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Let the Gold Rush Begin, are you in line yet?

If I understand right our City Fathers will vote on TIF 18 this week it is expected to pass once this is in place will allow, as I understand events, Machinery Row to move further along. At that time we will see some activity take place perhaps even some constriction happen (Or perhaps like Team Porter’s not so much but what did happen to the money spent on parts of team Porter’s…)

As I understand events no force on Earth can stop TIF 18 too many have too much riding on this Gold Rush such as:

If the Condos get going who will get the Marble contracts?

Who will be the Realtors?

Will any of the Above sit on the Root River Council?

Will they be pals of Mayor John Dickert? Will they have given money to his campaigne?

Will M.J.’s be forced to sell out? If so being a Gas Station who will write Grants looking to fund that part of the massive clean up of Machinery Row?

Think of the Millions flowing into to this project IMHO far more then the 60 some odd Million   talked about in the Racine Newspaper

As you know I am worried that like much of what happens in Racine the Good Old boys will be in line to get some for again IMHO I think that this whole project is to enrich them vs do anything good for the vast majority of the City God forbid that Blacks or Hispanics get jobs from this or inner city kids come away with the idea that in the City of Racine opportunity is open to all.

God not that, next someone might want to open a Bar Downtown that might think that a Hip Hop club might do well in that area! That sure would spoil the Image of Racine being for the rich and White! Can’t have that! Keep away all the Boaters from IL that are pounding on the doors of our Mayor demanding Condos overlooking a dredged Root River flowing faster with 6-8 Million Gals of “Treated Sewage” a day from  Waukesha Oh the joys of Development. 

Might somehow our Mayor be a paid Consultant or perhaps the Lobbing company he worlks for is and he is getting a commission for that connection?   After all this is Racine!

Do not worry! I too plan to take my place in line for the Gold Rush! I will do so by a film about the links to Lovecraft   and not only selling the film and VOD views but!!  Cool swag!! Charms!  Neat cool T Shirts!

Why not get together with your pals and see what YOU can come up with!

Gold in them hills!



So in the last few days like I speak about in my Racine in Ruins Blog been driving around the city seeing all kinds of interesting sights

The Price of Gas at all most $4.00 A Gal and hitting that mile stone soon

Noticing the lack of our Boating pals in the Marina on the Lake or in Cars with IL Plates in Downtown Racine.

Today 6/22/14  at 3:00 PM driving from State Street to 6th St and counting less then 50 shoppers on foot, blocks with no parked cars.

Yesterday bought Hamburger at 3.99 Lb

Seeing more and more Homes for sale more and more Cars and Man Toys being marked For Sale.  To be signs of desperation of a population who has lost hope and close to losing everything


But do not worry Better times are coming!

See who she lie to you??



Just do not believe what you know is true! I am sure if we went to city Hall in the Morning they be a long line of Boater from Chicago demanding Condos (With Marble Counter tops) on the Root River

I am sure we would see dredging equipment on the Root River starting to open up the Root to Boats this being payed for by members of the DRC without Racine County or City having to pay one penny because well they are so kind like that. I think we be surprised to see how much they donated to Mayor Dickert’s “I have no money” Fund after all have they not turned down tax $$ before and insisted that the funds get spend on the poor?

You mean you do not believe me?

Why next you will say that


Sued his own City?

How to Starting a Fresh Water Business Incubator Research Center

A How to Start A Business Incubator/Research Center
(Note to Mayor John Dickert feel free to steal the idea if that what it takes for you to get this going)

Tied of waiting for The Mayor of Racine waiting for Obama cash to get this going? I know I am.

So here is a simple plan that even the City of Racine can follow.

Find a location think The City Hall Annex(800 Center St) there is unused rooms and the building has a large meeting room and plenty of parking across the st. Near City Hall making it close for Photo opps A Mayor can never have too many.

Set up one of the rooms with a few desks and chairs, The City has some not being used now I think. Bring in a Phone line and Broadband.
From RCEDC/REMAC find computer equipment, from Racine Vocational Ministry find staff members looking to improve /restore Skill sets.

My guess is the same person working for the City of Racine that used to work at Wingspread looking at Water issues could be appointed the first leader of this Center even if they ran it at .5 time the first steps could be taken to fill out the Center to make this fully operational.

Of course this will never happen, after all is not Obama and the EPA going to give our Mayor millions?…
Well maybe depending how the grant was written something like this could come out of the EPA cash but I see way too many wanting a part of this free EPA/Obama cash for something meaningful to happen like this.

Hell do we not understand that the Good Old Boys must be made happy and allowed to look good far before anything useful gets done, right?

I am shocked shocked I say thar RCEDC has not done this yet! Shocked I tell Shocked, that the major companies in Racine say J-Wax- Twin Disk and other RAMAC members have not started a drive to make this happen!

Open Records Phase IIa

I understand from others that they are many grants being worked on by the City of Racine for Rootworks (as it may be adapted). I think its time to request a list of the Grants being worked on and the amounts. In time perhaps I think a copy of the grants themselves.
For now a list be great after all is it not Public Information?

Does the Past tell a story?

With everything going on with Racine County owning and wanting to make Bank on its new Marina, with only ideas to go on I have to ask what has been the history of Marinas in the area over time.

From the Journal Times 8/19/94
SHEBOYGAN (AP) – A legislative committee will examine whether state agencies adequately studied the need for new marinas before granting millions of dollars in state funds to Lake Michigan cities for their construction.

The Joint Committee on Audit will meet next month to review the role of the Wisconsin Waterways Commission and the state Department of Natural Resources in decisions to build marinas in Sheboygan, Racine and Kenosha, said state Rep. Kimberly Plache, D-Racine, the committee’s co-chair.

An audit of the Waterways Commission was requested last week by Rep. Cloyd Porter, R-Burlington. Porter said nearly $8 million in grants to the three cities encouraged the development of unnecessary marinas.

Sheboygan’s $10.2 million Harbor Centre Marina is in its first summer of operation. It has rented out 31 percent of its dock space.

Racine’s Reefpoint Marina, which opened in 1989, is 52 percent full this year.Kenosha’s Southport Marina is at 31 percent of its capacity.

The joint committee will examine whether the Waterways Commission should simply provide help for recreational boating, Plache said.

The committee will also see if the commission, which grants state money for harbor improvements and recreational boating facilities, and the DNR adequately reviewed the need for new marinas before granting state money and permits.
Interesting story. Has things gotten better? Over time did our Marina’s put in the investment needed to keep things up to par or have they been allowed to go downhill?
How much more if any investment will be needed to bring ours up to snuff? Where will that money come from?

Well I think we will find out if the Racine County Executive is a fiscal conservative or not and how much he maybe under the spell of Downtown Racine and Mayor John Dickert.

Mind you this be a great opportunity for a county wide discussion on what form and direction, Racine County should go for economic development. here’s hoping

Root River Revitaliaztion TV!

The Root River TV Show is changing a bit. I have a few guests lined up and have invited others such as Supervisor Monty Osterman Chairman of the Root River Council and Kyle E. Rogers,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who is helping manage the Root River EPA Grants the City has received for the Root River. I do hope they come on as time allows.

I will also be going over the plan as given to the City of Racine City Council, on 5/15/12 with my thoughts on what the plan means and my and my guests (as might be on) to talk about economic opportunities this plan offers.

Must say when I read the plan as given to the City for review,that the KRM was listed as on hold. I was under the impression that KRM after Governor Walker’s and the Wisconsin State Legislature actions that KRM was dead dead dead. So is part of the Root River plan bringing back to life KRM? How would that do that? Is there money that some how be used by the Root River Council for that effort?

A lot of interesting questions to look at on My TV show! Stay tuned!!

Email Time!

Email sent to:
Kyle E. Rogers
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Copied to Supervisor Osterman Chairman of the Root River Council.


Could you please share with me and other grants from the EPA that may be coming to Racine if/when the
Root River Redevelopment plan as written in this attachment become adapted by the City Council of Racine WI.
I had the understanding that the public input into this plan had some time yet to go. I see now that it is going to be looked at by the City Council and am unsure if I misunderstood what I read, and no longer can find the timeline on the Root River Council Web page Has something changed so the timing had to move up? Like Other Grants that could come our way?

As well please think about being on my CATV show on the Root River, Not only showing on CAR 25 here in Racine but working out the details to get it on Web based TV in Canada! A great way to get the word out about what we are doing, I am hoping to get an expert on use of Lake Water and issues of that on the show soon as well. Exciting times!

Thanks for your time

Wayne Clingman
Root River Revitalization
Head Cheer Leader

Lets see what happens Exciting times!