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The Root Industrial Canal




Photos above for example only


Would you swim in what I from now on call The Root Industrial Canal that runs in Racine to Lake Michigan you know the Root River?

One thing maybe to Swim in the River say further up the River say in the area where it runs into Racine County another say in Downtown Racine

After all since since the 1850’s to the 1970’s many companies not knowing better just dumped garbage in the Canal, what all did the Companies once in Downtown Racine just used the Canal as a dumping place for? PCB’s other Cancer causing chemicals?  Again at the time they had no idea is was not a good idea?

What garbage awaits someone silly enough to swim in the Canal? How will we be able to find out?

Myself, thinking that samples could be taken of the bottom and tested, that tell us something would it not?

Would that information be given to the Public? After all if our Canal was filled with really nasty stuff, could you get the mythical Boaters who are demanding Condos along the Canal to truly buy one? Would you?

Perhaps as I was told by others and I believe what they tell me, Ghost Buyers, be the only “real” buyers ? Can you say Point Blue, therefor not get Cancer or kids get Birth Defects?

Should the Canal get dredged so our mythical Boaters can take their boats up the River what would the cost be to dispose of the perhaps contaminated soil? Where would it go? Perhaps a Playground, or a Golf Course?

So many question to be answered.


Just wait Waukesha   wants to dump 6 Million+ Gals of “Treated” Sewage a day in the Root  Industrial Canal oh how lucky we are!

From Racine in Ruins 2/10/13

Myself, I think that the fist and most critical job of any Mayor of any City,Town or Village, is to lobby for the community s/he serves be it, the  residents who live there, Companies that operate you know those he severs in office right? That depending on the size of that community this could take up a large amount of time.

Hell, using the example of Racine, the job of Mayor could take up 40+ each week if not more. With the issues of Racine from unemployment,falling property values to the Heroin plague that’s effecting the whole State of Wisconsin, I would think that our Mayor John Dickert would be so busy at his job as Mayor that he have little time for anything else.

JDnaziOur Mayor!

Well I be wrong on both counts!

You see MAYOR JOHN DICKERT WORKS FOR A LOBBYING FIRM! See look here:    That’s him!   Mr. Dickert is a Senior Adviser must be nice

The Comany’s Web page said this about themself’s
HSG: The “Go To” Group for Real World Results
Whether you are managing a crisis, trying to achieve a specific policy objective, positioning yourself in the public arena, or trying to develop a new market, the only thing that matters is results. We do a multi-faceted and comprehensive analysis of your issue because surprises have no place in the public affairs arena. This process creates the foundation for developing and implementing a strategy that results in success for our clients. HSG’s mission is to help you operate effectively in a culture where an increasingly broad array of external and internal stakeholders has a say in the decision-making process of organizations. We work with corporations, non-profits, governmental entities and trade associations across a broad range of sectors. Our skill and experience leverage your knowledge to deliver world-class results.”

and this about our Mayor the One we pay to run this city “Mr. Dickert is a Senior Advisor to the Heartland Solutions Group and is currently serving in his second term as Mayor of Racine, Wisconsin. He has served on the Government Affairs Team at the law firm of Foley & Lardner and is the former Director of Government Affairs for the Wisconsin Credit Union League.

Mr. Dickert has also held a variety of positions in the offices of U.S. Representative Peter Barca (D-WI) and U.S. Representative Les Aspin (D-WI). Additionally, he has worked for both Republicans and Democrats in the Wisconsin State Assembly, staffing both the Joint Finance Committee on the State budget and the Ways and Means Committee on taxation.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, a partnership between 70 mayors and other local officials in the U.S. and Canada dedicated to protecting and restoring the Great Lakes. Mr. Dickert has also been appointed as Vice Chair to the United States Conference of Mayors’ Metro Economies Committee, serves on the Mayors’ Water Council, and is the first President of the newly-created Urban Alliance of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.”

Must be nice to work as a lobbyist something he has done before.

I thought he was working for us you know the Tax payers who pay his wages, who have seen taxes go up up up and unemployment follow.  Mind you if he needed the cash for Xmas gifs and got a job Bar tending or wrote books on politics I have no issues heck, I am writing or trying to Ebooks, many do. More power to him but this?

We have questions like:

Is he use City Staff or Equipment for this

How many hours a week is he doing this, must the City Administrator or others cover for the Mayor as he does Lobbying?

Since he is Mayor 24/7 and get say in a Car Crash on the way to a Lobbing event are we liable to pay for that?

Can he Lobby at a City event? If he goes to D.C. to a Mayor’s event can he Lobby at that? Might he be Lobbing at those events or saying he is? Are we paying him to Lobby for others?

Are there conflicts of interest in his Lobbing? What groups  or issues is he lobby for? Do we the residents of Racine want him to lobby on the issues or for those groups?

Oh the questions!


Model Municipal Fertilizer Ordinance

Racine (WI) Mayor John Dickert and Barrington Lake (IL) Mayor Kevin Richardson updated the mayors on their work to translate a fertilizer application best practice policy adopted by the Conference of Mayors into a practical local ordinance in Racine. This effort builds on previous work Richardson has completed in Illinois where he was able to bring all of the parties together and work out a policy approach that is protective of water quality, protects vulnerable habitats, includes applicator training up to best practices levels, and provides for penalties for failure to comply.

Since there are many parties that contribute to non-point nutrient contamination of waterways, but are not held responsible, the process that Richardson and Dickert are developing helps to reconcile competing interests within the community, but also allows for non-jurisdictional non-point source emitters to engage in solution discussions.

The effort in Racine is near completion, and the mayors may be reached by e-mail at: or

Richardson Is the head of Hartland this is what the web page said “Mr. Richardson is the President of the Heartland Solutions Group and a veteran corporate Government & Public Affairs executive. He has served as the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for The ServiceMaster Company, Vice President of Government Relations for R.R. Donnelley, and Vice President of Government and Member Relations for the Electronic Industries Association. He is also the former Associate Counsel to the Subcommittee on Administrative Law of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and the former Assistant PAC Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Mr. Richardson is the elected Mayor of the Village of Lake Barrington, Illinois and is a member of both the Board of Visitors of the Graduate School of Public Policy at Pepperdine University and the Advisory Board of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

His civic and professional involvement includes his service on the Board of Directors of the Chicago-area Metropolitan Planning Council, the Public Affairs Council, and the Public Affairs Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he is also the co-chair of the Lake County (Illinois) Water Supply Advisory Committee and is a member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Water Council.”

WOW Was this done to help Service Master?

Are there scams now that will help them get $$ from RootWorks?

End Story



I was but Sleeping

Yes this blog is back I like to thank Mayor John Dickert for awaking me to the fact that its all about the Water.

Sadly in this case in Racine WI, the Root River and the Great Lakes looks like to me all about Money to be make raping The Great Lakes, The Root River and the Taxpayers of Racine and Racine county.

Will have a far longer Blog post soon and will be coping my post from Racine In Runes from today too. Update and add some links.

Root River Goes to Sewage?



So I went to my first meeting of the Waterworks Commission yesterday. I did so because with the focus of Mayor John Dickert to sell water from Lake Michigan to Waukesha even though this would becuse of the Great Lakes Compact to replace Water from Lake Michigan with “Treated” sewage from Waukesha. This sewage as I understand it would come down the Root River yes Sewage in the Root River perhaps looking like this



Yum! Lets go boating or swimming now!


Last night meeting was interesting. Went fast the members had read the agenda (Unlike what goes on at say the City Cable Commission). Overall I was impressed whit how it was run.

Mayor Dickert was there as a member but did not run the meeting. The Mayor also did not make motions he may have seconded  some no issues with that.

I taped the Audio of the meeting and plan to tape the Audio of all the meeting of the Waterworks commission with what is being proposed by the City of Racine to sell water to Waukesha and get  “treated” sewage in return is so critical because  the Good old boys want this done andd as  I see it will do anything to make it so. Why?

Easy, all about the money.  Lets look at what the Water might bring in If I understand right Waukesha might need 5 MILLION gallons a day and  lets say we charge only .05 per 1000 gallons that’s $2500 per day  about 900,000 a year. I am sure that there will be fees and other charges Racine see over 1 million a year in income for the City of Racine easy if not more.

Think of the land that may have to be bought or rights leased to run pipes under/over. How many millions will that cost? What FOJ (Friend of John) might be used for that  sweat part of the deal?

Think about the engineering and the creation of the system. How much money will that be who might benefit  from that part of the contact? How much might that cost.

How many Millions will this selling of Water cost us? Who might see a lot of funds come into their hands?  Can we trust Mayor John Dicket to keep our Water clean? Please recall the Lead issues in some of the Homes in Racine’s NSP program.

Now I have been assured that the Sewage will be treated and all will be well then I recall this:   only 170 MILLION gallons of Raw Sewage dumped last year into Lake Michigan by the Green Mayor of Milwaukee in 2011. So what might we look at here if some act of God would dump sewage into the Root River?  1 Million Gallons? 2 Million?  What woult that do to the homes along the River? What might that do to North Beach?  Are you willing to take a chance?


In the posts to come lets look at the money


Living where we do next to Lake Michigan we take Water for granted. So much so close. The amount of the water is 1,180 cu mi (4,900 km3)
Gallons. That’s a lot of Water.
So of course when say the City of Milwaukee dumps well here a story:

“Some of the debris that washed up on Michigan beaches in 2008 and 2010 likely came from Milwaukee sewer overflows, federal investigators concluded in documents released Monday by the Chicago-based Alliance for the Great Lakes.

A 2011 U.S. Coast Guard summary of the investigations identifies combined sewer overflows in June 2008 and July 2010 as a “logical suspect” in releasing debris to the lake that later washed ashore in Michigan, the Alliance says in a statement on its website,

Though plastic trash from a large recycling company located between Chicago and Milwaukee was identified as the source of some debris in the summer of 2008, the investigation revealed that some trash linked to Milwaukee area retail businesses and residences was found on Michigan beaches after both overflows, according to Lyman Welch, Alliance water quality program manager in Chicago.

A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration analysis of lake tides, currents and winds after both overflows concluded the debris might have come from Milwaukee at around the time of the overflows, according to investigation documents.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District reported two sewer overflow records in June 2008 after several days of heavy rains.

An estimated 2.9 billion gallons of untreated sewage and storm water flowed to the lake over nine days – June 7 to 15 – in the largest combined sanitary and storm sewer overflow since the deep tunnel system opened in 1994.

The district’s separate sanitary sewers released 686 million gallons of untreated sewage and storm water to the lake during overflows from June 7 to 9, 2008.

Torrential rains were blamed in a July 22 to 25, 2010, combined sewer overflow of 1.985 billion gallons and a separate sewer overflow of 171 million gallons.

The Alliance acknowledged that MMSD’s state permit allows up to six combined sewer overflows in a year.

“The current standard for combined sewer overflows is too loose and should be tightened,” Welch said.

MMSD officials will not comment on the report until they have reviewed the findings with Coast Guard officials, spokesman Bill Graffin said Monday.

District officials will ask federal investigators why Chicago’s much larger July 2010 sewer overflows to the lake – an estimated 6.5 billion gallons – was not identified as a possible source of beach debris that summer, Graffin said.

The district reported one combined sewer overflow in 2011: an estimated 170.5 million gallons on June 21 and 22.”

Wow, Almost 7 Billion Gallons of sewage and I do not recall an outcry, do you? Of course not.Mayor Tom Barrett can do no wrong right?
Yet he and another “Green” as they like to call themself’s Mayor John Dickert would love to sell Lake Michigan Water to well right now to Waukesha might in time we see maybe water being sold to oh Phoenix or say Vegas? Before you think I’m nuts The needs of LA for Water is so great that well the Colorado is used to fill the City needs oh and here is a link
What else might be going on with the Water? Will we be the last generation to have clean Water from the Lake?

Economic Engine Ideas

As was suggested by others and I would agree with in order to create the Root River to all it could be for Racine City and County an Economic Engine would need to be found to power the development. My guess is that the lefties would love to see more taxes found for a Government funded and controlled effort for all the things they like to see from a year around Ice Rink to dock side stages.

However the real world comes into play. The State Under Scott Walker (and he will win the Recall) will not allow the City to jack up taxes as much as would be needed to pay for it. The State will not send money to Racine to pay for this sort of silly.

As much as The left loves to talk regionalism,

With any luck Obama the Socialist will be out of office and we will see mega cuts in spending as adults take control of The Government. Yes the left will cry, but they can expect no real money from DC after Obama is out or should the GOP take both Houses.

So there are only a few options left.

The Mayor can use TIF’s and a BID to get some funding. Perhaps 2 or 3 Million more.

The Mayor can pull a “Con” and try to get funding from Waukesha for some type of joint effort with the bet being that Racine can be the one chosen to work with Waukesha vs Milwaukee or Oak Creak that’s a big bet and be interesting the deals that would have to be made.

The City and County might form a joint program with say CATI to create a Water Research Complex located near the Lake/Root River.
Now this should be something that is being worked on now, but sadly it is not. If it was we be hearing all about it unless…. it was tied into selling water…..

There is one other way out option that just might be going on bring together a lot of money looking to invest and get research out of it, A City that needs a huge amount of money, and Waukesha who needs Water badly.

Any Guesses? What do you think?

Citizen Science the Plan

As you may  know  I am a big fan of Citizen Science, think its huge for so many things.

What I will be doing to bring this about with the Root River is two acts:

1) Start to monitor he Root River as it comes by my Home at Gleson Park.

2) Monitor Lake Michigan at the County Marnia

What I and of course the Root River Pirates (Arrr) will be looking at is water quality and how that changes if it does change when Milwaukee dumps a few million Gallons of Raw Sewage into the Lake and how long does it take to come up the Root River or if it does.  Findings I would share freely with interested parties.

I hope to do the sampling when the older youth are playing Soccer so I may engage them in what I am doing and how having a clean Lake and River helps everyone.

The cost to do this is very little and will help the effort of a clean Lake and River if only in a small way.