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The quest for Tourism or the backdoor to a higher sales tax in Racine speculation


I am back!

From my Racine in Ruins blog


The quest for Tourism or the backdoor to a higher sales tax in Racine speculation


The City of Racine has no money we all know this our Mayor John “Only State ran Media allowed” Dickert has said time and again. Case in point why the city ripped up the City Union Contacts we have no money.

Why did the City want to close a Fire House we have no money.

At the same time our Mayor wants to spend more money to do so he raised taxes about 5% proposing to outsource CAR 25 to pals in Kenosha (as he saids to save $$ yet the act will cost more money) but as you will see what I think Dickert is doing he will need a “State” controlled Media, Dickert must be King of all media.

Add to this that fact that the “Tourist” area of Racine is not doing so well  A major employer has relocated outside the City. Shops are closing more and more empty store fronts. Even a Hot Dog Stand has closed.

Many property owners are behind on taxes in the Downtown area, even more sadly some business  owners from State of Wisconsin Records maybe as much as 60K behind. 60,000 assuming the State records are right that mean to me that the Downtown is in very sad shape, or we have some in Racine who think that Taxes are only for others to pay.

More tourism to Racine spending money would only help an area that is well as I see it a sink hole of failing businesses, properties far behind on taxes and other then bars empty after dark.

Who better then The Mayor to help send businesses  your way?

How to do this?

Well what I think we will see The official Mayor Dickert Network do a series of CATV productions high lighting the City of Racine focusing on Downtown and North beach this programing will not be part of CAR 25 (Hail John Dickert) but be contacted by the City of Racine, RCEDC, RAMAC, and say the Zoo (all under the control or are pals of the Mayor) . The new operators of CAR 25 (Pals of the Mayor)NOT  Car 25,will be contacted for a fee to create and produce the shows. Should this happen keep your eye on who else gets sub contacted to help.  Perhaps part of this effort is to reward long time pals that so far have yet to feed at the City Pork Feeders?

Of course other political  hacks like Rep Cory Mason will be used to promote their own projects like RootWorks. Thinking RootWorks will have $$ to help pay for this effort, after all one of the talking points of RootWorks is to create tourism to come to Racine’s Downtown. Just look at the map of where RootWorks will be directed to the Downtown area. Its all about the Downtown.

The Shows will be put on CAR 25 and I would hope You Tube and Blip TV.  I would think that an effort would be made to get them on both Milwaukee and Chicago air to try to bring tourism here. NOTE THE WORD TRY

Well the right kind of tourism WHITE folks to spend cash in the downtown area.

Should “Please No Blacks Allowed” signs should be put up?

Of course the Mayor will say if true or not how great this idea to bring tourism to Racine has worked and numbers will be produced to say how wildly successful the program has been, there by justifying the $$ spent and the need to continue to do so (Spend money)

Now  State Law allows for this:  “In 1997, the legislature authorized municipalities capable of qualifying as “premier resort areas” to impose a 0.5 percent sales tax. Wis. Stat. sec. 77.994. A municipality, by a two-thirds vote of the members of the governing body who are present when the vote is taken, may declare itself a premier resort area by enacting an ordinance or resolution if at least 40 percent of the equalized assessed value of taxable property within the municipality is used by tourism-related retailers. Wis. Stat. sec. 66.1113(2)(a). The definition of “Tourism-related retailers” lists twenty-one classifications of retail businesses including: variety stores; miscellaneous general merchandise stores; retail bakeries; gasoline service stations; eating places; drinking places; drug stores and proprietary stores; liquor stores; hotels and motels; and public golf courses.”


And part of the Marketing effort of Racine as a tourist destination words that I recall the Mayor has used to describe Racine  is to do exactly this

The law also said : “However, the tax proceeds may only be used to pay for public infrastructure expenses within the premier resort area’s jurisdiction. Wis. Stat sec. 66.1113(2)(d).”

Gee this sure would go along ways to help pay for Bike Trails and Foot Bridges for Root Works. Might even go to help pay for other parts needed for RootWorks like buying Marina’s in tax issues then creating a Mall on the river.

This speculation on my part goes to explain the need for the Mayor John Dickert Network and the push on RootWorks.

At least I own some Domains I can make Bank on, buy now! Price will only go up!


You might want to call your Alderman now and express your views.

Note this:

1) No Black Owned Bars in Downtown that may scare rich whites

2)  More Bars in the Downtown for Max drinking

3) As I see it soon no more programing critical of Mayor John Dicker allowed on CAR 25!

4)  Easier ways to pay for parking


Now does anyone think more tourism will be coming to Racine? To do what?


Trade Off Part two My view

Trade off Part II or who is RootWorks for?

As we look at the plan called RootWork I see a lot of the effort being focused on the area called Downtown Racine. Now of course part of this is because the part of the River the Root River Council is focusing on is in the Downtown area of Racine.
You know the same area of Racine that as I see it is so unfriendly to anyone who is not White and Rich. If this Plan does do the acts called for will help draw more Whites of Racine to the Downtown, cool if you’re a Downtown Racine Business Owner not so much if your say a Unemployed Black man looking for a job and need to use the BUS to look for work. What might He think is more critical a new foot bridge across the Root River or a Bus system that might be used to look for a Job?
What might the Afro-American Community think of the effort to make Downtown Racine the place to go if your well off and have White Skin as the inner-city falls apart? Say how does an Outdoor Ice Rink at the Civic Center benefit say A mom living in the West 6th St area looking for a Programing in the Parks near her home for her kids to take part in?

As I see it the only thing this focus of the RootWorks plan is to well as I see it is have Downtown Racine be a great place for Whites who have cars to play in and then see how fast they can get the hell away from the Inner City back home.

Of course I will be told about the jobs coming from the building of say the Ice Rink or Foot Bridge if built. Does anyone truly think that the few jobs from that will be obtained by the Blacks in Racine Inner City? If You do I got some cool land for sale in Florida ….

Trip to Kenosha Lake Front

This past Saturday My Wife, Grandson and myself went to the Kenosha Lake Front to take in the Farmers Market and Civil War Museum. My Wife and I use the Kenosha Market to buy our produce from local Farmers each week as we can. We thought be great too to see the Kenosha Civil War Museum.
We spent about 4 hours there and around $50. All and all a great time.
Unlike Racine IMHO Kenosha Lake front has lots going on for all ages in a Grass filled area that invites folks to stay. In fact THe Kenosha Downtown area has way more to offer then as I see it the main focus of Downtown Racine the Bars, Bars and more Bars. Or how fast can you get drunk.

In Kenosha we saw all kinds of folks in Racine Downtown well rich and White or at least White.

Lets see if I can show this better
(My observations)

Kenosha Racine

Free Parking Mega Bucks

Grass Filled Pavement

Free Access to the Lake by
Boaters Pay up!

Bars exist but few Bars and more Bars

All Races Nonwhites not
(Unless working)
Lots of Cool
Museums One nice Museum (Heritage)
Art Museum expensive and not for

Racine has a Downtown Farmer’s Market too in a Parking Lot and prices charged sea to be the same, vs Kenosha’s that is surrounded
by Grass and has lots of interesting booths and Music. Prices are not uniform.

We know that Rootworks is saying that this plan will bring folks to Dontown Racine. However why would they want too? In 20 mins I can be taking in a area that is inviting and has me feeling wanted. (Kenosha).

Downtown Racine well not so much I am not the right Color or Class and since I do not drink nor do my wife or 11 year old Grandson there is little we can find to do. In Kenosha with the events they have without Booze being a major part of it is huge.

In Racine even Party on the Pavement is IMHO so Booze filled we no longer go since the drinking is well very heavy by Noon. Party on!

I feel that Rootworks need to address this in detail, the idea of build it and they will come, just add Billboards is ludicrous. Then too what is RootWorks truly about?

Trolleys for the Marina WTF? My thoughts

From the Journal Times 4/24/12  :

Last year, as part of budget cuts, city officials decided they couldn’t continue to run the aging trolleys, said City Administrator Tom Friedel. The trolleys were cut, along with other bus system cuts. “We were running them at a loss. We were losing money,” Friedel said.

But after a Marina Commission meeting last week where concerns were brought up about losing the trolleys, the auction is going to be temporarily postponed, Friedel said. The city will hold off at least until the Marina Commission’s next meeting on Monday, Friedel said, but can wait longer if needed. ….     and more

…County Supervisor Monte Osterman, who attended last week’s Marina Commission meeting, said he would love to see the trolley service continue in Downtown. But at the same time, he said he doesn’t know if a private company could make money operating the trolleys because at the peak weekend time a trolley should run is also when people would want to rent them for things such as weddings….

What you need to know: County Supervisor Monte Osterman owns two stores in Downtown Racine WI and is a major backer of the Downtown Racine Corporation who wanted the Trolleys for more retail shopping in the Downtown area.

Other then a few riders during the day the only time I say any number ride them was during what I call party events going from Bar to bar with drunks Party On!

The idea is of course if we keep the toys as I will call them this will attract boaters to use Racine Slips for there boats.  Of Course someone needs to pay for operation of the toys so why not the Tax Payers? Damn them if they do not see the value of  the Toys running empty Damn that Governor  Scott Walker for not letting the City just jack up the taxes! Right?

So where to find the Money? Should not be the County. After all how does the toys help say Union Grove or Waterford?  They do not I believe full boat slips do but I thinks its going to be cost of the slips and if boaters can get what they need at the County Marina then cute toys.

Of course the lefty members of the Marina Commission IMHO see more reasons to find and spend tax money. I know lets raise slip fees!  Higher fees just bring in folks wanting to spend money!

These toys for the Marina  need to be a nonstarter.

Foot Bridge

One of the project I think we will see coming soon is a new foot bridge across the Root River.   I from a distance have seen across the River now. I do not know the shape of the bride if it can be safety used and if it is a location best to be used for foot bridge for the River project. As I see it its in a poor location for foot traffic it connects   as I see it waste land (No business near by). I see it being relocated to nearer the Downtown area so folks using it can get to working businesses.