Add to this that fact that the “Tourist” area of Racine is not doing so well  A major employer has relocated outside the City. Shops are closing more and more empty store fronts. Even a Hot Dog Stand has closed.

Many property owners are behind on taxes in the Downtown area, even more sadly some business  owners from State of Wisconsin Records maybe as much as 60K behind. 60,000 assuming the State records are right that mean to me that the Downtown is in very sad shape, or we have some in Racine who think that Taxes are only for others to pay.

More tourism to Racine spending money would only help an area that is well as I see it a sink hole of failing businesses, properties far behind on taxes and other then bars empty after dark.

Who better then The Mayor to help send businesses  your way?

How to do this?

Well what I think we will see The official Mayor Dickert Network do a series of CATV productions high lighting the City of Racine focusing on Downtown and North beach this programing will not be part of CAR 25 (Hail John Dickert) but be contacted by the City of Racine, RCEDC, RAMAC, and say the Zoo (all under the control or are pals of the Mayor) . The new operators of CAR 25 (Pals of the Mayor)NOT  Car 25,will be contacted for a fee to create and produce the shows. Should this happen keep your eye on who else gets sub contacted to help.  Perhaps part of this effort is to reward long time pals that so far have yet to feed at the City Pork Feeders?

Of course other political  hacks like Rep Cory Mason will be used to promote their own projects like RootWorks. Thinking RootWorks will have $$ to help pay for this effort, after all one of the talking points of RootWorks is to create tourism to come to Racine’s Downtown. Just look at the map of where RootWorks will be directed to the Downtown area. Its all about the Downtown.

The Shows will be put on CAR 25 and I would hope You Tube and Blip TV.  I would think that an effort would be made to get them on both Milwaukee and Chicago air to try to bring tourism here. NOTE THE WORD TRY

Well the right kind of tourism WHITE folks to spend cash in the downtown area.

Should “Please No Blacks Allowed” signs should be put up?

Of course the Mayor will say if true or not how great this idea to bring tourism to Racine has worked and numbers will be produced to say how wildly successful the program has been, there by justifying the $$ spent and the need to continue to do so (Spend money)

Now  State Law allows for this:  “In 1997, the legislature authorized municipalities capable of qualifying as “premier resort areas” to impose a 0.5 percent sales tax. Wis. Stat. sec. 77.994. A municipality, by a two-thirds vote of the members of the governing body who are present when the vote is taken, may declare itself a premier resort area by enacting an ordinance or resolution if at least 40 percent of the equalized assessed value of taxable property within the municipality is used by tourism-related retailers. Wis. Stat. sec. 66.1113(2)(a). The definition of “Tourism-related retailers” lists twenty-one classifications of retail businesses including: variety stores; miscellaneous general merchandise stores; retail bakeries; gasoline service stations; eating places; drinking places; drug stores and proprietary stores; liquor stores; hotels and motels; and public golf courses.”


And part of the Marketing effort of Racine as a tourist destination words that I recall the Mayor has used to describe Racine  is to do exactly this

The law also said : “However, the tax proceeds may only be used to pay for public infrastructure expenses within the premier resort area’s jurisdiction. Wis. Stat sec. 66.1113(2)(d).”

Gee this sure would go along ways to help pay for Bike Trails and Foot Bridges for Root Works. Might even go to help pay for other parts needed for RootWorks like buying Marina’s in tax issues then creating a Mall on the river.

This speculation on my part goes to explain the need for the Mayor John Dickert Network and the push on RootWorks.

At least I own some Domains I can make Bank on, buy now! Price will only go up!


You might want to call your Alderman now and express your views.

Note this:

1) No Black Owned Bars in Downtown that may scare rich whites

2)  More Bars in the Downtown for Max drinking

3) As I see it soon no more programing critical of Mayor John Dicker allowed on CAR 25!

4)  Easier ways to pay for parking


Now does anyone think more tourism will be coming to Racine? To do what?


Money Games

Looking at the City budget and cant help but think how the hell is the City of Racine going to even start paying for all the toys of Rootworks when you look at everything else the City is paying for or wants to pay for the question still is how in God’s Earth are they going to pay for this all.

Its just wild that a City that is so broke contracts that City Unions are busted to save money would even think to run a civic center that lost over 250,000 last year. This does not include the $$ for a new roof and other fees charged by the contractor over management fees $300,000 +.
What do you think comes first keeping the Cities word or running an underused Civic center open?