The Red Pill


So, a bit a go my wife asked me if I wished that I did not know what I thought was going on in Racine would I have been better off. Foolishly I said NO!, That I wanted to know what was going on so as Racine went to Hell I would know why.

Well, I was wrong very wrong, I wish I would have NEVER taken the Blue pill, that I never NEVER EVER started to look further into what the hell was going on in Racine better that I never looked closer into The Root River Project called Rootworks and started connecting the dots.

What I first saw as just a bit misspending by the City with the promise of if we build it They (be it “boaters to IL Tourists)   will come but never do.

A chat I can trace back to 1984 and the ending of Racine as a commercial Port to today’s RootWorks where if we only Build a Bike Path, Buy Azarian Marina, and spend a few more million on Downtown Racine the street will be lined with Gold … and that be bad enough, yet par for the course for Racine but I am thinking we got a plan going on that makes the Owens Vally in California look like well Disneyland!

So what is going on what is it all about? What is going on?

That is easy its all about well the one thing we think little about yet need so badly


Fresh Water Fresh Water from Lake Michigan that soon will be used to enrich our Mayor and his pals

So much to go into.Oh we are so fucked

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