RICO Refiling Part II



The RICO case on Mayor Dicker/others was filed with the court you can read it here http://issuu.com/communicatornews/docs/amended_complaint_2/0

I have also put it in the link section.

Be interesting to see where this goes to not only the issues on the Black Owned Bars but what other activities the Mayor and his pals are doing.

Will this include Rootworks? Will the Lawyers for the Black Bar owners find information that could have them look into Rootworks/Grants given? Will this information be given to the FBI? The EPA?

With Osterman being from what I read a major Player in the RICO case affect the Root River Council? If so How so?

Might The FBI or IRS get interested?

This does get very interesting very fast.

Please make up your own mind vs what anyone else may tell you



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