A vist to City Hall


I went to City hall to file an Open Records quite a long one, however I bet that they do not exist (if so that will be very interesting) I also asked to see the Mayor Of Racine’s Statement of Economic interest, the clerk’s staff did NOT want to hear that no not at all.

Even as poorly as we were treated, we were calm  and polite.   Why not we knew the State Law, they (staff we talked too) did not a Staff person said we could not see today what State Law said we could due to them really being busy, we documented that fact and as She asked us to do made an Appointment to view what we nee to see fort not only The Mayor of Racine but all we could why not?

So will be going again tomorrow at the time of our Appointment as the Bear who went over the Mnt did to see what we could see.

Will also be bringing some Black Open Records to save time and gas, because this is just the start of the Rabbit Hole

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