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Crises! and the low water levels  of the Great Lakes is a crises. From the story

New water lows for Great Lakes could drain local economies

By Mike Pearson, CNN
“… — The coal trade on the Great Lakes declined 8.2% in 2012 from the previous year, and down a quarter off the 5-year-averge — in large part due to falling water levels and a $200 million backlog in necessary dredging throughout the lakes, according to the Lake Carriers’ Association.
— Commercial fishing boats are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate some harbors, risking a downturn in a vital part of the Great Lakes economy, said Mark Breederland, an educator with Michigan SeaGrant..”
However this is not the first time this has happened From the Story “…It’s also a cycle that’s been seen before.Lake levels were nearly this low in December 1964, and it’s the March 1964 record that’s likely to fall in the next few months….”

of course Dredging is brought up

“… Groups with interests in the economy of the Great Lakes say Congress has failed to appropriate enough money to keep up with a growing backlog of dredging jobs needed to keep harbors clear for larger boats….”  Of couse low Water be an issue if if the Racine Marina’s get so low that oh say a Hull get ripped  open or Boaters thought that might happen.

Too bad its not The City of Racine’s issue to fix is it? I know the downtown White Business owners think “we” (read me and you not them hell many can’t pay the property taxes they owe) to come up with the millions it would cost to do the Dredging needed to begin to even start to open the  Harbor/Root River. I’ll ask what happened to The City’s $$ and Counties money from the Simuluis? That would have been a shovel ready job for the $$ given to both I think. Why was that $$ used for the work?

Too bad Racine does not have a muti-use Harbor for both Freight and Fun. I sure could get behind that effort, not so much (Read No fucking way) $1 spend on a Rich man’s toy.

Mind you this is a big issue we could see the Harbor slit up in my life time.

What odds do you give the Downtown club in starting a fund drive to pay for Dredging or do you think that that the DRC will cry to the Mayor for the millions needed?