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Bad News for a Block Grant to the Root River Council

Root River Council got bad news from the City of Racine last night.  The 60K they asked for was cut to 20K.  I was unable to stay for the whole meeting but when I left at 7:10 no one was at the meeting to speak for the Council and the funds they were asking for.  Not have the grant in front of me I can not say what will be cut from the spending I do hope that RRC Staff doing the real work will not lose out but perhaps the Madison based consultants will take a hike! As well I pray that the Tick of Racine Rep Corry Mason (D) Racine does not see a Dime, from the cash the RRC does get from any funding.

There  is one more group meeting before the Grant allotment goes to the City Council so  I hope the RRC does get more of the $$ they need.

I got to say there were a lot of very worthy groups and hard choices had to be made. I do not know if we call the city if it do  any good or not but there is no harm in calling.

Open Records!

On the 8th of March I asked for the following Open Records:

1) The total amount of Money paid to the Root River Council for any and all work done as a sub contactor to the City for any EPA Grant from 2010 to this date 3/7/12 and the name of the grant and any other sub contractor receiving funds and the amount of the funds of the same Grant(s)

2) A copy of any Block Grant that  the Root River Council received for the years 2009 and 2011. Pdf’s would be fine.

With in ten business days I should have received some type on answer as in its going to take longer, records are under Attorney/Client    or the records I asked for.

Today will be Day 13 so I email the City today for an update, on my request.

Be interesting to see what happens.  My guess is that the delay is just a matter of gathering the information, I guess few are asking for this.

Sent the reminder Email this morning thinking that I get something back saying yes we are working on it ….  but as of 3:25 today I have gotten nothing back now I know the outlines on how Open Records work but if I do not hear something soon if only we are working on this… but if not I wonder what say Sen Johnson might say about this delay after all its Federal Funds or perhaps  the EPA might want to know why public info is not being made public?

Interesting information on funding

Vandewalle a company in Madison and Milwaukee is doing a lot of work on the “Back to the Root Initiative” and I was lead to believe that how much they were be paid or by who. No one (other in indy film ! ) works for free and that’s fine.

So after an open records request to the City of Racine this is what I found out

I sent the request and got this back today 3/5/12

Mr. Clingman:

The current Root River study is an effort with several partners. The Root River Council  is the lead partner and the contract with the consultant, Vandewalle and Associates, is between Vandewalle and Root River Council. The city has provided information and advice to the study and the city has provided financial assistance in two ways:

Root River Council  applied for a grant from the city’s Community Development Block Grant program and was awarded $34,000 for the study. The city has paid that amount to Root River Council.

Root River Council asked that the city include $40,000 for the study in a grant the city received from the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The city received the US EPA grant. We are currently finalizing the grant agreement and consultant contract for that funding. Those funds have not been paid out.

I trust this answers your question. There is no cost for this information.


Brian F. O’Connell, AICP

Director of City Development


Of course there will be more open records for follow up.   you see I also have been told that the Root River Project is not a big thing…. Right close to 100K for nothing makes no sense

Boom times folks Boom times. This is just the tip of the iceberg

Please in no way should this be taken as something anti Root River the Project say initiative. This maybe the last hope for Racine WI