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Cthulhu Comes to Racine

Cthulhu comes to Racine and that explains a lot!


You see why would he not come to Racine? We are a harbor town our leader kind looks like Cthulhu


Now with all the renewed interest in the Root River  and that meaning money to who I see as Dickert’s Crony pals. Why not me too?

At least my ideas do not allow 6-10 Million Gals of “Treated” Sewage to come down the Root River


Makes you proud of our City Leadership! We can trust our leaders to do the right thing! Not like the City is taking down Streetlights as our Mayor goes to trip to Mexico! Right?

So what I am thinking was to grow Mushrooms and sell them under the name of Cthulhu and the line Eat Cthulhu Mushrooms before he eats you! With a funny drawing of Cthulhu on the packaging. 

This of course gives the opportunity to do so many fun things from Comics to posts here or ever start a whole new blog about growing Mushrooms as a neat way to promote the Mushroom  growing and talk about the Root River.

Gee maybe Vandewalle some how caused   Cthullu to come to Racine in the first place?

Beach clean up Song and Dance


So I went to Mayor of Racine John Dickert’s press event. A fair number of folks there too bad out of the near 25 there only 2 or three were members of the Public.

This was held to announce that the City of Racine would benefit from  an EPA Grant of 2.6 Million as part of  Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grants NOTE this is shared with 14 other locations at  no time did  $$ for Racine was told.  as in the amount we would get to use or invested in a study for Racine. be interesting how this gets spun. It is Mayor John Dicket so your guess is as good as mine.

AS the EPA and the DNR was at the beach I did not see anyone from the Root River Council to include Supervisor Osterman who if there would be a great link to Racine County and the Root River Project Root Works. A staffer from Sen Johnson was in attendance  and I do hope the Mayor’s Neck is not hurting him this morning I have not seen someones neck turn like that since the Exorcist. as he took note of her being there.

As this is a good thing for Racine in fixing up the Beach to help keep Lake Michigan clean  and this does help folks come here because of the lake.

So if we just dived the cash by 15 Racine will get about 170,000 not bad. would have been nice to know the amount at the event.

He took questions from the press so I was not able to ask any yet… but If I could have] I would have asked him how he plans to keep the Lake and the Beaches of Racine clean from the issues of 8-10 Million Gallons of “Treated Sewage” coming down the Root River.

I also would have asked him about if a bit of cash be worth ending Racine’s beaches.




A visit.


This weekend I walked around the Lakefront. Nice day interesting day.  Liked meeting the nice folks from Indonesia, the older one of the group said how the Mayor remained her of Sukarno when she was a child but doing a far worse job, then Sukarno did.

The Daughter had questions on what was going on with the “Sea  Wall” so was I.

So I looked at what was going on and asked some questions


I saw this



I asked the “supervisor” on site what was going on.

He said that Racine County was doing another 400′ of the “Sea Wall” as part of fixing up the County’s Marina. What?   WHAT?



The supervisor also said the contract called for work EVERYDAY that the Lake was flat.  Wow everyday so this crew of 4-5 on a Sunday was getting double time? Perhaps more

Leaving the area I ran into two retired guys that use to work as dredgers at the time this wall was built back in the day.  The retired men thought the crew was making $200 an Hour.

Nice to know that Racine County has that kind of money.  Now The Root River needs Dredging a good 1/4 mile from the Harbor mouth. This will cost tons. Who will be paying for this should the county do that? Are we going to be doing that?



Fred Eaton The Killer of the Owens Vally is in the House!



Fred Eaton The Killer of the Owens Vally is in the House! (Editorial)



A bit about Fred Eaton from the PBS page on the show called the West:

Born in Los Angeles in 1856, into the prominent family that had founded Pasadena, Eaton taught himself engineering and was the superintendent of the Los Angeles City Water Company by age 19. Elected Mayor in 1898, Eaton created the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and, together with his friend and former employee William Mulholland, advanced the idea of building a gravity-fed aqueduct from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles.

The first obstacle to this plan was the brand-new federal Bureau of Reclamation, which had promised to help the farmers and ranchers of Owens Valley improve their irrigation system. Eaton pulled strings in California and even traveled to Washington to meet with advisers to the conservation-minded President Theodore Roosevelt and convince them that the Owens River would yield a greater bounty flowing from Los Angeles faucets than into Owens Valley orchards and fields. The Bureau of Reclamation project was cancelled.

Next Eaton went to the Owens Valley and began buying up water rights and land options. Never opposed to mixing public service with private gain, Eaton also purchased large parcels of Owens Valley land for himself, with the hope that he would become rich when the city of Los Angeles had to buy his land to complete the project.

and a bit more

Eaton used inside information from the Aqueduct project to enrich himself and his friends at the expense of the City of Los Angeles and other landowners. See California Water Wars for more information. Eventually, his demands became so great that they ruptured his relationship with Mulholland. Eaton wanted a million dollars for some land needed by Mulholland to build a dam reservoir. Mulholland refused to buy and relocated the dam. This relocated dam was the St. Francis Dam, which soon collapsed, killing many people.

and what happed to the Farm Land becuse of IMHO the great rip off of the Water from this area to LA?

In spite of protests from valley farmers and ranchers, Los Angeles completed the first aqueduct from the valley to Los Angeles in 1913 and filled it with reductions in irrigation and, more effectively, by diverting the lower Owens River to the aqueduct. LADWP continued to acquire land and water rights as valley farmers gave up their dead and dying crops and orchards and moved.

By 1924, Owens Lake and approximately fifty miles of the Owens River were dry. By the 1930s, Los Angeles owned approximately 95 percent of all farm and ranch land in the valley….”



Here is what it looks like today once green fields now this



To the Post.


IMHO I think I understand the rush to get RootWorks passed as a City of Racine plan and a few wink wink nudge nudge deals going on in the City of Racine.

As I see it, Mayor Dickert needs the water deal with Waukesha just as fast as he can make this happen.  The 4-8 Million a year Racine would get would go  to pay for the Black Hole that called Racine.

This amount would be about 10% of the City budget Last year 2012 City Budget was 47,186,932

however the City said it would spend 81,729,249  Oh the games the City plays with numbers.

See Mayor John Dickert needs to find every Dime he can

Now should Waukesha go with Racine vs Milwaukee or Oak Creak it still have a long ways to go before any work get started but Mayor Dickert knows its going to be a fight to head off part of the fight was a deal made to say The Root River Council that for this groups backing for a water sales plan they (Root River Council)  would get City help in getting EPA/State of Wisconsin Grants and part of any fees Racine would get goes to fund some aspect of the Root River plan called RootWorks?

Has a “deal” been made for the backing of the Root River Council for selling the Water out of Lake Michigan? If so how much did they get for selling their soul? Guess that’s a money trail that must get followed.

Knowing that even with Walker in charge in Madison that having a State Senator/Assemblyman on his side to help get more $, State backing, and /or DNR approval for the Water sale did that motivate the games played with Voting issues in Racine and the retirement of Rep. Turner?

The Money the City of Racine get for selling  the water from Lake Michigan is just a small part of the Gold coming if we get this deal think of the land that may have to be bought/leased for the pipeline for the Water going to  Waukesha. Think of the contracts for the work think of the games that could be played in this alone! Minority set asides, training programs for youth.  The “oversight” needed money and power galore!

Oh has Racine not been sued via the NSP program for contact issues and Minority contacting issues?

Boy this whole Water sales issue if far greater then I ever thought.

Water Sales


We are now at a time that The City of Racine under the infamous Mayor John “the man who destroyed Racine” Dickert, is thinking if not planing to sell Water from Lake Michigan outside the Watershed.
This news is getting little coverage from the local paper. Few if any members of the public understands how this plan might work, the engineering needed , or the cost both economic or environmental. With Mayor John Dickert’s history with projects like Racine’s Neighborhood Stabilization    Program (3-4 Court Cases lead and other issues in the rehabbed homes) and his past real estate deals before he was Mayor IMHO we need to pay close attention.

So if the paper will not cover this I  will. After all would you not like to know and have a say if the idea to put “treated” Sewage down the Root River? Do YOU trust the City of Racine not to potently  have shit float down this river  into Lake Michigan?

There are a lot of hoops to jump before this happens I hope to go to the open meetings and report back here.

You should expect a call for action to stop any Water sales outside the Watershed. Oh we also have to keep our eyes open for any try to bottle Lake Michigan Water

Racine in Ruins? Speculation Blog

So, I own a bunch of Domain names and a lot to talk about. I am thinking of using one of them and a cheep hosting account to start another Blog called Racine WI in Ruins, talk about all the fun and games in Racine WI from the reports of strange things coming out of the Recall recount and speculating if investigated will the investigation lead to The Mayor of Racine or not? What do you think?

I would get in contact with the Wolf man and re-post the photos he took of the slums of Racine. That sort of thing.

I think it be real interesting to post the info of oh say cronies of the Mayor and Small Claims Court filings.  Should someone sued by the City in the past be doing critical work for the City? What do you think?

Other questions might be the City has huge money issues to face how will The City deal with it? Roll back wages? Outsource Garbage pick up? Lay Off Police and Fire all/none? Simply raise taxes? You know they want to or do they?

Best be how cronies might be benefiting from City Contracts.You know speculation. Show my ideas of how the Good Old Boys at work or in this case destroying Racine driving it to Ruins.

Why pay money to host the Page? Easy max exposure to the world, about what is going on in this City.   See IMHO if folks know what is going on in Racine, maybe they care share more information with me about what they know. Perhaps there is a photo or two floating around showing falling down buildings that are not getting boarded up, maybe fun times in Sander’s Park.Word on the Street, you know what folks gossip about makes that park more fun then  Sybaris.  PARTY!

See I think we that live in Racine know a lot about what is going on and very much want to talk about it.  After all how can we change things if we do not know  what is going on?

Yes I have lots of Domain Names, maybe you have a use for one of them?


Yesterday I was in Milwaukee helping to film the Teaser for Go Go Girls vs the Nazis (
When we were wrapping up the shooting, I starting talking with the Owner of the location we were using and two Milwaukee Police Offices that were providing security.
Once the officers found out I was from Racine, they started asking me about stories they had herd in Milwaukee from visitors to our fine City the owner joined in as did members of the cast. Around ten all together.

They knew about our fine Mayor suing his own city and told a interesting story about a pal trying to get out of the downtown after bar time and the difficulties of doing so, something about a huge fight around 6th and Park.

The group as a whole thought that there be no way in Hell they would come to the City of Racine after all they had bars in Milwaukee. One of the Women of the group wanted to know why even come? What did Racine have that could not be found in Milwaukee?

Interesting image is critical. No matter how news might be spun or not even reported news gets out. Folks come up with an image true or not that is acted on. We do it everyday.

Of course as I see it, what our Good Old Boys do is try and control the message from insuring the local media thinks its part of the Good Old Boys group ( when there is little interest show in the local media) to IMHO stopping the use of CAR 25 by locals to have a voice (not to good effect). This effort again IMHO has only helped them to think everything is just fine.

To be blunt all the marketing of the Root River in the world will do little good if the image of Racine is that of a corupt little town falling apart on Lake Michigan.

The real answer I think is to try fixing the issues but that might take work.

Does the Past tell a story?

With everything going on with Racine County owning and wanting to make Bank on its new Marina, with only ideas to go on I have to ask what has been the history of Marinas in the area over time.

From the Journal Times 8/19/94
SHEBOYGAN (AP) – A legislative committee will examine whether state agencies adequately studied the need for new marinas before granting millions of dollars in state funds to Lake Michigan cities for their construction.

The Joint Committee on Audit will meet next month to review the role of the Wisconsin Waterways Commission and the state Department of Natural Resources in decisions to build marinas in Sheboygan, Racine and Kenosha, said state Rep. Kimberly Plache, D-Racine, the committee’s co-chair.

An audit of the Waterways Commission was requested last week by Rep. Cloyd Porter, R-Burlington. Porter said nearly $8 million in grants to the three cities encouraged the development of unnecessary marinas.

Sheboygan’s $10.2 million Harbor Centre Marina is in its first summer of operation. It has rented out 31 percent of its dock space.

Racine’s Reefpoint Marina, which opened in 1989, is 52 percent full this year.Kenosha’s Southport Marina is at 31 percent of its capacity.

The joint committee will examine whether the Waterways Commission should simply provide help for recreational boating, Plache said.

The committee will also see if the commission, which grants state money for harbor improvements and recreational boating facilities, and the DNR adequately reviewed the need for new marinas before granting state money and permits.
Interesting story. Has things gotten better? Over time did our Marina’s put in the investment needed to keep things up to par or have they been allowed to go downhill?
How much more if any investment will be needed to bring ours up to snuff? Where will that money come from?

Well I think we will find out if the Racine County Executive is a fiscal conservative or not and how much he maybe under the spell of Downtown Racine and Mayor John Dickert.

Mind you this be a great opportunity for a county wide discussion on what form and direction, Racine County should go for economic development. here’s hoping

And so it begins

First let me thank my own corps of interested parties who give me information on the Root River via both City Hall and the County, without them I would not have the latest information.
FYI so I am never able to tell anyone who I am getting info from we meet in public places and they hand me paper or tell me info as I take notes.
Might seem silly but IMHO there is millions of $$ at stake and just like any other “Gold rush” be it Vegas,Phoenix or “Green” power, money in this case lots of money can do interesting things.

Just think if Waukesha cant get the water the City “Needs” all development comes to a stop IMHO millions and millions of $$ worth followed by hundreds of jobs worth even more millions.

What would YOU do to protect your paycheck for a few million?

Now things are afoot with the Root River Plan having to be an ordinance as soon as possible, I will be looking at that. Oh and question? Why the Mayor of Racine not visiting the Fish Farm off the Root River and why are his cronies saying he has? Something is not making much sense. Such as small thing to lie about.

A Realtors Dream, Tax Payers Nightmare?

A Realtor Dream Tax Payers  Nightmare

Something I must keep in the frond of my mind going into my backing of the Root River idea is the failed projects of the past.  Now there is no  dishonor in failing we all have failed everyone of us. The issue  to me is was something learned what steps did you take not to do the same thing again.  Very critical should the new idea or project be using public money.

Now I expect that the Root River project will include in some ways a rebirth of Point Blue and the Transit Center. Both public projects that have failed badly. In fact the City of Racine refused the chance  of doing something with the Transit Center because if I recall right, Mayor Dickert  wanted to wait for KRM to be starte.THe Center is still standing empty gathering trash.

Well KRM is not going to get started in my lifetime (next 5 years) a good thing I think but a subject for another post.

Point Blue (Lake Side project with Housing and retail)was  as I see it mismanaged from the start did anyone at the City even check on the background/CV  of the guy that was leading the idea?

We should all pay attention to the boundaries of the TIF’s near the River and Lake. We should pay attention to who sits on the Boards of the BID’s and Root River Council,we need to pay close attention to how much money in Fees can groups like RCEDC and the City of Racine can receive and/or spend on/with/because of the Grants coming in to help fix the River before one shovel of Dirt is turned over.

My big worry is that say a former realtor thinks that the City can do a better job micromanaging the Real Estate Markets better then a free Market.

Will we just then end up with say  more Point Blues?