Gold in them hills!



So in the last few days like I speak about in my Racine in Ruins Blog been driving around the city seeing all kinds of interesting sights

The Price of Gas at all most $4.00 A Gal and hitting that mile stone soon

Noticing the lack of our Boating pals in the Marina on the Lake or in Cars with IL Plates in Downtown Racine.

Today 6/22/14  at 3:00 PM driving from State Street to 6th St and counting less then 50 shoppers on foot, blocks with no parked cars.

Yesterday bought Hamburger at 3.99 Lb

Seeing more and more Homes for sale more and more Cars and Man Toys being marked For Sale.  To be signs of desperation of a population who has lost hope and close to losing everything


But do not worry Better times are coming!

See who she lie to you??



Just do not believe what you know is true! I am sure if we went to city Hall in the Morning they be a long line of Boater from Chicago demanding Condos (With Marble Counter tops) on the Root River

I am sure we would see dredging equipment on the Root River starting to open up the Root to Boats this being payed for by members of the DRC without Racine County or City having to pay one penny because well they are so kind like that. I think we be surprised to see how much they donated to Mayor Dickert’s “I have no money” Fund after all have they not turned down tax $$ before and insisted that the funds get spend on the poor?

You mean you do not believe me?

Why next you will say that


Sued his own City?

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