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Cthulhu Comes to Racine

Cthulhu comes to Racine and that explains a lot!


You see why would he not come to Racine? We are a harbor town our leader kind looks like Cthulhu


Now with all the renewed interest in the Root River  and that meaning money to who I see as Dickert’s Crony pals. Why not me too?

At least my ideas do not allow 6-10 Million Gals of “Treated” Sewage to come down the Root River


Makes you proud of our City Leadership! We can trust our leaders to do the right thing! Not like the City is taking down Streetlights as our Mayor goes to trip to Mexico! Right?

So what I am thinking was to grow Mushrooms and sell them under the name of Cthulhu and the line Eat Cthulhu Mushrooms before he eats you! With a funny drawing of Cthulhu on the packaging. 

This of course gives the opportunity to do so many fun things from Comics to posts here or ever start a whole new blog about growing Mushrooms as a neat way to promote the Mushroom  growing and talk about the Root River.

Gee maybe Vandewalle some how caused   Cthullu to come to Racine in the first place?