Press Release

Will YOU be there?

I think the press will be there Gee I wonder what this is about?
Press Release
Where: City of Racine WI. Racine County Courthouse 730 Wisconsin Avenue
When: Wednesday June 25, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM
Who: Dr. Ken Yorgan
Contact: Racine Equality Project: 3001 Douglas Avenue, Racine WI. 53402 262-412-0094
Subject: Racine Equality Project Files 7 Count Complaint against Racine County Supervisor
The Racine Equality Project, in response to citizen concerns, has pursued an investigation into the activities of certain elected officials and non elected public employees. This investigation has been done through examination of public records including tapes and transcripts of public meetings and statements by the parties being investigated. What we have found is very revealing, often disappointing and sometimes quite disturbing.
A press packet will be available


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve seen page 1 and that’s it. What’s the rest of it sound like?…hey Ken, care to enlighten me? Meanwhile I’ve been beat up by the bloomers, by the insiders, by the creeps who blogs and by the creeps who are simply opportunists. The corruption in Racine is deep. I have been trying to get my supplies which are even tied into this crap….and more than ever I want to leave this city before I die and I don’t want to be part of a group so that I lose my integrity. What does the complaint say?


  2. will rearrange taxi home service for tomorrow and have a door open by 11 a.m re the podium. Will witness too. I still see those EthicBoard faces re County Board and chringe.


    • I am interested in seeing what press might be there. I have received messages seeing if I could send links to the info that might be on line or info packs from Media outlets far away from Racine.
      Why would The Detroit Free Press be interested in Racine? Might it be they see issues with how Dickert sees the Great Lakes?


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