Entering the fray


So thinking that I will be joining the ranks of folks asking to obtain copies of the papers/records open to the public as required by law by the Root River Council and posting not only copies of the emails I send but what they send me in return.

With this I will I think get notarized statement of others about the status of the requests of information that they have asked for, as well as the answers  they have received from  Root River Council.

I will post the documents here and perhaps use the papers in a request to have outside groups such as The FBI look at what is going on with Rootworks.

With The refiling of the RICO and claims within, I see many other questions that should be asked, the 990’s + other records will be of help doing so

We also need to keep a list of who is who of the and how of  this Root River Council and how this group may be making money with the idea of pointing out what strangeness is going on with the public’s money and exposing this to not only the voters of Racine but over site groups that could be of help.

First  Question why does it seam so hard to get the 990″s ?



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  1. Posted by Kate Remington on August 23, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    good for you, Wayne!  

    June 10, 2014 Mr. Rodney Blackwell chief officer of Financial District Properties says, “”We continue to be impressed with the high level of collaboration and commitment with all those involved with the project but especially with John Dickert (Racine Mayor, Robin Vos (Speaker of the Assembly), Cory Mason, (State Representative District 66) and Jim Ladwig, (Racine County Executive).  We wish we had this willingness to work together in many of our other projects, and look forward to their continued support.”

    IRS needs to investigate this now.    


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