Visit to Racine County Court House



Went to visit the Racine County Court House today where I picked up a copy of Supervisor Osterman Statement of Economic Interests filed on 13 Nov 2013

after reviewing I then looked into State of Wisconsin Company Records

and found this


Now there will be a call to the Racine Corp Counsel and the County Executive.

Talked to another County Official   when I was there told an interesting story as well.

Have to look at IRS information and old City Meetings on tape and of course Mr X

The Chickens are coming home to roost.

Be a big brew up soon now to stay away from the drones




2 responses to this post.

  1. Is Monte Osterman lying about the TRUE status of the Root River Council, INC.?

    YOU BET! A search through IRS records indicates that the Root River Council INC. is NOT a Non-Profit! YET – the Root River Council INC. fraudulently claims to be a Non-Profit and even asks for donations claiming to be Non-Profit! Monte Osterman needs to be investigated and criminal charges brought against him and those who work for him at the Root River Council, INC. This fraud also involves Racine County Treasurer Jane Nikolai!

    Listed below are 4 recent examples of the Root River Council, INC., fraudulently claiming NON-PROFIT status.

    1. Link to the Root River Council INC. Facebook page.

    Notice the false claim below the leaf logo on the left: Non-Profit Organization Committed to the revitalization of the Root River within Racine City limits

    2. At a speaking engagement titled: SOI Region 2025 Industry Opportunities: What do the Numbers Miss? March 7 and 14, 2014


    Notice the false claim on page 3: Ben Lehner, Executive Director, Root River Council Ben is an AmericCorps VISTA alum and executive director of The Root River Council (, a non-profit focused on redeveloping Racine’s Root River.

    3. The Root River Council solicited donations claiming to be NON-PROFIT in at article entitled: 10 Ways to Volunteer for Clean Water.


    10. Make a donation to a nonprofit water protection organization. Donations from individuals are critical because grant funding is insufficient for all the work that needs to be done to protect our precious waters. There are many groups working to protect our waters. Here are some local and state organizations: Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network; Root River Council;

    4. The members of the Root River Council are heavily involved in lobbying for RootWorks, asking for donations, and using their public offices for private gain.

    This link will take you to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions that provides the Corporate information for the Root River Council, Inc.

    All 166 Tax-Exempt organizations in Racine are listed by the IRS – and there is not a listing for the Root River Council, INC.


    • Notice that the “Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network Inc.” IS listed as a Non-Profit.

      Monte Osterman’s lobbying organization, the Root River Council ISN’T!


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