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Come on folks its about the Water…. I share my thoughts

But first we have from:



So I was talking to Mr. X on the phone today, not talked to him for sometime and out of the blue he calls

We chatted a bit talk about the RICO Suit then to the point of the phone call that being what the point of the whole Rootworks was: that being as we saw it Control of Sale of WATER!

Mind you, we thought that Machinery Row/TIF 18 could be the largest case of Land Fraud in the History of the State of Wisconsin when all was said and done but that would pale in compassion to the money to be made over the sale of Water from Lake Michigan should Waukesha  be allowed to buy Water from Lake Michigan and then send “Treated Waist back via The Root River

imagesrs2 Treated Sewage?


Right now we are being told that Waukesha will need about 6-10 million Gals a day to just stay the same size and perhaps grow a bit the Water if sent back to Lake Michigan (and the Great Lakes Compact tells us that the water MUST come back) Via the Root Industrial Canal (Formerly the Root River) would generate about 6 Million a year for the Cash Staved city of Racine, then of course, Cities like to grow builders like to build developers like to rip off tax payers I mean develop(I estimate that each year Waukesha loses millions in construction/ taxes until this issues is fixed)   and that mean MORE Water brought from the Lake and treated sewage sent back via   Root Industrial Canal  so perhaps in a few years The City of Racine could get oh 10 Million a year just for allowing this

imagesrs  Treated Sewage?

and then we have this from :   Waukesha is a symptom of a much larger U.S. problem. And for the signators to the Compact the city may be the thin edge of the wedge. The U.S. mid and southwest, particularly those communities and farmlands that have experienced prolonged recent droughts see the water-rich Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin as a prime water resource. Why not divert water from the Basin to population centers like Las Vegas or Phoenix? Why not refill the Ogallala Aquifer with water from the Great Lakes? Why not raise Mississippi River water levels through a diversion canal?

Maybe Racine Under Mayor John Dickert gets a pumping station to start here to pump a few Million to other Cities who need Water maybe to pump the treated sewage back here?

Now Machinery Row costing 68 Million over time political Hacks/Pals of Mayor John Dickert might be able to scam say over time 10% or say 10 Million, but the Water sales Sewage dumping could bring in 6 Million + a year Pipe lines need to go in land may need to be bought etc how much could crooks in Goverment make their pals?

But then there is this from the same Web page …

Poor Waukesha, located in the wrong place when it comes to fighting a water war with the Compact. That’s because Chicago and its waterways which drain into the Illinois River, a tributary of the Mississippi, lie less than an hour to the south. And Chicago has the Asian carp, (seen jumping out of the water on mass in the picture below) an invasive species currently still in the Mississippi watershed that has migrated to within 160 kilometers (100 miles) of the Great Lakes. The Compact, as a result, has become hyper vigilant about any water diversion. Should the Asian carp gain access to the Great Lakes it is seen as having an even more devastating impact than the sea lamprey. And considering how unsuccessful humans have been in stopping alien species from getting to the Great Lakes, there is even greater efforts being put in place to try and succeed just once

So Waukesha is caught in a water war, even though it sits within a state that has a wealth of freshwater. Its application to draw water from Lake Michigan which requires unanimous approval from the governors and premiers of the Compact will likely fail to pass, and Waukesha will have to look elsewhere to solve its water crises

So for now our mayor who got very unhappy news about the RICO case today might be only able to find ways to scam on Machinery Row.

Please keep your eyes open this will be interesting to see go down.

What do you think?


One last thing if indeed the Good Old boys are planing to scam on Root Works and folks get in the way of say a 6 Million+ Pay day what will happen?






What is going on now My questions

Facebook is such a cool tool folks use it for lots of communications, lets look at on that has and may have a greater impact on the Root River, something IMHO needs to be taken great care of .

So on Facebook we find this



Community-Based environmentally-conscious economic development group focused on revitalizing the Root River in Racine WI.”

What? Did I read this right? “…economic development group focused on revitalizing the Root River in Racine WI.” 

Who might this be by? Some Company from Milwaukee up to God know what trying to benefit $$ wise from all the spending to come by The City of Racine  in the Root River Plan called Rootworks?  A group of  outside folks trying to rape the River or perhaps the Lake again for $$ ?

No its from the Facebook page of  The Root River Council   I saw this 4/1/14

So what is going on here? Looks like Racine Exposed was right

Read this

From the post “While the Root River Council peddles itself as a Non-Profit organization, new evidence suggests it is anything but a legitimate Non-Profit organization, and that it is in fact a front for a privately owned Corporation of Monte Osterman that is being used as part of an ongoing potential criminal enterprise, involving others who are  already involved in a Federal RICO lawsuit. Is there an ongoing  deliberate deception on the part of (the) Root River Council to fool the public as to the true nature of it’s intent, which is Lobbying for the private gain of Root River Council Chair Monte Osterman and other Board Members?”…

it goes on read the description on the Facebook page of Monte Osterman’s wife’s page for her store she owns in Downtown Racine


What are the words used? Non Profit Yet it looks to me that Root River Council is for profit.  That’s O.K. if they want to use the River to make $$, I guess, but are they making money on buy land and doing what ever say build a condo or a bar or are they make $$ from maybe knowing the plans of the City in implementing  the plan for the Root River and being able to put themself’s in positions to make $$?

Are we as a city in doing RootWorks helping the Root River or helping more of the Mayor’s pals?

Pal yes the leadership as in Root River Council Chair Monte Osterman is (He is also being sued in the RICO action filed on the Mayor of the City of Racine and others  as is his wife)

Long and the short of this is are we as a city doing yet another project like Belle City TV that may be as many see events as existing to make $$ for pals of the Mayor?

As you may know I sent a letter to the D.A.  asking him to look into this whole deal.

My understanding is others will be contacting The State of Wisconsin and the EPA.

We  deserve answers before the Root River turns into this:



First Full Day Back.


Mayor John Dickert overlooking Racine WI ?

As readers of my other Blog Racine in Ruins may know, I am focusing on fresh water issues of Racine with some attention to Lake Michigan after all its one of the largest bodies of fresh water around so that be a part of my over watch.

So too would be Rootworks (Its hat the City calls it) and the major refocus came not only after the last city council of Racine meeting 3-18-14 but a series of phones calls about happenings about the Root River council a self appointed group chosen some how to over see the Rootwooks plan and If I understand right and I think I do get some amount of money to do so. 

I looked into what I was told found the information was right and knew if I did not talk about what was going on with the issues no one would and worse down the line after I and you are long gone no one would know the strange happenings of the Fresh Water issues of Racine.

Side bar

Don Bolles




…”Meanwhile, shortly before noon on June 2, 1976, a dynamite bomb was detonated by remote control beneath the car seat of Don Bolles’s Datsun sedan in a Phoenix hotel parking lot. He had gone there to meet a source named John Adamson, a local hoodlum who clearly had set him up. Bolles lived 11 more days, finally dying on June 13, 1976, following amputation of both legs and one arm.

Before losing consciousness after the blast, the reporter managed to implicate Adamson and to attribute the attack explicitly to “Emprise” and the “Mafia,” long-standing targets of his Arizona dog track inquiries. Like any experienced investigative journalist, Bolles had a good sense of where the serious risks lay among the topics on which he was working.

In the months before the car-bombing, Bolles had confided to family friend Kathy Kolbe that his investigation of possible dog track skim money going to the mob had led to a spin-off as the “big story” in which he was currently engaged. Kolbe is a prominent and bright Phoenix entrepreneur who back in the 1970s was a member of the Phoenix 40, a powerful group of local business leaders that controlled city politics. She is the ex-wife of late Phoenix Gazette columnist John Kolbe and ex-sister-in-law of U.S. Congressman Jim Kolbe of Tucson.

As Kathy Kolbe has told it, Bolles’s impending major story in 1976 involved Mafia reliance on dog track skim as the front money —  covering bribes and other start-up costs —  for a systematic diversion of gold and other precious metals from Motorola plants in the metropolitan Phoenix area. At the time many millions of dollars in gold per year were being used as plating on circuit boards and in other electronic components. According to Kolbe, that large-scale theft operation implicated a salvage yard, evidently in Mesa, and something with “Gemini” in its title”…..

Before I go further, actives of myself and other such as those behind the RICO lawsuit on Mayor John Dickert and others of his associates, I feel may disrupt quite the gravy train and IMHO when millions are at stake wild times may just happen.

So be very interesting times

But back to my first day

Went to get a map of the     Bulkhead line of the Root River what is that you ask?

From Wikipedia Bulkhead line is an officially set line along a shoreline, usually outside of the dry land, to demark a territory allowable to be treated as dry land, to separate the jurisdictions of dry land and water authorities, for construction and riparian activities, to establish limits to the allowable obstructions to navigation, etc.

So having read where I might find them : “

North of Root River. The bulkhead line of that part of the shore of Lake Michigan north of Root River, is established and determined to be as follows:

Begin in centerline of Hubbard Street at the east line of Michigan Boulevard; thence along said centerline north 89 degrees 35 minutes east 1,120 feet; thence north 34 degrees east 340 feet to a point on concrete pier, said point being the north end and beginning of lake shoreline; thence south 34 degrees west 340 feet; thence south 13 degrees 10 minutes west 445 feet; thence south 0 degrees 25 minutes west 225 feet; thence south 34 degrees 55 minutes east 366 feet to northeast corner of concrete wall at United States Coast Guard Station; thence (along face of said concrete wall) south 5 degrees 20 minutes east 83 feet to face of steel sheet piling; thence (along face of said steel sheet piling) north 79 degrees 50 minutes east 85 feet to east end of steel sheet piling; thence (along face of said steel sheet piling) south 10 degrees 10 minutes east 20 feet to face of steel sheet piling on north side of Root River. The above-described line is located entirely in the east ½ of Section 9, Township 3 North, Range 23 East, Racine County, Wisconsin. The last described point is the south end of designated lake shoreline north of Root River. The above-described line is more particularly shown on the map hereby made a part hereof, which map is on file in the city clerk’s office.


South of Root River. The bulkhead line of that part of the shore of Lake Michigan south of Root River, is established and determined to be as follows:

Begin at a point on the north line of Fifth Street (bearing south 81 degrees 11 minutes west) 457 feet east of the east line of Lake Avenue, said point being the south end and beginning of lake shoreline; thence north 22 degrees 28 minutes west 464.05 feet to a point in the centerline of Fourth Street (said point being 345.7 feet east of the east line of Lake Avenue and bearing of said centerline of Fourth Street is south 81 degrees 07 minutes west); thence continuing north 22 degrees 28 minutes west 210.6 feet to a point (said point being 295 feet east of the east line of Lake Avenue and 243.4 feet south of the south line of Third Street produced east of Lake Avenue); thence north 6 degrees 19 minutes east 252.2 feet to a point (said point being 360 feet east of the east line of Lake Avenue on the south line of Third Street produced east of Lake Avenue); thence north 81 degrees 21 minutes east, along the south line of Third Street produced east of Lake Avenue, 375 feet; thence north 6 degrees 25 minutes west 487 feet; thence north 40 degrees 05 minutes east 405 feet to the southeast corner of concrete pier; thence (along face of concrete pier) north 0 degrees 00 minutes 14 feet to face of concrete pier on south side of Root River. The above-described line is located entirely in the east ½ of Section 9, Township 3 North, Range 23 East, Racine County, Wisconsin. The last-described point is the north end of designated lake shoreline south of Root River. The above-described line is more particularly shown on the map hereby made a part hereof, which map is on file in the city clerk’s office.

I went and ask the Clerk’s office for a copy or to be able to look at one to make notes.

I was told by the first staffer that she had no idea what I was talking about even after I cited the above. She got her supervisor who said the same thing when asked but took my Email and said she look into this further and get back to me. In the two hours between that time and the close of the day I have heard nothing, should I not by COB Friday I will call   to follow up then call The State DNR you see State Law coves this too and I am more then  willing to talk to the DA about this map

Then I went to the Harbor commission meeting to learn more about the dredging and ramp rebuilding on 5th St.

Looks like Belle City Marina is going to be filled in. The other interesting note was that members of this group think that less then 50% of Reef Point will be rented this year, but wait are we not told that boater from IL will save Racine? …..

You cant say

You cant say that I and others have not said we had issues with  Rootworks

I do think that far more then just Eddie D will be asking questions, some of us will be calling Goverment offices and raising hell.



I will not put up will strange games nor hiding what is going on. We have a right to know EVERYTHING going on.

There may be reasons why the City of Racine is playing fast and lose.

Wait the Game is afoot!

In fact I think I need to focus far more on this blog then Racine in Ruins I owe The Root River that much

Beach clean up Song and Dance


So I went to Mayor of Racine John Dickert’s press event. A fair number of folks there too bad out of the near 25 there only 2 or three were members of the Public.

This was held to announce that the City of Racine would benefit from  an EPA Grant of 2.6 Million as part of  Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grants NOTE this is shared with 14 other locations at  no time did  $$ for Racine was told.  as in the amount we would get to use or invested in a study for Racine. be interesting how this gets spun. It is Mayor John Dicket so your guess is as good as mine.

AS the EPA and the DNR was at the beach I did not see anyone from the Root River Council to include Supervisor Osterman who if there would be a great link to Racine County and the Root River Project Root Works. A staffer from Sen Johnson was in attendance  and I do hope the Mayor’s Neck is not hurting him this morning I have not seen someones neck turn like that since the Exorcist. as he took note of her being there.

As this is a good thing for Racine in fixing up the Beach to help keep Lake Michigan clean  and this does help folks come here because of the lake.

So if we just dived the cash by 15 Racine will get about 170,000 not bad. would have been nice to know the amount at the event.

He took questions from the press so I was not able to ask any yet… but If I could have] I would have asked him how he plans to keep the Lake and the Beaches of Racine clean from the issues of 8-10 Million Gallons of “Treated Sewage” coming down the Root River.

I also would have asked him about if a bit of cash be worth ending Racine’s beaches.




Mother of God The Root River Plan is a Gold Rush!

Interesting turn of events with the Root River project. What I thought was going to be a host of public meetings to near the end of 2012 then after all this public input (If you can call meetings of less then 50 with a good 25% of that number being politicians or others having a direct economic benefit for being there I.E. getting paid or could/would be paid) Then this plan going before the City Council to become the official plan (and let the Grants come in!)
with last night city council meeting comes this bombshell.
The Root River Council wants to start the processes to create the Root River Plan as an ordnance so as I see it the money for grants ect can start flowing.
The plan outline by Vandewalle the paid consultants looks nice and I hope to attach a copy here on this blog what is very interesting is if I understood what I was told was this plan be made after lots of public input. As well done as the PDF I read looks and the detail the plan offers this was made IMHO months ago maybe even last year.
When one reads the who’s who of folks involved in the planing of this I believe that this new updated Root River Plan was NOT done in a few days. So then? Why the Public Dog and Pony Show? Why the “Effort” to promote public input to a Plan all ready written?

If you read the new plan as written its calling for a lot of spending by Governmental units in Southeastern Wisconsin but wait! The City of Racine has no money we are told. The County is trying to cut back and save cash too, no way the State of Wisconsin is going to give Mayor Dickert money for Real Estate games. So then how will the cash come to Racine? My guess is that some type of agreement exists that will allow more EPA Grants to come once the Root River Plan is adopted by The Racine City Council.

Anther sigh of events moving along is the Root River Council Web page has been updated and it looks much better then it did. To me creating a more Corporate look. Some information is no longer there or has been moved such as the listing of upcoming public input meetings as a time line. Those documents would show the timeline into late this year as I recall.

Very interesting

Thursday 3/8/12

By popular request I will list the grants that I understand have come to The City for the Root River and its not a small amount. Its great that the City is getting the funds needed to get some great things underway.

I will try and find out if anyone plants to list RFP or job openings because of the Grants, I hope that some of the $$ is spent here in Racine and not just to a consulting firm in Madison, with any luck I hope to have maps of the Brown Fields and what possible projects may be coming to them.I may speculate on ideas to try for starting businesses

Folks its going to be a great time to be in Racine.

My thanks to Brian O’Connell of the Department of Development of Racine for the info!