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Press Release

Will YOU be there?

I think the press will be there Gee I wonder what this is about?
Press Release
Where: City of Racine WI. Racine County Courthouse 730 Wisconsin Avenue
When: Wednesday June 25, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM
Who: Dr. Ken Yorgan
Contact: Racine Equality Project: 3001 Douglas Avenue, Racine WI. 53402 262-412-0094
Subject: Racine Equality Project Files 7 Count Complaint against Racine County Supervisor
The Racine Equality Project, in response to citizen concerns, has pursued an investigation into the activities of certain elected officials and non elected public employees. This investigation has been done through examination of public records including tapes and transcripts of public meetings and statements by the parties being investigated. What we have found is very revealing, often disappointing and sometimes quite disturbing.
A press packet will be available


It begins! As I see it




We so need a real Lawman to come to Racine to clean up this city. Is Marshall Givens around?


So I went to today’s event for RootWorks saw the Mayor’s pals and perhaps can I say line up of backers of this project. Nothing unusual with that make up in fact saw some interesting folks working the crowd.

Was unable to get a info packet ran out of them fast. Did get to see one for a bit

Getting ahead of myself when I got there I was attacked verbally for writing


The Root River Council INC. Fraud
1. In an April 1, 2013 Meeting, The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Racine decided to implement Root Works by applying for a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship grant, on their own, without first seeking permission from the Common Council, in direct violation of City of Racine Ordinance Section 2-332(4). They also failed to go for bids on appraisals and acted outside the bounds of their statutory authority on numerous occasions. The project also removes 5 properties worth $337,000 from the tax rolls and shifts $12,527 in property taxes to others.
2. In a March 6, 2014 article from The Journal Times, Matt Sadowski lied, falsely claiming he had just been advised about receiving approval for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Grant he falsely claimed to have applied for in December 2014. Official documents prove he applied for the grant on May 1, 2013 and received confirmation from the DNR on September 18, 2013.
3. The deceit of Monte Osterman, who secretly Incorporated the Root River Council INC. on 01/06/2012, Entity ID# R055980, Registered Agent MONTE OSTERMAN,524 MONUMENT SQ.
SUITE 100, RACINE , WI 53403, per the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution records.
4. The deceit of Monte Osterman in using his Corporate Organization, Root River Council, INC., to lobby for the purchase of the West Bluff Mound Avenue properties, while he failed to disclose that he would personally benefit from the sale by receiving relocating fees while his tenant business provided additional property value to the owner of the 1251 Mound Avenue Property. This is in violation of Racine County Ordinance Section 2-423 (b): Economic and personal gain.
5. The deceit of Monte Osterman in violating Racine County Ordinance Section 2-426 (a) (1): Business ownership, by failing to disclose ownership of his Business, Root River Council INC., as required by his Employer, The County of Racine.
6. The deceit and potentially ILLEGAL actions of Monte Osterman in fraudulently claiming Non-Profit status, a status not supported by the IRS, while asking for donations and describing his organization. EXAMPLES: 1.) In a August 12, 2013 WISN 12 article, 10 Ways to Volunteer for Clean Water, donations to the non-profit water protection organization, (the) Root River Council is suggested as a way to protect our precious waters. 2.) Ben Lehner, Executive Director, Root River Council, while participating in the SOI Region 2025 Industry Opportunities, March 7 and 14, 2014, fraudulently claimed “The Root River Council (is) a non-profit focused on redeveloping Racine’s Root River. 3.) The Root River Council Facebook page falsely states it is a “Non-Profit Organization”.
7. Marty Defatte,a member of the Root River Council, INC., is also acting as a Real Estate Agent by representing the Owner of the property at 1251 Mound Avenue, where County Supervisor Monte Osterman, whose Business IS the Root River Council, INC., is also a Tenant. Marty Defatte has publicly denied, in The Journal Times, of having any knowledge that 1251 Mound Avenue was to be acquired for Root Works. Denying knowledge of the purchase is NOT plausible.
8. The action of various Government Officials involved is an affront to Democratic principles. Many of these meetings were conducted in secret, numerous Ordinances were violated, Monte and Mary Osterman were John Dickert Mayoral election campaign workers, and now the use of Eminent Domain is being called for by Matt Sadowski to forcefully take property away from unwilling sellers. Therefore the Mound Avenue acquisition must be rejected due to the FRAUD committed.

Sorry I did not write this I did hand it out and the $$ in Politics  event held in Racine 6/14. Interesting that it had the effect that it did. More interesting is that the powers that be are worried about this information getting out to the public. Why, might Joe Public be pissed at what is going on  with this effort? Might the powers that be be worried that the public will bitch at the upcoming T.I.F. 18 and what this might mean to the tax base for RUSD? and not want to see this T.I.F. happen?

Of course this effort will be pitched as what will line the streets of Racine with Gold just like we got told would happen with Team Porters or Delta Hawk

Gee if Team Porters was going to make us all rich why is the Porter’s going to be torn down?

If I recall right Delta Hawk was going to hire many folks how many did they hire so far?

Back to the event

Speeches were made but I got no real firm info from the event. Other then we are all going to be rich from this.

Are we? Many I talked to after think not. One person I talked to called to my attention what he saw that being the County Executive in his body language may not like Mayor John Dickert. he had questions on how well this will go forward.

Well the Developer said be a lot going on in the next 90 day, he is very right there will be.

I know a group of folks who will try not to kill the project but delay the project until   the State does a full investigation on what is going on.

There will be a lot of information coming out on all of this.

So I will be posting a lot more on this blog because of the strange world that I see RootWorks being

State tuned!


Corry Mason Racist? Editoral

Only in Racine WI, do we have a great hard working Black Assemblyman being told to “Retire”  as I see it(Robert Turner) so a White DEMOCRAT can stay in Madison living off our taxes. By Moving into Turner’s area and running for his seat.
Yes the Democrats once again showing its all about the White man. Corry Mason is not only  a Tick but a Racist who thinks He deserves a  job in Madison so he can be the Union’s boy. To hell with a hard working Afro-American who works for everyone.

I think my black neighbors are NOT going to like this very much.

Fighting Corry Mason Editoral

This blog and all my owned Domain names will be put to use to fight any and all attempts of Corry “The Tick” Mason to run for State or local office.

I can not think of a better use to put them to.