Welcome to Mr. K


Interesting day see we have a helper a Mr K



Mr, K contacted me and asked to help me uncover the facts going on with the Root River (Rootworks) and the Harbor/Reefpoint Marina.

Damn got to say he knows where bodies are burred, information that the Good old Boys rather see left alone as they gin up  the works for more spending on Reefpoint after all if we build it (the Marina) they (The Boaters) will come and the streets of Racine will run with Gold.

Mr. K’s first group of papers came in tonight and after I get the chance to read/study them I will be posting my take on the information.

Just keep this in your mind since the 1980’s Racine was told that if we only had a large Marina we be so much better off we it’s 2014 are we.

How much have we spent in the past what are we planing to spend now?



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