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Let’s pull a train on the Root River! NSFW

sex train

Pulling trains is the thing to do  Lots of fun for the men not so much for the girl.

Now in Racine quite the thing is in our own way take advantage of  our own Woman unable to protect herself or her kids we folks of Racine WI

Shall we look at just a few ways this area is pulling a train? Better get in line now!

Lets look at the first in line!

The link

Why it looks like Root River Council is a Corporation owned by  County Supervisor Monty Osterman! this was done on 1/6/2012  Yet this is NOT on Osterman Statement of Economic Interests as filed with the Racine County Clerk on Nov 18 2013  The last filed and copy I have. Why did he not list this (There is something else not listed but that is for an Ethics Hearing for that matter this might be too)

Then of course before we start to think the Root River Council is just a bunch of do gooders.. we have this from the Facebook Page “Community-Based environmentally-conscious economic development group focused on revitalizing the Root River in Racine WI.”

It gets better

Again from the Facebook page

“Non-Profit Organization
Committed to the revitalization of the Root River within Racine City limits”
Then should then not keep a 990 on file open to inspection as required by the IRS? I know at least one person who has asked to see a copy and has yet to be able to to do. Why not?
The text of the ONLY answer received after the request to see a form 990
” Thanks for the note.  Someone from the Root River Council will be in touch with you soon!

In the meantime, enjoy getting Back to the Root!”

That does not look like a Form 990 to me.
Further on we read this


Community-Based environmentally-conscious economic development group focused on revitalizing the Root River in Racine WI.”

Wow!   Was that Good for you?   Will the IRS think its good when they (the IRS) gets asked about form 990?
Why is the City Working with this group? Might it be because of this



Catching up on the news: with update!

Shall we Catch up on the news?

Root River TV

As you know both in Email and on my TV Show I have invited both the Root River Council Chairman County Supervisor Monty Osterman and Kyle E. Rogers of the EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to come on my TV show to talk about the Root River Project but even after follow up (not returned) Phone Calls no response so my thinking is a no or perhaps a “Hell No!”. One would think at least I do that they would come on or as another member of the Root River Council said ” That be a great opportunity” I can only offer I cant make them however this will be brought up at the Public Hearing in June.

Wow got this email

First of all, my apologies for the delayed response to your inquiry. I am not aware of other EPA grants awarded to the City of Racine. In regards to the Root River Corridor Redevelopment planning project, please contact the Root River Council and the City of Racine for any updates and rationale for the decisions..

As for appearing on CATV, I need to have the Public Affairs Department to provide guidance.

We appreciate your involvement, and I will channel your expressed concerns or ideas that may enhance the Root River Corridor Redevelopment Project to the appropriate project managers.

Thank you for your interest.

Kyle E. Rogers
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
77 W Jackson Blvd. (SB-7J)
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
Tel: (312) 886-1995
Fax: (312) 886-4071

now was it my post on the blog that motivated this or just something that slipped his mind that does happen. Then of course I did leave message on his voice mail …….


With all that is going on I started the Podcast again will be talking about the Root River plan in detail my thoughts on this
Here is the last show I did

Public Hearing on Rootworks

From The City Administrator of Racine 5/21/12 via Email

…”After the City Plan meeting on June 13, the ordinance will be sent to the Council for a public hearing before the meeting on June 19. During the June 19 meeting, the ordinance will be recommended for approval.” …

You will not I think get much notice from the Racine Journal Times on this event. I do not know if this will be taped by CAR 25 or for that matter if there will be a CAR 25 by then but I digress.
Come and witness the start of a New Age in Racine if is for good or bad only History will say but know this with all the $$ coming to Racine no one will be able to stop this from becoming an official plan, there is as I see it too much money involved.

A Fish told me

Jobs are being filled to help on The Root River Council/Rootworks. As I understand it this is from Grant Money from the EPA.


Rep Corry Mason of Racine is a TICK! Who only lives from sucking the life from others. So you may want to keep a can of Raid near by.
As I see it the Tick forced Bob Turner to retire so Corry Mason could still server his masters in Madison.
Yes More then one person agrees that a WHITE Democrat forced a African American Vietnam Vet to retire so he (Mason) could keep on Feeding from the public. Where is the outrage?

Fish update!
Looks like the fish spoke a bit soon about jobs but word on the street is that this (Jobs) will on the agenda very soon. The Fish before swimming off thought it might have to do with agreements being signed