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Water Sales


We are now at a time that The City of Racine under the infamous Mayor John “the man who destroyed Racine” Dickert, is thinking if not planing to sell Water from Lake Michigan outside the Watershed.
This news is getting little coverage from the local paper. Few if any members of the public understands how this plan might work, the engineering needed , or the cost both economic or environmental. With Mayor John Dickert’s history with projects like Racine’s Neighborhood Stabilization    Program (3-4 Court Cases lead and other issues in the rehabbed homes) and his past real estate deals before he was Mayor IMHO we need to pay close attention.

So if the paper will not cover this I  will. After all would you not like to know and have a say if the idea to put “treated” Sewage down the Root River? Do YOU trust the City of Racine not to potently  have shit float down this river  into Lake Michigan?

There are a lot of hoops to jump before this happens I hope to go to the open meetings and report back here.

You should expect a call for action to stop any Water sales outside the Watershed. Oh we also have to keep our eyes open for any try to bottle Lake Michigan Water

A Busness we may see here :( Editorial


Ever think of what would happen if you say took a foolish Mayor running a City deep in debit so deep in debit that The Mayor voids Union Contracts so much in debt that street lights are removed, combine this with say a Company from The People’s Republic of China who is looking to “invest” in Wisconsin.

Now say that this Mayor sees Lake Michigan as not a great resource for all but a big pot of money for him to loot.  A body of Water that gives Racine the best tasting water! (

What may happen? Well that’s easy! Lets build a Water Bottling Plant! After all the PRC has such high standers on Water

Why worry?

Mayor John Dickert knows best for us all Silly Rabbit next your say that the Mayor sued his own city!

Oh and our Green Mayor might want to know this

He must love his law suits if he tries this there sure will be some.